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New FMP anime announced

fmp new anime happy gatou shouji

I’m pretty happy. I think I’m more happy about the fact that it’s happening rather than the anime itself.  Just seeing Gatou Shouji this happy makes me smile. I dunno anything about anime production but it was probably difficult getting an anime of something dead end dead with no source material still ongoing. I guess there’s Another but still.

But yeah I don’t really care about the anime itself. It’s like hearing that a new Haruhi season got announced,  just don’t care anymore. I actually love FMP. In Haruhi’s case, it’s that Endless Eight made me so mad it permanently killed my interest in the franchise. And I found the movie disappointing.
For FMP, It’s just that my FMP hype has already been 100% satisfied. I read Sigma a while ago and it’s excellent, and then SRW Z3 happened. I don’t think this anime will top Sousuke calling Ranka a slut and making Gundam jokes and hanging out with Hibiki and using Chirico’s Armor Magnun and etc etc. I’d honestly rather pick a spinoff adaptation or more random fumoffu stuff than a sequel. I don’t think it’ll top Z3 story-wise unless Gatou Shouji completely rewrote the story and made it even better, with Kudan Mira marrying Sousuke at the end. Or add more Ren.

Reading Full Metal Panic! Sigma

artist sukabu girl opening monster mouth post

Completely unrelated picture source

Mfw I got to volume 5 and all the craziness ensuing, you know, 3 Behemoths and stuff. I remember back in 2006 or something, my brother showed me pages of it in Japanese and I was like “wooow it’ll be so cool when this will happen in the anime!!”. Mfw we’re in 2013 and there’s still no new FMP! anime. Oh and if you still think it’s Kyoani’s fault read this.