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I wish this was a post about Infinite Stratos

As the islamic state guys keeps killing people, most French medias keep their usual disgusting attitude of associating Islam with terrorism. Some said Muslims in France aren’t denouncing IS enough. They also only focus on Christians and other minorities’ suffering, as if the Muslims in Iraq and other countries are still going around their daily lives peacefully.
After that poor guy Hervé Gourdel got kidnapped and killed in Algeria, french right party newspaper le figaro actually asked in an online survey “Do you think Muslims in France are sufficiently denouncing the actions of Daesh?”. The survey got removed a few hours after. Twitter campaigns like the notinmyname thing unknowingly participated in this too. It’s all fueling the fake belief that if you’re a Muslim and not saying you don’t agree with IS, then you support them by default. That’s like saying every Christian is responsible of pedophilia cases in the church and need to go on TV and say “hey it’s not written you should rape kids in the Bible”!! Or it’s like holding all of the Jewish community responsible of the criminals acts the government of Israel is doing. Or it’s like asking apologies from Buddhists because so-called “Buddhists” are currently massacring the Rohingyas in Myanmar. Or it’s like saying everyone playing Kancolle supports what Japan did to its neighboring countries during WW2.
If one think otherwise, they don’t know it yet, but they’ve already been brainwashed.