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The other week at notwork

other day at notwork 1

I got to get on lots of rooftops and see nice views like these.
inb4 I get my appartment police searched for “taking strategical pictures with intention of acts of terrorism using skating little girls”. I wouldn’t put it past the current France.

You could think I’m exaggerating, but after the November attacks there’s been thousands of baseless houses searches against Muslims. Even though all the terrorists from the Novembers attacks where reported by their friends or family to be drinking people, doing drugs, etc, who’d never go to the mosque or care about islam.

A lot of people got their houses sacked, a lot of restaurants or shops owned by muslims were police raided as well. It’s scary and sad, and you feel bad for all the victims. But the governments actions are so stupid it became funny as well. Like policemen breaking appartements or restaurants’ doors, even though they’re open, just to cause more damage. A lot of people were put under house arrest as well, under baseless claims, with the obligation of going to a particular police station two times a day.

More funny stuff too showing they just do it to bash on Muslims only:
In December 10th 2015, the house of a man known for his islamophobic positions on Facebook was searched. The police found 17 guns, more than 3,500 rounds and 4.9 kg of black powder. He was never put on house arrest.

There’s been a lot of vandalism or even actual gun or molotov attacks against mosques. There’s also the growing Islamophobia in Corsica.

Then starting December 2015, the French government started targeting ecologists as well, to prevent them from demonstrating against the COP 21 etc. A lot of them got their farms sacked etc.

There’s a lot of people in France who don’t fight islamophobia because they think it’s not their problem for one reason or another. Or journalists who keeps propagation of amalgams against islam to make money. Because journalism is a business, and islamophobia sells more than tits in a Seo manga. The thing is they need to understand if you don’t fight injustice, it’ll keep growing and sooner or later the same thing will happen to you.

If you have 10 minutes you should read the 2015 report of the Collective Against Islamophobia in France; Especially read the 2015 Timeline starting page 7.