prad6 king of princess april fool 2016

Kinpri’s April Fools on the official site. I took the picture from someone on twitter because the site is currently exploding and never loads completely. And even in this pic the site isn’t loaded correctly.

Site now has a news post about it, saying the King of Princess page will stay until the 4th of April 10:00 japanese time.

The event on April 27 for the release of the OST will be shown live on niconico. It starts at 2000 jp time. Prepare a proxy or something because it’ll be region locked. Every thing streamed on Niconico so far was. There’s no nico page for the stream yet, so you can’t timeshift it for now.

prad avex page 18 december 2015 overhaul

It’s based on that RL picture they added to the Avex site back in December.

prad6 king of princess twitter april fool 2016

The official twitter changed too, and says KING OF PRINCESS in the description.

They should soon announce the winner of the prism king fan election too, it just ended today.

frontwing king of grisaia prad6 parody april fool 2016


king of grisaia story prad6 parody april fool 2016

Main site story page is a parody of Kinpri’s plot.

Seems this is gonna be the most hilarious japan stuff arpil fools ever.

prad6 april fool 2016 otr parody daiamon

Edited in another one. That was on the official site of mangaka Daiamon. It may be the first time I see people parodying the same thing in one april fool, besides magical girl parody everyone does. Come to think of it Frontwing probably did it because one of the chara designers for Grisaia is Watanabe Akio.

Oh and while I’m at it since this post will actually be read: A few hours ago, French Minister Laurence Rossignol said on TV “veiled Muslim women are like american niggers who supported slavery”. Double irony because she’s minister of women’s rights. Triple irony because a week ago the government started a new campaign ad against discrimination. Quadruple irony because she’s one of the founders of SOS Racism(though SOS Racism has been proved to be a crappy joke for more than a decade, with stuff like their embezzlement scandal). She managed to be racist of women, Muslims and black people in a single sentence. And she actually said “american niggers” so she didn’t say “nigger” because she was talking about slavery. I would actually use the word TRIGGERED if I was a current teenager.

It really shows the current sorry state of the country, since Hollande, or anyone in the same left wing party currently in power with Hollande didn’t say anything. This happened the 30th, and today the 31st, most mainstream media didn’t talk about it either in their dailies. It’s in continuation of the racism France have been doing for years. Though it skyrocketed even more since all the random violent police searches against muslims and ecologists since November attacks.

Tens of thousands of people me included are now asking for her to be fired. There’s a petition you can sign here.