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King of Prism Playstation VR game project announced at Tokyo Game Show 2016



Official site

It was announced the 15th September, first day of TGS2016. Game is titled “VRフォトセッション from KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm” and a demo is currently playable at the VR game corner of TGS2016. It will release next spring (early 2017) on Playstation VR, and this winter(2016) on iOS and Android.

Seems it’s being developed by a company called CS-REPORTERS.INC.

The game’s story is about how a pro cameraman (the player) was commissioned by Edel Rose to take pictures of Over The Rainbow for a photo collection of the group. It’ll be released at the same time as a photo collection of Schwarz Rose, and you must help Edel Rose sell more than it’s rival. The Prism Star cadet Shin also joins in. You must guide Over The Rainbow to victory with your photography skills!
This is pretty funny and sounds like something PR director would write.

Currently confirmed characters in the game are Hiro Kouji Kazuki and Shin.


They also announced a handshake&photo meet event to celebrate the game’s announcement. The event is titled “握手会&撮影会 from KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm” and this is the logo. Event will be this fall, they haven’t given out an actual date yet.

“Either Hiro, Kouji, Kazuki or Shin will gently escort you on stage, just the two of you, and do a Prism Jump! This is real?! You will also be able to take a photo together thanks to Chroma Key synthesis, it will be a handshake event of a new era”
Judging from this, seems they won’t add any other character but not loosing hope.

They’ll use the VR game and tech to try and do a handshake event with the characters themselves, the seiyuus won’t be present. I guess this will be another thing the Pretty Rhythm franchise is the 1st to do? Or at least to popularize. Ouenjoueis weren’t invented by Pretty Rhythm, and some of the staff said they may have been inspired by Nanoha movie screening concerts, but I’m sure tons of other movies will do ouenjoueis too after seeing how Kinpri became a social phenomenon partly thanks to them. If this VR handshake event is successful I’m sure other franchise will start doing it too.

Gotta say I definitely didn’t see this coming. I haven’t seen this in any english written news sites, so when I saw pics of it on twitter, I didn’t bother reading about it. Just thought it was some kind of VR tech demo collab with Kinpri at TGS.  It’s an actual game project!!!

It’s kinda weird Crunchyroll or ANN haven’t reported about it yet. But I guess if PR related things were covered enough in English speaking media to satisfy me, I wouldn’t do these posts in the 1st place. Crunchyroll especially has been keeping good track of Pretty Rhythm news ever since Kinpri started and the franchise getting much more popular, so it’s weird. I kinda wish some English news site would report about it because I have trouble believing what I’m reading and wondering if I may be wrong. We’re getting an actual Pretty Rhythm console game!!! This is super big news!!!  Even if it’ll probably turn out to be a take pictures game with minimal gameplay. If they add more characters, or even the girls too it’ll be really great. Really looking forward to how this will turn out.

I don’t think I’ll spend hundreds for a Playstation VR just for one game though. Kinpri VR is the only game I 100% want to try so far. There’s stuff like Summer Lesson and Argyle Shift that seems interesting to me, but I’m waiting to see how they’ll turn out at release. I don’t really believe in Playstation VR or Oculus Rift stuff, and everything I’ve seen of it so far doesn’t interest me. Waiting to see if it’ll get any genuinely interesting games and how the games will be gameplay wise etc.

Game footage.

You can find more pics of the game here.


KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- movie announced for June 2017


Was announced at the end of the KING OF PRISM Over The Rainbow SPECIAL THANKS PARTY on September 11 2016. It’ scheduled for June 2017, no specified day yet. It’ll premiere in Wald 9, the same cinema Kinpri 1 debuted at.

Announcement on the official site is here. It doesn’t say anything else. There’s no preview video yet either.

I’m super happy and really hyped, but also kinda disappointed because I definitely thought they would first do a 1 cour late night TV anime for January 2017, and then a movie for June 2017. Guess I was too optimistic. And maybe director is too busy with Fairuru.

Because unless the movie is 2hours long I don’t think they’ll have the time to put in CG performances for each Edel Rose boy with their personal song, so that’s why I thought they’d make a TV anime at first to show them.

Every Pretty Rhythm series has their time based on real life time. They don’t necessarily happen in the same year, but time flows the same. For example, AD, DMF and RL each take place over a year, and they all aired for a year. Kinpri takes places one year and a half after the end of RL, and it was released one year and a half after RL ended.

So if they had made a tv series in January 2017, normally it should take place one year after Kinpri’s story ended. But by then it would be too far away and maybe Prism King Cup would have already happened since it’s supposed to be soon. So I thought the TV series could have been about flashbacks about what each character did since the end of Kinpri. It would have complemented all the various stories written by Director in magazines. That way they wouldn’t have had to worry about how each episode leads to the next too. It would have been episodic. Maybe we could have even got an episode about Kouji in America. But yeah that’s not happening sadly.

In any case, if the new movie still follow that rule, since it’s releasing in June 2017, one year and a half after Kinpri was released, it means the new movie’s story should also take place one year and a half after Kinpri ended. Which means that it would be even far away so maybe Prism King Cup would have happened already, so I guess they won’t make it happen that far away in time. Or maybe they’ll just say the Prism King Cup still haven’t happened then. If there is indeed a timeskip, maybe some of the characters will change designs again. Maybe they’ll skip the qualifications tournaments for the Prism King Cup and only show the cup itself. Maybe Kouji already came back by then etc.  Lotsof different things can happen. Really excited.

In any case seeing the movie’s subtitle, seems Hiro will play a big part in the story. I still think he’ll sing Happy Naru since he won’t be able to sing Pride at first and want to sing a Kouji song at all costs. Still think Shin will play a big role in making Jin make up with hijiri too.


Quick summary of the KING OF PRISM Over The Rainbow SPECIAL THANKS PARTY September 11 event: (I’m very busy now so this is just a quick list of what happened. Hopefully if God wills I’ll do a detailed summary with what they said during the talk show in detail, and what the girls’ messages said)

Event was at  Tokyo International Forum, Hall C. They did it twice the same day so more people can go. First at 14:30, called “noon division”, then at 19:00, called “evening division”.

Even was in two halves. First half of the event was an ouenjouei. Second half was a talk show with Over The Rainbow’s seiyuus Kakihara Tetsuya, Maeno Tomoaki and Masuda Toshiki. The Kinpri sequel announcement was at the end of the “noon division”. They probably announced it again at night too. I’m not sure if they said the exact same things during the talk show at noon and at night.

The hall can hold 3000 people and was sold out. Furthermore it was streamed live in 82 cinemas across Japan, and 3 cinemas in Korea. What they call “live viewing”.
Around 20000 people watched the event in total.

Like all the different messages at the previous ouenjoueis, before the movie started there was a new message from the characters at the beginning.

Once the ouenjouei ended, the talk show started. During it they also showed scenes from the movie, with the seiyuus doing them on stage. For example they showed the Tokimeki Cycling jump and the seiyuus appeared on bicycle on stage as well.

In the corner “With love from Obare: cheering message” the 3 seiyuus acting as their characters, gave message of thanks to the audience for supporting them until now etc. It was particularly impressive when Masuda Toshiki screamed BURNING and all the audience screamed BURNING too.

There was also a message from some of the female main characters: Naru/Kato Emiri, An/Serizawa Yuu, Oto/Gotou Saori, Wakana/Uchida Maaya, Rinne/Sakura Ayane. They appeared on screen while the recorded conversation played.(Rinne momentarily came back or something?)


Edi: I found this fanart of their message. They were in their Kinpri designs, meaning the message in universe was during/after Kinpri, so yeah seems Rinne really did come back momentarily.

Then the announcement corner started.

Kinpri will participate in the event Anime JAM 2016 the 10th and 11th of December 2016. Announcement on the event’s official site.

Kinpri seiyuus will appear the 10th only, during the “Rock stage”. The five participating seiyuus will be Terashima Junta/Shin, Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga, Igarashi Masahi/Minato, Nagatsuka Takuma/Leo and Takeuchi Shunsuke/Alec.
Tickets for the event are on sale until 13th September at 23:59 (it kinda sucks for PR fans, they won’t have much time to buy them. It’s a bit weird they announced Kinpri will be at the event 2 days before the ticket sales ends. Maybe it was decided at the last minute.)

Kinpri will get its own web radio show. The podcasts will be published on Hibiki Radio.  Further details like who the radio hosts are will be published later.


After these announcements, the seiyuus acted on stage a story written by PR director called “Over the Rainbow mune kyun Jump from backstage”. Basically a drama CD live.

After that they showed a message from Ito/Komatsu Mikako to Kouji. She appeared on screen while the recorded message played. Ito was acting shy and cute and there was warm cheers from the audience (That’s really nice they don’t care about insane fujoshis and did stuff like that. The only girl who didn’t appear is Bell. I guess they didn’t have enough money to pay Tomatsu Haruka too, or maybe she was simply too busy and didn’t have the time to record something.)

Then at the end Kakihara san said “Thank you for supporting Kinpri for such a long time. I hope you will keep cheering us. and they left the stage as if the event ended. But then when they left, a video started on the scren, showing scenes of Kouji Hiro Kazuki from the TV series and how they joined together and made OTR, and scenes from Kinpri and how they separated. And at the end of the movie it said “King Of Prism, New production decided!” KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-“! Debuts nationwide on June 2017.”

The video they showed got uploaded on Youtube by Avex.

EDIT: The article I translated described the video, so I didn’t actually watch the video until now. There’s some quotes at the end. Some were already in the preview at the end of Kinpri 1. Some are pretty interesting:
“I won’t be able to sing Kouji’s songs anymore?” Obviously said by Hiro.
“I thought he had statuses” The kanji used there is 格/Kaku, so this is definitely Jin speaking. My bet is that’s what he’ll say describing Louis when revealing to the characters he works with him. He’ll say Louis is a bishonene that reminds him of himself when younger and he’s a man of statuses, unlike commoners like Hijiri, Hiro or Kouji.
“This is Norizuki Jin’s way of doing things”. Probably Hiro or Hijiri, commenting on how Jin stole Pride for Louis to use.
“The way you are right now, I don’t want you to sing Pride!” The way the sentence is phrased makes me think this is Kouji speaking. Kouji ends his negative phrases like that. He’s probably speaking to Hiro. Meaning Hiro will do something bad? Maybe Kouji will say he’s disappointed that Hiro’s depressed for not singing Pride and that even if Hiro had the rights to sing it, Kouji wouldn’t like it.
“Hijiri! I have gotten hold of everything!” This is obviously Jin speaking to Hijiri.
“I respected my big brother. I wanted to become like my big brother one day” This is obviously Hijiri speaking about Jin. They’ll finally show a flashback of Hijiri and Jin’s childhood, when Maria died and Hijiri started living with Jin and Kou. This may mean Hijiri started doing Prism Shows competitively because Jin was doing it. This would mean Jin’s inferiority complex toward Hijiri is something he accidentally started up himself. Also this means Jin was nice toward Hijiri when they were kids.


Then OTR got back on stage with Athletic Core starting to play for the 1st time in the event. They sang together with the audience, doing calls to the audience to sing.


Then Kakihara san said “‘The next movie will be even more powered up, it’ll be a movie worth of even more encouragements, so please keep supporting us”
Maeno san said “Whether you’ve been supporting us since Pretty Rhythm, or whether you started with Kinpri, I will be happy if you keep supporting us”.
Masuda san said: “If I was to talk with Kazuki’s feelings, it would be that he has hot feelings about the new movie, and how he’ll definitely won’t loose, so please keep supporting us”
And the event ended.

After the event, the official site also announced a new Kinpri Fan Festival, similar to the one that happened some months ago. This time instead of a weekend, it’ll last 6 days, from October 5th to October 10th. It’s called “KING OF PRISM Kinpri Fan Fes Kansha sai in Autumn.”

Washizaki Takeshi who I think was MC’ing the event. Tweeted this pic with the 3 seiyuus once the event ended.


Kinpri Character designer Odeco/Matsuura Mai drew this

CG Director said “look forward to more mind boggling Prism Shows”.

Kato Emiri/Naru tweeted she was happy to see the other Rainbow Live seiyuus again when they recorded the message together.

She also congratulated everyone for the new movie and said she’s looking forward to it.


Masuda Toshiki/Kazuki posted on his blog how the event was 2hours long of fun, HE GOT TO BURNING,  for the first time in a while, FREEDOM, etc.

Komatsu Mikako/Ito said she was very happy recording the message and Ito was super dere dere cute, and she wonders if Ito’s hair will get even longer in the new movie.

Serizawa Yuu/An hopes An will get screentime in the new movie

This person who often does papercraft of the characters went to the event with a Rinne paper.


After the event, Director tweeted how they announced the 1st Kinpri movie last year in a room with 200 people and now they announced the sequel in a room with 20 000 people and a miracle really happened.
Also the pamphlet distributed at the event had him saying that if you like Kinpri please also watch the rest of Pretty Rhythm starting with Aurora Dream.

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm out on DVD/BD

It sold more than 20K  for now. If you count all the dvd/bd sales. Really happy. That’s actually around how much I predicted too with that stupid Garupan comparison I did some posts ago. Seems it wasn’t too stupid or far fetched. I want to get the limited edition BD but I can’t buy it for now. For now I only ordered the 3 books.

Edit: topped oricon too

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm, 3rd Prism Elite Meeting summary

prad6 kinpri announcement poster

This post is unfinished and in a weird state because I wrote it as I was watching the event’s live stream. I have a recording of the event, but I haven’t got the time to get back to it and complete this post.

The KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm 3rd Prism Elite Meeting was the event to celebrate the release of the dvd/bd on June 17. I mentioned it last news post.
On June 16 they announced the event would be streamed. So I watched it.
Here’s a summary:
Have important stuff to do so the post is currently unfinished.

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KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm earns more than 600 million yen


As of the week of the 16th May 2016. If it keep going like that maybe we’ll actually get past 1 billion. If it’s like with the first Pretty Rhythm movie and the Pretty Rhythm&PriPara movie they should do even more ouenjoueis when the bd is out too. They’re going to start 4DX screenings too one day after when the bd/dvd gets released on june 17. I think it’s actually possible to reach one billion.


prad6 king of princess april fool 2016

Kinpri’s April Fools on the official site. I took the picture from someone on twitter because the site is currently exploding and never loads completely. And even in this pic the site isn’t loaded correctly.

Site now has a news post about it, saying the King of Princess page will stay until the 4th of April 10:00 japanese time.

The event on April 27 for the release of the OST will be shown live on niconico. It starts at 2000 jp time. Prepare a proxy or something because it’ll be region locked. Every thing streamed on Niconico so far was. There’s no nico page for the stream yet, so you can’t timeshift it for now.

prad avex page 18 december 2015 overhaul

It’s based on that RL picture they added to the Avex site back in December.

prad6 king of princess twitter april fool 2016

The official twitter changed too, and says KING OF PRINCESS in the description.

They should soon announce the winner of the prism king fan election too, it just ended today.

frontwing king of grisaia prad6 parody april fool 2016


king of grisaia story prad6 parody april fool 2016

Main site story page is a parody of Kinpri’s plot.

Seems this is gonna be the most hilarious japan stuff arpil fools ever.

prad6 april fool 2016 otr parody daiamon

Edited in another one. That was on the official site of mangaka Daiamon. It may be the first time I see people parodying the same thing in one april fool, besides magical girl parody everyone does. Come to think of it Frontwing probably did it because one of the chara designers for Grisaia is Watanabe Akio.

Oh and while I’m at it since this post will actually be read: A few hours ago, French Minister Laurence Rossignol said on TV “veiled Muslim women are like american niggers who supported slavery”. Double irony because she’s minister of women’s rights. Triple irony because a week ago the government started a new campaign ad against discrimination. Quadruple irony because she’s one of the founders of SOS Racism(though SOS Racism has been proved to be a crappy joke for more than a decade, with stuff like their embezzlement scandal). She managed to be racist of women, Muslims and black people in a single sentence. And she actually said “american niggers” so she didn’t say “nigger” because she was talking about slavery. I would actually use the word TRIGGERED if I was a current teenager.

It really shows the current sorry state of the country, since Hollande, or anyone in the same left wing party currently in power with Hollande didn’t say anything. This happened the 30th, and today the 31st, most mainstream media didn’t talk about it either in their dailies. It’s in continuation of the racism France have been doing for years. Though it skyrocketed even more since all the random violent police searches against muslims and ecologists since November attacks.

Tens of thousands of people me included are now asking for her to be fired. There’s a petition you can sign here.

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm bluray and DVD announced for June 17 2016


There’s a normal version priced 6800 yen for BD, 5800 yen for DVD, and a limited version with a CD and bonuses priced 12000 yen for the BD and 11000 for the DVD.
Limited edition bonuses :
A bonus cover and some storyboards.
Footage of various screening events: the movie’s premiere January 9th at Wald9, the one for the Kinpri election, the one for valentine, the one for Louis and Shin’s bday, the one for white day, etc.
A new original short anime directed and storyboard by PR director Hishida Masakazu

I don’t think it says yet what the CD will have besides “songs in the movie”

Both versions are listed to have “特報&PV集” so I think this means all the messages before the movie starts wil be in. The vote for me messages, An and Kouji’s message, etc.

That’s sooner than I expected. I predicted it would be released in July.But that wasn’t taking into account the movie would kept being shown for months. Maybe in June the movie will still actually be shown in theaters.  At the very least, even if at worst case scenario the momentum falls and the movie stops being screened before BD/DVD realease in June, they’ll restart the screening events when the BD/DVD gets released and do them for all of June to August. That’s what they did with the PR movie iirc.

Also I think usually movie’s BD/DVD releases are announced when the movie stops being screened. That was the case a few days ago with the Garupan movie iirc.  That’s not the case with Kinpri. There’s screening events planned all the way to May.

Anyway I’m really hyped we have a date. Hence why I’m posting this now instead of waiting till I make another long news post.  We non Japanese fans wil finally see Kinpri too.

Source Two days ago on the 19th they also announced BDs boxes for Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. Box 1 will be released on August 5th. Box 2 on December 23.

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm earns more than 300 million yen

Just a quick update.
Director tweeted about it. And the official site now says more than 150 000 tickets sold when it loads. Or maybe it says that for a while and I only noticed now.

About the new messages at the start of the movie with An and now Kouji, Matsuura Mai tweeted about how she drew something for Kouji’s so they do have illustrations.

18th March is Shinichiro Miki’s bday, and there’s a send him happy bday message thing going on until the 17th 22:00 japanese time.
I like it because in the list at the beginning with his notables roles, there’s his classic roles like Allen or Koujiro, and at the end when it switches to more recent they wrote “Jin in King of Prism”.  Too bad you can only choose one character, else I’d put in Allen, Koujiro, Shannon Casull, Creed, Takumi, Kurtz and Jin.  In the end I ended putting in Allen and wrote about how I actually first watched Escaflowne dubbed in French and only got to hear his performance as Alen some years later, and how I really like it and that whenever I rewatch Alen’s proclamation of duel in the final episode it always gets me excited.

Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Anime Official Guide Book: Masuda Toshiki, Kakihara Tetsuya, Maeno Tomoaki: Over The Rainbow interview

prad All Star Selection Anime Official Guide Book Over The Rainbow

Don’t forget while reading this was released 31st of July 2014.

Masuda Toshiki=Kazuki,   Kakihara Tetsuya=Kouji,   Maeno Tomoaki=Hiro.

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Heart skipped a beat (PR Kinpri news)

prad6 schwartz rose team jin alexander louis from animage january 2016 released december 10 2015

Previous news post

Kinda busy to write a proper full news post but there was this poster above in Animage January 2016 released the 10th December which made me stop breathing a bit upon seeing it. Though I guess this happens whenever I see some PR related news. Pic is from a japanese fan on twitter. Why is Jin so awesome? And the poster is titled as “Black Rose Team”, as Schwarz means black in German.

prad3 new years 2016 illustration naru animage january 2016 released december 10 2015

The same magazine also had an interview of PR director, and in the happy new years illustrations there was a picture of Naru by Matsuura Mai.

megazone 23 bluray eve poster trimmed from animage january 2016 released december 10 2015

By the way in the same Animage there’s a really cool looking Eve poster, for the release of the Megazone Two Three blurays the 27th November. It was the OVA’s 30th anniversary this year. Couldn’t find a full pic of it though.

prad6 kanrinin 2 prad6 kanrinin

Official site got updated with a new character, the manager of the Edel Rose boys dorm, voiced by Namikawa Daisuke. They didn’t say his actual name, just “Kanrinin”/manager/whatever you wanna translate it. His description says “He always spends his time washing the baths. He sometimes makes midnight snacks. He takes baths late at night”
Notice how he has red glasses in his breast pocket and how he kinda looks like Meganii. I’m sure it’s actually him in disguise.

They also added voice samples for the characters. Most are pretty long allowing us to know more about the movie. There isn’t one for Hiro Kouji and Kazuki yet though. There isn’t one for Jin either which made me extremely disappointed. None for Manager either.
Louis sounds much less masculine than I imagined. Must be because I kept imagining him with Kaoru’s voice.
Alec hates Kazuki for some reason. Maybe they’ll make Kazuki job and loose to him at the beginning of the movie, to give way for development and training or something.
I’m happy I don’t find Leo’s voice annoying as opposed to most characters his type. Must be because he’s voiced by a guy and usually his type are voiced by girls. For example I rewatched some of Ouran anime recently (to cope with stress I randomly rewatch favorite shows like City Hunter and I rewatched some of Ouran too) and Honey senpai’s usual voice is still horrible.

Also they’re currently doing the dubbing for Kinpri and they said it’s one hour long.

(PR sure is dangerous and makes me loose track of time, I wanted to only write a short post for now and still wrote a lot and spent like 30 minutes fanboying and writing things on it.And yeah I know what happened with Hibiki in PP.)