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BringBackOurGirls&LOL All Star Games&Eurovision

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It’s nice that everyone is talking about it, but it’s always sad when the media actually start talking about the people talking about the event, rather than the event itself. I mean, today on French news they kept talking about how Michelle Obama, this actor and that singer talked about it. The media pretty much doesn’t give a cent about the girls and just keep talking about the mobilization for the girls. If Michelle Obama, this actor and that singer didn’t talk about it, they would have just kept the news in the scrolling text of various info at the bottom of the screen instead of emphasizing it.

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My siiiiiides.

Instead of making a new post, might as well continue in random mode here. I could have well just changed the post’s title to “my country is stupid” but yeah. As you may now(I didn’t until yesterday) there was the LOL All Star Games in Paris this year. Thought I’d talk about it now as I’m in media mode. French tv news channels reported about the event, with the usual way they talk about videogames. Using luggage words like “adulescents” and as if it’s weird for thousands of people to be excited in front of a LOL match. They must all be crazy video games addicts and life failures rite? It’s not like there’s the exact same thing for tons of other things, and *gasp* other sports right? Cuz yeah basically, they don’t acknowledge it as a sport. Then there’s the Eurovision, with the French people there  being the only ones not speaking English like everyone else.