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How Aikatsu is different from other idol shows

ran eyecatch aikatsu

I love Aikatsu! , yet I have a strong unwillingness to watch other idols shows. The currently airing ones I know about are Love Live and AKB0048. The main reason is that I’m not into idols, be it 2D or 3D. And yet I love Aikatsu, because it doesn’t have the kind of otaku pandering present in Love Live or AKB0048. That’s the simple difference that changes everything. Aikatsu is simply about girls who tries their best without any fanservice.

Maybe I’ll sound like a fanservice hater saying this but I am not one. In fact, I always find sad that some people judge books by their covers and won’t give something a chance simply because it has big boobs. It’s also sad that people dismiss Aikatsu! simply because it’s target audience is kids and that they use cards to wear their clothes. Target audience doesn’t mean anything. I just watch it and have fun. Aikatsu! is also really realistic for a kids show.

MARUHAN The story of Maruna and Hanna

Found out about this some time ago on the twitter of Pretty Rhythm’s CG director, Otobe Yoshihiro aka Otudane. From what I could get, Maruhan is a Pachinko manufacturing company. Maruna and Hanna are some sort of mascots they created for advertising, and they released a video with them. The CG dancing in it was directed by Otudane. The girls put on their clothes with a magical girl-like transformation, exactly the same way as in Pretty Rhythm.

Speaking of that, Otudane also worked on the CG for the trailers of the Love Live! School Idol Project anime which started airing recently. Unlike what it could seem, I am not really interested in the show. I can feel it’s not my cup of tea. It’s trying too hard to be cute.