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Reading manga in Japanese is so much better

artist 松竜 ranma shampoo post


Saying it like this seems stupidly obvious but I think it’s the kind of thing you only realize once you actually experience it. I’m reading JA – Joshi ni Yoru Agriculture in the subway these days and having a blast. It’s also easier to imagine the characters speaking in Japanese with the seiyuu voice you think will fit best. I guess the fact that JA is an excellent manga also comes into play. It has the same artist as Zettai Joousei by the way, which is another manga I loved, one of the few stories with a “become my slave!” tsundere that isn’t extremely annoying. Sadly it got axed pretty fast.

Finished reading Shin Mazinger Zero

shin mazinger kouji crazy

It was the first manga I read in Japanese from beginning to end. I read at turtle speed at first but gradually got better once I got accustomed to some kanji like “photon research labs” and stopped reading the furigana for them.  Best manga I read in a while. The sequel doesn’t have furigana though and my kanji level suck so I’m not reading it anytime soon. I hope the guy at Dynamic Pro scans will finish translating it someday.

Not gonna say anything in particular about the manga itself as I don’t like spoiling stuff, especially stuff I deem awesome (For example I try to never spoil Pretty Rhythm). I’m pretty happy about it though. It’s pretty much the Shin Mazinger anime sequel. If you can read Japanese go and read it and if you can’t, well just be patient.

Hyouge Mono & Thermae Romae

sailor moon chibi moon artist TCB

Completely unrelated picture by TCB.

Thermae Romae’s fifth volume will be released on the 22th of January. I read Thermae Romae for a while now and I have to say it’s great, it’s well done both on the historical side and comedy. You can tell the author, Yamazaki Mari did some research. There’s even photos of ruins of ancient bathouses in Greece at the end of chapters. Thermae Romae has been released in France for around 8 months now. It was even advertised in a popular newspaper with the line “Mangas aren’t only violence and big eyes”. Though a poor choice of words, it was still nice to see some love for it.
There’s also a live action film with Abe Hiroshi as the main character, my favorite Japanese actor (and the only one I know the name of) and I hope I get to see it someday. There was also an anime adaptation of it, though I haven’t seen it. it’s a shame that it’s a short episode format thing because a more conventional adaptation would have been great to make it more famous.

I also watch Hyouge Mono, however I do not read the manga. I still haven’t finished watching all of Hyouge Mono even though it’s been a while it aired, as it is subbed very slowly. The dialogue can get very complicated sometimes, unlike in Pretty Rhythm, plus I also lack the required knowledge of Japanese History so I cannot watch it raw. I often think about the two together, Thermae Romae & Hyouge Mono because not only they both have great historical settings, both stories have pretty much the same type of humor: the characters’ reaction to the situations they’re confronted to. Notably their facial expressions which are hilarious. I can understand that old Japanese men drinking tea and Ancient Greece men bathing doesn’t appeal to everyone but it’s a shame that those stories are dismissed because of that.

I wonder why there’s no manga on Chess


Last time I was at uni studying. There was some students playing chess on the desk in front of mine. I never learned how to play Chess, I asked myself why. It never interested me. As much as it is portrayed both in real life and in fiction as the most intellectual game ever, it always seemed very primitive to me. In the end, no matter how complicated it gets, the only strategy in Chess is predicting your opponent’s moves. No more no less. Sure there’s different tactics, like the stuff I just read on Wikipedia about the Indian Defense and whatever, but it’s still about predicting.

After that, I started to look up if there was a manga on chess. And there isn’t as far as I know. Sure there’s some with Chess elements, and a lot of manga use it to show some sort of intellectualism possessed by the characters like I said in the first paragraph, but there isn’t a pure Chess one. Like you know, the typical shounen manga about a young boy who has a hidden talent playing Chess called La Main de Déesse and how his father left him a king piece before disappearing, the boy now plays Chess in order to find the truth about his father’s disappearance. It’s because you can’t do such a manga with Chess, or maybe you could but it would be extremely difficult. You won’t be able to make the matches exciting, make the audience’s blood boil, or make the boy pull off crazy moves that would make the readers want to learn them and use them themselves while playing, because such moves simply doesn’t exist in Chess. You can’t do the Yu Gi Oh or Saki of Chess.

After that, one could think it’s because Chess isn’t popular in Japan enough, being overshadowed by Shougi. Everyone says Shougi is the equivalent of Chess but as I don’t know how to play both I can’t really confirm this. Anyway, even then there’s only a few manga on Shougi. The only one I know of is Shion no Ou. And the anime was awesome, though I never finished it. I should do that and also read the manga someday.

I feel like it’s the first time I wrote a post that could be so full of crap, I’m nervous just like Wendy wearing a mini skirt. It was fun though.

YQ Volume 1 GET!!

Yaaay finally got this!! Gonna try and buy all the other ones too to give Suzupin some of my money, even if I don’t have much myself but this is just too awesome.

At the bonus pages in the end, Yasuda Suzuhito says among others things that he got a lot of advice from friends, and one of them is Narita Ryohgo. It’s obvious they know each other since Suzupin draws the illustrations in Drr!! but it’s pretty cool that they’re friends. He also explains the reason why sometimes the chapters in the volumes aren’t in the same order as in the pre-publication magazine.  He started to think what would happen if this or that chapter would be before/after, and after asking friends, he decided to change the order.  He doesn’t say it directly but by friends I bet he means Ryohgo-sensei.
You can clearly see he got influenced by him in the slice of life chapters, especially how some of them overlaps time wise.

He also says Kotoha didn’t exist until the last revision of the manga, just before the magazine publication started. The editor told him it would be nice if there was a girl with glasses so he added her at the last moment. But now she’s his favorite character.

Yozakura Quartet final OAD’s PV

(The video contains spoilers if you haven’t seen the first two OADs or read the manga in case it’s not obvious).

At last, the final episode of these OADs. It’s been more than a year since the first one got out. The manga is still awesome as ever, I hope they’ll announce another animation project soon. These new studios, KMMJ and Purple Cow with their respective staffs made a great job. I guess it helped at lot that Ryo-Timo directed it. Gonna try to write some wrap up post when I’ll watch it. This final OAD gets out on the 9th of November, bundled with the 11th volume of the manga.