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Moretsu Pirates movie event announced

moreso pirates bandai channel pv bad screenshot

There’s going to be a Moretsu Pirates event the 14th, two days after the movie’s release on dvd/bd. I really hope they announce a second season. I really hope Madan no Ou is only one cour so the people at Satelight and Sato Tatsuo get on a second season of Mopai.

I love the show and kinda wanna buy the movie’s bd but it’s still 63€ with shipping included. I’d rather use those 63€ on Z3.2. Plus I already bought the Pretty Rhythm movie bd this year. I’ll go the filthy pirate scum way and hope someone rips it fast along with all the bonuses like the drama CD. If they release the show on bd in France in acceptable quality I’ll buy it maybe.

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On the show’s twitter they’ve also been advertising the various bonuses you get depending on which shop you preorder the movie from. Posters, mousepad, tapestry, postcard etc. There’s at least 6 different things in total, from Animate, Sofmap, Toranoana, Amazon, Tsutaya, Gamers…

moreso marika craft fleet collaboration

They’re also doing a collab with a phone game called Tenkuu no Craft Fleet, which looks kinda boring. tfw Eternal Arcadia 2 never.
Some otakus are actually gonna buy the dvd/bd 6 times to get them all. Sometimes I wonder how come the whole anime industry in japan still haven’t crumbled and how companies are still going in that direction regardless. It’s been a while since I learned about otakus overbuying goods though so I’m not surprised anymore. Plus things aren’t that grim, and not every company just worships money forever regardless of the consequences though, since these days we’re getting shows like Space Dandy who know they need  to go USA and others markets because Japan cash cows are getting dry.

Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection guidebook announced

prad all star selection guidebook cover

The cover.

It was announced a few weeks ago. It gets out the 31th of July. It’s like the Rainbow Live one except for all three seasons, so it should have even more interesting stuff. It’ll have info on all three Pretty Rhythm seasons and comparisons between them, staff and seiyuu interviews, illustrations, posters, etc.
I ordered it. I also ordered the movie which got out on BD the 18th. It’s the same shipment so I won’t get it until the end of the month though. With this and SRW Z3, I spent way too much money on useless stuff recently. I kinda wanted to buy the Mouretsu Pirates movie when it gets out on BD the 12th of November but I’ll just download it hahaha. The Mouretsu Pirates movie release date on BD was announced a few days after the show’s reairing ended on Kids Station, as expected.