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Pretty Rhythm After Party event info

prad after party official artwork various artists prad3 all

Bell one of my favorite irua san
Naru MMM37 san, veteran drawing puririzu fanart since Aurora Dream.
江ノ内愛 san, another favorite.
Ito chan
『Coo san?! いや、あれわ。。。 KUROKAWA REI!!』
Kazuki senpai
JUNÉ SAMAAA 赤坂 択 san, another artist who’s been doing great fanart since AD
Rinne chan
Kouji kun
Pair tomo
Penguin sensei&Tanaka:じろ様, no Pixiv account

Fanart poster made by artists fans of Pretty Rhythm. It was displayed at the event along other fan creations.

Pretty Rhythm’s anime is over. Arcade game machines too will start to be replaced by Pri Para machines this July. It’s way more abrupt than I predicted. When they announced Pri Para in March I thought they would remove them progressively. Like the article says, some Prism Stone shops will keep the game though, but they’ll stop selling memory passes, (so if I ever go back to Japan and want to play it I’ll probably have to buy one from someone)
Pretty Rhythm is done, completed, dead. So there was this event to commemorate it’s three years of service (four if you count from when the arcade game was launched)

I’m not living in Japan, so I didn’t attend.  I really wanted to go though, and am really interested about what happened there, so just like with the xmas event, I looked around 2ch about it. Someone nice wrote a report of the talk show part, and they also published something about the event on Animate.
Been a while I wrote a long post like that. I read it because I’m interested in it myself and I know no one gonna translate it anytime soon. As it takes me some time to translate, writing things down is easier, so posts like these just come in naturally sorta. I’m reading and writing this first for myself. And more importantly, it’s fun.

Needless to say there’s spoilers for all three seasons so I wouldn’t recommend reading if you haven’t seen them all. It doesn’t spoil things too major, so I guess it’s still safe to read even if you haven’t seen Dear My Future as it’s not fully subbed yet. (Besides the horrible quality ones on youtube. I wonder if they’re still online)

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Five false ideas about Pretty Rhythm

sumapuri cure beauty artist 桐島サトシ


1/ Pretty Rhythm is related to Pretty Cure.

It isn’t. They have different companies, different backgrounds. They have nothing in common besides the fact that there’s “Pretty” in their names.

2/ Pretty Rhythm is a magical girl show!

It’s not. It’s a sports show with girls as the protagonists. As such, it has a lot of romance going around in it.

3/ Pretty Rhythm is an idol show!

azusa idolmaster artist ekao post on ten ideas on prad


It’s not. Like I just said it’s a sports show, with friendship, love, rivals and tournaments. I’m really not into idol shows. The exception being Aikatsu!

I didn’t/don’t watch Idolm@ster (though I like Azusa), AKB0048, Love Live, K-on! etc

4/ Pretty Rhythm is about cute girls doing cute things with cute clothes with lots of fanservice.

False. It’s not just cute girls doing cute things. Even if you don’t like idols or cute things and cute clothes, it’s possible you’ll like it. In fact, I hate cute girls doing cute things. See above. And there’s no sexual fanservice.

5/ It’s target audience is kids so it must be simple and boring

It may be targeted to kids, but it’s story, characters, especially the parents are one of the best I’ve seen.

PRAD is ending soon

Pic by 佐奈丸

And it’s getting more and more awesome. I’m so happy I’m watching this. Since episode 39, the show went into it’s last phase, everything is coming together, the girls must each participate to various  prism show championships to be qualified for the Prism Queen Cup. I TOTALLY CRIED in ep 41 when Kyouko san broke into tears after telling her story. And then Aira hugged her, telling she will fulfill her dreams she couldn’t accomplish.  It was so DAAAAAAAAWW,  I haven’t felt so emotional since when I watched Tekkaman Blade last summer.
Now Aira is set, she has the eye of the tiger, she’s not the typical “everyone got their dreams and all, I still don’t know what to do in life, I’m so insecure” heroine anymore now. NOW SHE WILL FLY THE AURORA RISING FOR KYOUKO. YEEEEEEEEEEEES.

Pic by キクチ

And then that Valentines ep, Shou hugging aira KYAAAAAAAAA.
I like how Aira is surprised when Shou gave her chocos for valentines, he shatters one of the japanese beliefs and tell her that overseas, during Valentine’s day you can give gifts regardless of genders, as in it’s not only the girls giving choco.

Then there’s episode 45, Mion’s training in Brazil. Getting to see Mion’s parents was just icing on the cake. We got to see the parents of the three girls, they all have really good roles and character development. I hate to say things like this but: HOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN SINCE I LAST SAW PARENTS DOING THEIR JOB IN ANIME??? I remember when at first it was Aira’s dad who wouldn’t let her do Prism Shows and was totally opposed to it, but now in ep 44 he’s the one who agreed to let her aim for the Prism Queen title and jump the Aurora Rising while her mom was strictly against it, after what happened to her friend Sona chan, who flew it too and lost her memories or something like that. That’s pretty much the only plot part left they have to explain now.

One more thing, they still pulled out new solo songs for Kanon, Serena and Chris when there was only 7 episode left!! They could have well just kept their money for the sequel. It’s really considerate of the staff. Now with this, every girl has her own song along their team songs. All of them along with the ops and eds will be released on a 3 CD compilation the 16th of March, there’s even a limited edition with a dvd containing the performances of each song. I’m actually thinking of buying a copy.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream is ending soon, I’ll be so sad when it does, I’m actually planning to watch the sequel Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future if it turns out as great as this. PRAD definitely is one of my favorite sports anime now along with Captain Tsubasa and some others, I’m not even kidding. I’m eagerly waiting for the ending.

Why you should watch PRAD (Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream)

After writing an introduction post about it, I thought I should try to make more people watch it or something (well not like much people will read this anyway). I honestly think it deserves it, it’s getting very good and no one watches it (at least in the English speaking anime community, it’s actually pretty popular in Japan, will talk more about it below), and that’s such a waste. I would blog it or something like in an anime blog if had the time.

Well all these things may be pros or cons judging from your point of view… They’re all pros for me. Let’s start!

The only thing it has similar with a Magical Girls show is the name. Pretty Rhythm and Pretty Cure may look similar but they don’t have much in common really, don’t judge while you don’t know anything about it. PRAD is a sports anime.

The story follows the usual tropes of sports anime, so at least the story writers knows exactly what they’re doing, every episode have a meaning (Unlike say, Hanasaku Iroha, I should really finish watching it with my sis someday so I can properly bash it.)
The fact that it’s predictable yet very well written also makes it fairly understandable, I watch it raw since the subs are like, 13 episodes behind. If you watch anime since at least five years and if you already watched a sports anime, without thinking that they’re all too long/boring then you’ll be in known territory.

The sport in question is doing prism shows, which is dancing and singing while skating… Yeah. Also note that all the dance scenes are in CG so there’s not much animation especially in the first eps. They’re pretty well choreographed though. Starting episode 12 or so they fired the koreans animators and took even better koreans for animation or something, because starting then the animation keeps getting better and better, I’m at ep 30 now and you could almost not tell it doesn’t have much budget/is aimed at kids. It pretty much got standard animation now, as in the least you can expect from a cartoon airing saturday morning on Tv Tokyo.

There’s almost no sexual fanservice in it… Not even rice bowl censored panties like in K-on! I say almost because there was a swimsuit episode(episode 27), and even then, it wasn’t very fanservicey.

It may not be very popular (well at least on the English speaking anime community) but it’s very popular among little girls in Japan. They all watch it.  In fact I know someone who teaches lolis in Japan and he told me they’re all over it. If you’re what some people call a “weaboo” these days you need to watch it if you wanna get a Japanese imouto or something.

Rizumu and her total lack of fashion sense.

It’s very funny, I admit I laugh more watching it than when watching Kimi to Boku, Ika Musume s2, or Working!!2. It’s really the show I enjoy the most right now.

Last but not least, the insert songs are truly great. I love them.  Even Callings’ ones (the boys band) are nice.
Just listen to this: