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Pretty Rhythm news&twitter 21/08/2014 edition

artist irua prad2 mia hye in kiss


Pretty Rhythm related news and random background info stuff the director tweeted since the last time I made a post like that in April. If you don’t wanna spoil yourself the best twists in Dear My Future, I recommend not reading the DMF part.

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Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection guidebook announced

prad all star selection guidebook cover

The cover.

It was announced a few weeks ago. It gets out the 31th of July. It’s like the Rainbow Live one except for all three seasons, so it should have even more interesting stuff. It’ll have info on all three Pretty Rhythm seasons and comparisons between them, staff and seiyuu interviews, illustrations, posters, etc.
I ordered it. I also ordered the movie which got out on BD the 18th. It’s the same shipment so I won’t get it until the end of the month though. With this and SRW Z3, I spent way too much money on useless stuff recently. I kinda wanted to buy the Mouretsu Pirates movie when it gets out on BD the 12th of November but I’ll just download it hahaha. The Mouretsu Pirates movie release date on BD was announced a few days after the show’s reairing ended on Kids Station, as expected.

Pretty Rhythm’s successor Pripara official sites open

prad5 key visual

It’s been almost two months since Pripara’s announcement now. The different Pripara homepages for the anime, arcade game and goods etc opened up on May 9th. There’s some new key visual(above) and descriptions for the characters on the anime homepage. Animate published an article about it too.  I also found a few more bits of info on Twitter etc so I’ll sum it all up here.

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Pretty Rhythm’s successor Puri Para announced

prad5 girls

Similar to the time when All Star Selection got announced, the article on ANN is pretty complete, but it’s still missing little bits of info I read on other Japanese news site, like Animate. So you should read the ANN article BEFORE reading this. I’m not gonna repeat stuff they already said. (Unless if by the time I finish typing this, they edit their article and add the things they missed). I’m also including some news I read on Twitter. Sorry if the post is a bit confusing, I’m not a very good writer or journalist. Just read it twice if you don’t understand something.

EDIT after All Star Selection started: Yeah I was so optimistic when I wrote this post hahaha. All Star Selection turned out to be just reairs with SD segments at the beginning & end. Really disappointing.

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 48

prad3 48 00

Without even considering all the great character development, character interaction, romance, story, and whatever else, Pretty Rhythm is the best show airing for 3 years now just for the fact you can see girls RIDING LIONS AND JUMPING OFF MOUNTAINS.

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Some info on Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection & movie

prad4 magazine lala prad4 stones stuffjpg

It’s from six days ago though. I was busy so didn’t have the time to check. I’m not sure which magazine the pictures are from. Maybe it’s actually written on the photos and I’m too stupid to notice it.
It seems like a kids magazine so my best guess is Puchigumi magazine, but the next issue gets released the 15th of March… April issue of Animage gets released the 10th of March so there’s no way it got leaked that early either. I don’t have much to say about the new season in this post actually, most of the stuff is too small so I can’t read it. Most of the stuff I can read is stuff we already know.

The new heroine is called called らあら Laala/Rara/Lala. I don’t really care how names are spelt as long as we know who we’re talking about. I want to spell it Laala because I like it the most, but typing that extra “a” all the time will make me loose one hour of my life or more in the long run so I’ll just use Lala. There’s something about her being a navigator, but again it’s too small.

EDIT: They announced at the movie premiere that Lala is voiced by Akaneya Himika. She’s a member of the idol band i☆Ris, just like An’s seiyuu Serizawa Yuu. And just like her, it’s one of her first roles as a seiyuu and she’s a rookie.

Someone (probably Mewpudding the author of the Pretty Rhythm wiki) updated the ANN page of All Star Selection with this:

“Young girl Lala is a Prism Show student, and is aiming to become an idol. She learns the way to shine from previous Prism Stars, including Aira Harune, Mia Ageha, and Naru Ayase. She looks back to the past with her mentors to their many experiences and Prism Shows.”

I know this sounds a lot like it’ll be rewind only, but we won’t know until we see it. And I have never heard of a whole anime season of rewind before.

Starting now this is just me speculating about the new season, I don’t have any basis for what I’m saying so take it with a grain of salt:

The best case scenario about All Star selection, is that it’ll feature all the heroines meeting and working together to help Lala. Leading to many funny scenes and crossover moments. However it’ll bring tons of time conflict like how Aira wouldn’t know about Mia if it’s her Aurora Dream version, among other things. It would be great if they can all travel together and meet each other. Before the director explicitly said that Rainbow Live won’t be a sequel and that it won’t share character with AD/DMF, I used to think that Rinne would get her memories back at the end of the first half of Rainbow Live, and that the second half would feature her and Naru and co traveling dimensions together and meeting the past characters. It would be pretty cool if that’s kinda what happens with All Star selection. In each episode you’ll get Lala doing a Prism Show with one of the heroine and then they’ll join her dimension traveling team and they’ll stick together till the end. Lala doesn’t wear skate so she probably doesn’t skate, and they do refer to her as an “idol” instead of a “Prism Star”, but we could see all the others heroines skate in stage around her.

The worst case scenario would be Lala traveling alone, meeting the heroines one by one, with them actually never meeting each other. If so, they won’t have to worry about time inconsistencies or anything. Adding insult to the injury would be playing back the exact same Prism Shows from the previous season and just inserting Lala in them, standing around and singing.

I think the end result will be some kind of mix between these two scenarios. No matter how the summary makes it sound like, I definitely don’t believe the whole season will be just one huge rewind. I don’t think this ever happened and I don’t think it’ll happen now. I’m sure it’ll have an actual story and be full of new scenes.

I don’t think they announced any of the staff working on the show yet so we’ll still have to wait for that. Well, speculation over.

prad3 ep 48-51 summaries not actually spoiling anything

This also got posted on the same 2ch thread. These are the episode titles for the next eps of RL. Some magazines, like Animage, also have summaries. These actually get posted on 2ch every month but I never bring it up because they’re useless. They don’t really spoil anything and the summaries are just phrases not actually revealing anything. And if it does say stuff, it’s always stuff I had already guessed. And for this month, it’s true as well. Since episode 48 will be Wakana and Bell’s shows, everyone can guess that episode 49 will feature Juné and Naru, and that Rainbow Live will happen in episode 50. Then 51 will be the epilogue. These spoilers stayed vague and useless till the end.

About the movie

Seems the tickets for the movie premieres are selling well. Most of the day one screenings are filled according to the official site.

prad movie cg scenes from director twitter

I think I posted this already in an episode post. Director posted it iirc, it’s pics of some of the Prism Shows featured in the movie.

prad3 mia 2 days left until the movie

2 days left until the movie.

The movie’s official site says that it’ll be about the Pretty Rhythm mascots introducing the audience to the ten best Prism Shows in the series. Like I just said in my previous post, the director said on twitter it’ll have new scenes. They also already said that a new character will appear in it, and I’m 100% sure they mean Lala, so the movie definitely has a story. It’s not recap only. Director also said that it won’t have spoilers, and that you can watch it without seeing the previous seasons as it’ll introduce the characters to you etc.
Adding to that, on the character page, the only characters introduced are Akai Meganee, Penguin Sensei and Momo. So I guess that’s who they mean when they say the “Pretty Rhythm mascots”.

The Penguin Sensei and Momo description doesn’t say anything in particular but the Akai Meganee description says: “She’s the one who guides people to the Prism World. Her secret will be revealed in this movie!?”
MFW AKAII MEGANE IS REVEALED TO BE PRETTY RHYTHM TRUE FINAL BOSS. She’s actually Prism Decade and wants to fuse all Pretty Rhythm dimensions and destroy everything. Joking aside, though I really want this to happen, I guess the most probable guess is that she used to be a normal person, a Prism Star or an idol probably, and after a chain of events she became the person guiding people to the Prism World or something. And now maybe Lala will replace her, and that’s why all the heroines from the dimensions needs to train her. That could also explain why they call Lala a navigator, because she’ll become the new navigator guiding people to the Prism World. That’s just me speculating of course.

In any case, remember the movie isn’t just stock footage of ten prism shows with nothing else. There is a story, there is new scenes. And all the stuff I said about the character page just now confirms  at the very least there will be chatting and an actual scenario instead of just recap.

Also, judging from the screening dates and hours, it seems the movie is one hour long.

On the cast and staff pages:

Hishida Masakazu, director of the three seasons is also directing the movie. Akao Deko is doing the script.

In the cast list, Kaname and all the Korean girls aren’t listed. The list however says “他 ” which basically means “others” so there’s people not listed that will appear in the movie.

There’s going to be a movie screening + a talk show with some of the seiyuu the 16th of March. It’ll be at the 横浜ブルク/Yokohama Burk theater. It seems there will be a concert too and you’ll be able to sing together with them. Seiyuus who’ll attend are Kato Emiri/Naru, Saori Goto/Otoha and Ookubo Rumi/Mia. Maybe they’ll announce others later. Tickets are 2800 yen. They’ll distribute arcade game Prism Stones to the children attending. I’m not even sure why I’m even writing about that, 99%% of the people who will read this can’t go anyway.

4th season of Pretty Rhythm announced: Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection

prad 4th season cardboard

Saw on Animate

EDIT FROM THE FUTURE: Turned out it was just a recap season, so disappointing. Left the post as is for conservation sake.

Turns out we were right to expect news about it now. Just like every year since the anime started, they announced the new season at the end of January. It’ll start the 5th of April. This means just like the previous seasons, Rainbow Live is 51 episodes.

prad4 visual aira

The new season is titled “Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection” and is a crossover between the three first seasons.

prad4 visual mia

That explains why the movie is a compilation with all the characters. The movie is titled “Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Prism Show☆Best Ten”, it’s getting released in March, one month before the new season. It’s all part of the same “All Star” project, and the movie’s purpose is to introduce the previous characters to those who haven’t seen Aurora Dream and/or Dear My Future. The movie is the golden hoe that will till the land of little girls to sow the 4th season. The movie’s official site is here. Only info about the movie’s staff now is that it’s Tatsunoko like always and that Akao Deko is doing the script.

prad movie visual Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Prism Show☆Best Ten

Movie key visual.

And here I was getting all sad, thinking I’d have to say goodbye to all the Rainbow Live characters. If it’s really an actual crossover like I want, my hype is never ending. Wasn’t sure whether I’d blog the new season but now I’ll blog it for sure. Am I finally getting my main character piloting a skating dimension sliding mecha, meeting all the characters from the previous seasons, and fighting final boss Akai Meganee in a Qubeley using Prism Stones as funnels?!?

creamy mami post artist moai


The new heroine you can see in the first picutre is pretty much Creamy Mamy but with twintails. She even got the mic too. I really like Creamy Mami, saw some of it when I was a kid, and saw a few episodes here and there since then. It’s one of those shows I’m planning to watch properly from beginning to end.

prad4 visual naru

Anyway, I already like the new heroine thanks to that. I remember back when Rainbow Live was announced,  the director said it’ll be his last Pretty Rhythm season, after which he’ll be “graduating” from it, and for that reason he and the staff would try to make Rainbow Live the best season ever. Time sure flies.
And well about that, I love Rainbow Live, but I don’t think they managed to pull it off so far. Maybe the last few episodes will make me change my mind. In any case the first half of the show wasn’t better than the first half of Dear My Future. It was great and almost as good sometimes, but not better. As of Rainbow Live’s 2nd half, it has been stuck in this “almost as good” state and only had a few instances ( like episode 32) of “just as good as DMF”. We should see how the ending turns out soon and I still have high expectations for the last cour, so I still think they can pull it off.

prad4 visual shin kara not creamy mami

Starting April they’ll update the arcade game with the “All Star Selection” stuff and they’ll also launch a new “Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection” manga in Puchigumi magazine.

prad4 visual artist michiyo kikuta

Key visual for the manga.

There’s gonna be info about the staff of the new season sometime later I guess. Like I already said the director isn’t staying. I have no idea about the rest of the staff. I hope the whole CG team stays. If so we’ll get to see Aurora Dream’s Prism Jumps and Dear My Future’s Prism Acts with the CG quality of Rainbow Live. The staff on twitter, director included, haven’t said anything yet about the announcement.