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Everything You Should Know About KING OF PRISM And Pretty Series in 90 Seconds

Everyone and their cat knows how Shinkai Makoto’s Your Name revolutionized anime cinema in 2016, breaking through Spirited Away‘s records. What few know, however, is that another movie made anime history the same year: KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm.

As you may know, the KING OF PRISM movies are spin-offs of the Pretty Rhythm franchise. The first movie, KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm (shortened as Kinpri) was initially released in 14 theaters on January 9th 2016. Three weeks after release, it was only screening in 9 cinemas, and the staff was preparing for the worst. However, the movie ended up earning more than 800 million yen, and by May 2016 it was in over 100 cinemas across Japan. All thanks to dedicated fans’ word to mouth and the movie’s “Cheer Screenings” (応援上映 in Japanese), screenings where you can come in cosplay, use glowsticks, scream and sing along during the movie, or dub lines during subtitled scenes specifically made for it. The movie had a 9 months run in cinemas, and its final screening was at Shinjuku Wald 9, on September 2nd 2016, even though the movie was already out on DVD/BD since June 17th. KING OF PRISM was a huge success in South Korea as well. The first movie released there on August 11th 2016, and broke the record of longest screening period for an anime film, a record previously held by Love Live! The School Idol Movie!
The sequel movie, KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-, ended up releasing simultaneously in Japan and South Korea on June 10th 2017.

However, the Kinpri movies have a hidden history unrecorded even on Japanese anime sites. In the first place, how did a kids franchise spawn movies geared towards adults? Why are the movies gayer than actual Boys Love anime? Why does what seems to be a Yuri on Ice! ripoff with Shinji and Kaworu clones is a big enough deal to be screened at Los Angeles Anime Film Festival???

Note: While similar, I’ve added a lot of things compared to the French version of this article I published back in May 2018.  This is basically the XX+ Reloaded Definitive edition of the “Pretty Series History”.

Edit: I fixed the post’s layout, as it got screwed up after I changed the blog’s theme, even though it was fine beforehand during preview.

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Pretty Rhythm news&twitter 21/08/2014 edition

artist irua prad2 mia hye in kiss


Pretty Rhythm related news and random background info stuff the director tweeted since the last time I made a post like that in April. If you don’t wanna spoil yourself the best twists in Dear My Future, I recommend not reading the DMF part.

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Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection guidebook get

prad4 guidebook 01 prad4 guidebook 02 prad4 guidebook 03

Pretty much like with the Rainbow Live guidebook, there’s way more stuff that I expected. There’s an illustration gallery, with illustrations by Watanabe Akio and Matsuura Mai, all the DVD covers of Aurora Dream and Dear My Future, and some of the CD covers of Rainbow Live.

After that,  there’s a summary of each season, with an introduction of the characters and the key moments. The Rainbow Live Guidebook covers 3/4th of the show. So this Guidebook covers what the Rainbow Live Guidebook didn’t: the end of the show. Apparently there’s some clarifications on some events too, like the Juné flashback in episode 48. There’s also a part about Hijiri Jin and Rei’s rivalry, Lucky Star, the penguins etc. It seems just like summaries of the events but maybe there’s also new details, haven’t read everything yet. What I did read though are the small parts about what every character did at the end, and they don’t say anything new. It’s just a summary of the stuff you see in the ending. For example: there’s a part about how Wakana and Ann confess to Kazuki at the end, but it doesn’t say anything more than the show, it doesn’t say if he accepted one of them or not.

prad4 guidebook 05
Of all the pics of Wataru they could have picked!!!
Then there’s Aurora Dream and Rainbow Live parts. These are also just global summaries of the shows. There’s also stuff on some of the side characters who played a big role, like Furea or Togashi Karina.

prad4 guidebook 04 prad4 guidebook 08

One thing nice is that the two shows’ section are separated, so for the characters returning in DMF, you have their AD profile and their DMF profile.

prad4 guidebook 07

Shi Yoon best.

prad4 guidebook 06

Each season also has a complete episode list, with a short summary of the episodes and the main staff who worked on it. It makes it much more easier to compare staff. Even for one of my favorite shows ever like Pretty Rhythm, I never felt like doing it because it’s too much of a hassle, but it’s really easy with this. For example, I could easily check that like they said at the After Party Event, all the last episodes of Dear My Future had scripts by Tsubota Fumi.

prad4 guidebook 09

After that there’s one of the funniest sections, a complete listing of all the Prism Jumps in all three seasons. It’s super complete. It’s listed in categories: the Splash jumps, the Shower jumps, the Spiral jumps,  the Fresh jumps, duo jumps, trio jumps, and individual jumps. It even tells who did what and in each season, and the variants. There’s even the ones that were only done once, like the special halloween ones etc. There’s also a list of all the Prism Acts in DMF. There’s even the “fake” Prism Jumps that were in the specials DVD shorts of Aurora Dream. That’s really cool that they included a section like that. Pure fanservice.

After that comes the interviews:
5 pages long interview of the seiyuus of Hiro Kouji and Kazuki.
3 pages interview of Shishido Rumi, who voiced Juné. All the RL girls had an interview in the RL Guidebook except her, so they gave her an interview too.
3 pages interview of Itou Kanae, who did young Sonata, Kaname, Hye In and Akaii Meganee.

I’m not a seiyuu fan but I’m really interested on what they say on each of the characters, it must be fun. Especially Itou Kanae, since she voices so many characters. I think it’s one of the few shows I know where one seiyuu voiced so many characters, I’m sure she must say at least one interesting thing about it.

Then there’s an interview of Hishida Masakazu, Iuchi Shuji and Tsubota Fumi. From the pics featured, it seems they talk about some of my favorite parts the shows, like Bell’s character development, Hiro’s obsession with Kouji, Mia and Hye In, Kyouko, etc etc so it should be super interesting. I hope there’s tons of new things that wasn’t already said in Twitter or the events.

prad4 guidebook 11

After that there’s an interview of Matsuura Mai. First two pages are about the girls, with pics of early animation purpose designs of NaruItoAnn she drew, so they’re different but a bit similar from the original chara designs drafts by Okama in the RL Guidebook. Okama did the original chara design while Matsuura Mai adapted them. Then the two next pages are about the boys. It has the early RL boys designs they already showed at the After Party event. That’s why I don’t think there’s a lot of new things in this part because it seems to go over some of the stuff they said about the RL boys chara design at the After Party event.

After that there’s a two pages interview of Mieno Hitomi, on how she wrote the lyrics of the songs in RL and her impressions on some of the songs/performances in RL .

Right after, there’s a two pages interview of Akao Deko, on her job at series composition for AD and DMF. (Yes, this is actually separated. Mieno Hitomi=Akao Deko, but she’s credited as two different persons. I guess she wants to separate her scriptwriter career from her songwriter/singer career)

After that there’s a 4 pages interview of Watanabe Akio, the original character designer of AD and DMF. Watanabe Akio is a pretty good chara designer. Bakemonogatari is a great example. Too bad all the seasons after the original look totally uninteresting.
Back in 2011 when Aurora Dream was about to start, when seeing it on Random Curiosity’s season preview, one of the things that made me write it down on my watchlist is that the girls look cute. I actually don’t really watch shows just because of cute girls, but I still decided to check it out. I don’t regret my decision.

There’s the early designs of Mion, Aira and Rizumu. Rizumu doesn’t change much between designs as he didn’t design her from scratch as she was already in the game. There’s also how Mion was first called Mai then Rion, then they changed it to Mion. Aira was called Mii at first. The AD early designs in the book were published already. I remember seeing them a long time ago. I think from the Akio Watanabe Animation Design Works book which was scanned and that you can find everywhere.

prad4 guidebook 12prad4 guidebook 15

Kaname’s early design and clothes look super cute. And Aira’s mom was fat from the start hahaha.

prad4 guidebook 16prad4 guidebook 13

Kyouko used to have a more glamour look. Jun looks 100% awesome just like his final design.The Prizmmy girls all look much younger except for Ayami.

prad4 guidebook 14
Jae Eun, Chae Kyoung, So Min, Shi Yoon, Hye In
Listing them in case you don’t recognize them as they look so different.

Meanwhile for the Korean girls, Hye In had twintails.  I like these early designs more than the final ones except for and Hye In and Shi Yoon. Chae Kyoung, Jae Eun and So Min look older and way better than in the show.

The last thing is a 6 pages interview of Hishida Masakazu, Yoshihiro Otobe, and Kyogoku Takahiko, calling them “the team behind the CG of Pretty Rhythm”. It’s definitely the funniest looking interview, as they talk about what kind of illegal weed did they smoke to get the idea for Mion’s ultimate jump Eternal Big Bang Beautiful World, or Hiro’s super gay jumps like Jounetsu Neppu Starlight Kiss. Jokes aside, they do talk about these two jumps in particular. Also about the evolution of the CG in Rainbow Live,  how they get the ideas for jumps and how they make them etc, so it’s by far the most interesting thing in the book in my opinion. If there’s one thing in the book I’m sure I’m gonna read translate and post about it here, it’s this interview.

Pretty Rhythm isn’t really popular so that’s the main reason I bought the book, I highly doubt anyone ever gonna scan it, or even make a small summary about the info in it. I won’t scan it either, way too much effort. It seems like a good opportunity to read stuff about seiyuu work, chara design, how people at series composition or directors work,  and tons of little details on how to make an anime in general so I’m pretty happy I bought this. It’ll also help me study Japanese.
Unless I die or something big happens, I’ll try to read it and post some summaries of the info&interviews in the next months. Yeah I’m not really in a hurry. And if someone already did it in the meanwhile I’ll just link it here. I’m also trying to do the same with the interviews in the Rainbow Live guidebook.
I also bought the movie BD. Speaking of which someone ripped it and it’s up on the net. That sure was unexpected. I got a Akaii Meganee postcard with it.

I think the only thing missing is a page dedicated to Beef Or Chicken.

Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection guidebook announced

prad all star selection guidebook cover

The cover.

It was announced a few weeks ago. It gets out the 31th of July. It’s like the Rainbow Live one except for all three seasons, so it should have even more interesting stuff. It’ll have info on all three Pretty Rhythm seasons and comparisons between them, staff and seiyuu interviews, illustrations, posters, etc.
I ordered it. I also ordered the movie which got out on BD the 18th. It’s the same shipment so I won’t get it until the end of the month though. With this and SRW Z3, I spent way too much money on useless stuff recently. I kinda wanted to buy the Mouretsu Pirates movie when it gets out on BD the 12th of November but I’ll just download it hahaha. The Mouretsu Pirates movie release date on BD was announced a few days after the show’s reairing ended on Kids Station, as expected.

Pretty Rhythm After Party event info

prad after party official artwork various artists prad3 all

Bell one of my favorite irua san
Naru MMM37 san, veteran drawing puririzu fanart since Aurora Dream.
江ノ内愛 san, another favorite.
Ito chan
『Coo san?! いや、あれわ。。。 KUROKAWA REI!!』
Kazuki senpai
JUNÉ SAMAAA 赤坂 択 san, another artist who’s been doing great fanart since AD
Rinne chan
Kouji kun
Pair tomo
Penguin sensei&Tanaka:じろ様, no Pixiv account

Fanart poster made by artists fans of Pretty Rhythm. It was displayed at the event along other fan creations.

Pretty Rhythm’s anime is over. Arcade game machines too will start to be replaced by Pri Para machines this July. It’s way more abrupt than I predicted. When they announced Pri Para in March I thought they would remove them progressively. Like the article says, some Prism Stone shops will keep the game though, but they’ll stop selling memory passes, (so if I ever go back to Japan and want to play it I’ll probably have to buy one from someone)
Pretty Rhythm is done, completed, dead. So there was this event to commemorate it’s three years of service (four if you count from when the arcade game was launched)

I’m not living in Japan, so I didn’t attend.  I really wanted to go though, and am really interested about what happened there, so just like with the xmas event, I looked around 2ch about it. Someone nice wrote a report of the talk show part, and they also published something about the event on Animate.
Been a while I wrote a long post like that. I read it because I’m interested in it myself and I know no one gonna translate it anytime soon. As it takes me some time to translate, writing things down is easier, so posts like these just come in naturally sorta. I’m reading and writing this first for myself. And more importantly, it’s fun.

Needless to say there’s spoilers for all three seasons so I wouldn’t recommend reading if you haven’t seen them all. It doesn’t spoil things too major, so I guess it’s still safe to read even if you haven’t seen Dear My Future as it’s not fully subbed yet. (Besides the horrible quality ones on youtube. I wonder if they’re still online)

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Pretty Rhythm’s successor Pripara official sites open

prad5 key visual

It’s been almost two months since Pripara’s announcement now. The different Pripara homepages for the anime, arcade game and goods etc opened up on May 9th. There’s some new key visual(above) and descriptions for the characters on the anime homepage. Animate published an article about it too.  I also found a few more bits of info on Twitter etc so I’ll sum it all up here.

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Pretty Rhythm news & twitter 13th April 2014 edition

prad3 music collection juné special cover

They revealed the Juné switchable cover you get if you preorder the DX version of the music collection album.

Someone asked Director if the Pair Tomo in Rainbow Live can transform into instruments whenever they want or if they can only do it during Prism Shows. He answered that Pair Tomo transforming are the embodiment of their owner’s “melody/sound of the heart” and act like a booster for it. He doesn’t think there’s much use for that in daily life though. (This explains how Starn becomes the baton or a guitar depending on what Juné wants)

Some of those useless, pointless and stupid internet anime polls has Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live at the top. The butthurt in the comments is hilarious.

prad3 rental dvd cover rainbow

If you put side by side all the Rainbow Live rental DVD you get a rainbow.

prad3 movie screening 12th april group cosplayprad3 movie screening hiro cosplay prad3 event rinne crab cosplayprad3 movie screening otoha naru cosplay by twitter trude_alice

Cosplayed fans at the 12th of April movie screening. These are some of the pics retweeted by the staff on Twitter. Go check director’s twitter for all the pics. They also broadcasted the full version of Athletic Core at the screening. The Hiro guy is pretty handsome in my opinion. Apparently there was a flock of girls around him too.

prad3 tower record machida juné cardboard prad3 tower record machida juné cardboard

At Tower Record Machida. Juné sure is cute.

prad3 arcade game ad mion juné duo

Screenshot of a All Star Selection arcade game ad. I think it aired during PRASS ep2.
Juné and Mion are so cute.

Some random info in the Prince Animage I managed to find:
Coo/Rei’s birthday: 8th of August(Leo)
Jin’s birthday 18th of July  (Cancer)
There’s stuff about Jin and Hijiri being half brothers and the whole story of their parents but I can’t make sense out of it right now. I should post about it again later.

CG director said he finished Dark Souls 2. They also had a karaoke contest with all the staff two weeks ago.

prad3 event psyllium type glow sticks

He also said that maybe he’ll reproduce this kind of glowstick effect in Puri Para. There were already some glowsticks in Juné’s performance in episode 33 of Rainbow Live but they were all the same color and synchronized. I think he’ll try to give it a more realistic feel with them moving independently or something.

Matsuura Mai/Odeco is a Patlabor fan like me, she retweeted a lot of things related to the Ingram parade event.
I should actually look around for more news for the Patlabor live action. Somehow while I’m really happy something new related to Patlabor is happening, I’m kinda not hyped about it.
I don’t remember much from the TV series. It’s one of the first shows I ever saw as a kid, and the first mecha anime I have memories of, but I never rewatched it so I don’t remember it.
I used to think I’d get to pilot a giant robot one day too if I became unbeatable at games.
I remember playing the snes game which was really interesting.
Then, I saw the Patlabor movies/OVAs much more recently, around in 2004, but I don’t remember them either. Because at that time, I was in my elitist period of watching anime while skipping episodes I found boring, or I would only take quick peeks while my siblings would watch things instead of watching them myself.
But yeah Patlabor is one of the first shows I want to watch with my wife if I ever get married.

prad3 boys odeco high school jinprad3 boys odeco over the rainbowprad3 odeco otoha no PRR no life

She also drew a few pics these past days. The Over The Rainbow one is the design of some postcard that will be handed out at some event. I put the Otoha one in full size because she looks cute.

Lastly, there’s going to be some sort of Pretty Rhythm x Aikatsu x Tamagochi x Youkai Watch event organized by Tv Tokyo. Gotta admit it’s 2am right now so I’ll probably read what it’s actually about later, and edit the post later once my brain is functional.

All Star Selection episode 2

prad4 02

At least this week the SD part was a little bit funny. Mia’s smug expression is pretty well done. Speaking of which it’s interesting to note Mia’s SD character is the one with the most expressions & movements, following her hyperactive personality.

prad4 02 02

Lala says she’s in fifth grade of elementary school. So she’s 10 or 11 years old. That’s another new thing compared to Pretty Rhythm as Aira, Miya and Naru are all 14 at the beginning of their respective seasons.

prad2 op 1 g gundam op
While they broadcasted the first episode of Dear My Future, they used the improved version of the first OP that premieres in episode 4 of DMF. (The differences are the added CG scenes of Reina, Karin and Ayami)

Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection – 01

prad4 02

Well I was expecting something like 90% rewind and 10% new stuff, with the different characters commenting on the scenes, but I didn’t expect them to completely replay whole episodes.

prad4 03

At least they didn’t just put the episode’s VHS into the reader and pressed play, since they changed the credits to include the voice of Mia Naru Laala.

prad4 01

The different members of the staff staying need time to rest and/or prepare Puri Para. Pretty Rhythm has been airing nonstop for three years now. They could have just stopped the show for now but I guess MONEY MONEY MONEY, McDonald and other sponsors etc makes them unable to just stop it. So they decided to do All Star Selection for now. Plus they use it to hype up Lala. The first event related to the “participate to Lala’s debut” thing I mentioned some time ago is how fans will be able to send by mail outfits designs she could wear in Puri Para.

prad4 lala outfit design raw

You print this then draw your outfit design on it then send it.

I guess episodes 2 and 3 will be DMF and RL’s first episodes. Then maybe we’ll see something a bit new. Not getting my hopes up though.  If all 13 episodes end up being replays of episodes, I wonder which episodes they’ll choose. I just hope they don’t spoil the best twists like Chicken Tarou. SD Jun and Shi Yoon needs to show up soon, they need to spice up those SD discussions a bit and do some jokes or it’s gonna be really boring. It was nice seeing Jun again but I don’t think I’ll actually rewatch all of the replayed episodes. Feels like a waste of time. I wish I could play the arcade game for now to satisfy my Pretty Rhythm needs. This video was for the Duo update some months ago already. The All Star Selection update will be the 17th of April.
I’m an optimist, so at least I guess thanks to All Star Selection being recap I won’t need to spend that much time on blogging  and I’ll have more time to play SRW Z3 next weekend.

I’d like to see the faces of all the little girls who will see MARs Phoenix for the first time in DMF episode 1 next week.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 51 (END)

prad3 51 end

That was an excellent ending to a great show. Now that was completely satisfying as opposed to episode 50. Episode 50 didn’t have any cameos and stuff so I was getting worried, but everything turned out nicely in the end.  Really glad I watched this show.
As a side note, just like a few others occasions throughout the show (Bell manager episode, inn episode), that whole episode felt really Pretty Rhythm-like, as opposed to most of Rainbow Live which was quite different from the other seasons.

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