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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live among the most watched cartoons two weeks ago. Also 1/14 is Kouji’s birthday

artist もっちり prad3 rinne naru


The show rated pretty higher than usual in the vicinity of Tokyo.(Aikatsu! too) It was the week when episode 39 aired. It’s the first time I see the show in this ranking. Must be cuz of the live xmas event. And since it was xmas more kids watched TV. I guess there’s also the fact that kids with strict Japanese parents who usually won’t let them watch stupid cartoons on TV exceptionally let them do so for xmas. Tons of families watched cartoons together for the occasion.
It probably dropped to the usual the week after.
I don’t really care about anime TV ratings myself, especially since it’s used in trolling, and in many stupid internet arguments over anime these days. But still felt like talking about it this once since it seems they’re unusually high.

prad3 kouji bday artist sk post


Also it’s Kouji’s birthday. One of the biggest strength of Rainbow Live is the boys. I really like Kouji. Just like Hiro, he’s pretty different from the usual love interests in girls sports shows. While he can do Prism Shows, he doesn’t perform any (I’m pretty sure he will before the end though). He only does a backstage job of writing songs. While he’s slightly older than the girls, like Kazuki and Hiro, and gives them some advice from time to time, he isn’t their coach. These two points, about not performing, and about not teaching, makes him very different from the love interests of the classic sports shows I love, like Ace Wo Nerae! or Attacker You! (I wonder how many times I brought those two in a Pretty Rhythm related argument now. If you love Pretty Rhythm you should definitely check them out someday.)

demon coach ran

Speaking of those, one of the things a typical girls sports show have that Rainbow Live lacks, is a DEMON COACH. A coach character who gives hellish training, but who’s actually nice in the inside, and does this only so his students can become the perfect athletes. Kei did the job perfectly in Aurora Dream, so it means they do know about the idea, but decided not to include the stereotype in Rainbow Live. I guess Norizuki Jin could be considered as one, except he’s genuinely evil. And instead of throwing balls at your face, he’ll only throw some rose petals and expel you from Edel Rose. There’s still one cour left though so maybe we’ll get to see one.

Now if we limit ourselves to Pretty Rhythm, I guess the character Kouji reminds me the most of is Shou. Shou used to design clothes for the girls. Kouji writes songs for the girls. Shou too had some serious issues in his romance with Aira, but in the end everything was their own faults. Sure, Yun Su complicated things in Dear My Future, but it stayed their problem and theirs only.  In Rainbow Live, Ito and Kouji’s problems are their families problems. Their love is obstructed by things independent of them.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 01

Naru grownup version

Watashi wa Naru!! Tenchou ni na~ru!! / I’m Naru! I’ll become the manager!!

Just like I did with Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, I’ll be blogging Rainbow Live, at least the first 12 episodes. I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold on longer than that as I dislike episodic blogging.

The show’s director said they’re planning to make Rainbow Live the best season of Pretty Rhythm among all three. On the animation side, they already won their bet. The show looks much better than the first two seasons,  and the CG looks even better than before, being one of the best I’ve ever seen. I mean, it’s actually pleasant to the eye and I’m not ashamed to watch it! The opening animation is also really good looking, and the new Prizmmy song isn’t bad at all. They’re still using silhouettes for background characters though. I have to admit I would be sad the day they stop doing this, seeing cheap silhouettes in the background is the ultimate proof I’m watching an episode of Pretty Rhythm. Now I’m waiting to see if they’ll be able to top Dear My Future’s story. Three characters had the most screen time in this first episode. Naru, Beru, and Rinne.

PRAD3 01 ayase naru is a rainbow newtype

Ayase Naru (Kato Emiri) is the new main heroine. She’s fun, positive, attractive. Her catchphrase is “happy naru!” a wordplay with her name. It’s similar to Aira’s “happy lucky!”. Just like Aira, Naru is a typical heroine with hidden talent. She managed to instantly learn the choreography of a song by listening to it. That’s what the promo material meant when saying she can see the “colors of music”. She’s a music Newtype. At times, Kato Emiri’s performance sounds a lot like Aira’s voice/Asumi Kana.

PRAD3 beru 01

Renjouji Beru (Tomato Haruka) is Naru’s fated rival. She’s the total opposite of Naru as instead of being the clumsy newcomer she’s already a popular Prism Star. She behaves in a much older way than her age: she is 14 years old just like Naru. I totally misjudged her personality. I thought she would be some sort of pretentious little girl while she’s actually a humble lady. She doesn’t lack ambition though, as she’s planning to master the art of performing four consecutive Prism Jumps and surpass the current Prism Queen called Amou Juné. Tomatsu Haruka also did a really good job with her voice.

PRAD3 01 rinne

Rinne (Sakura Ayane, Ayami in Dear My Future) is the typical mysterious girl. We don’t know much about her for now besides that she has amnesia. My main guess based on the first scene is that she’s a dimension/time traveler. She goes from world to world where she can sense Prism Stars with hidden talent, in order to help them bloom. She seems to have some history with Juné, so either my hypothesis is wrong, either Juné is also a dimension traveler. This would also work as a nice way to explain the presence of Akai Meganee in the show: There’s only one Prism World for all dimensions and as the supervisor of the Prism World, Meganee is in Rainbow Live too. These are only guesses though, I hope we’ll learn more in episode 2.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the differences between Rainbow Live and the previous seasons:

prism live headphones

1/ The Prism Show World/”Prism show no sekai”, didn’t have a particular name. It is now named the Prism Space/”Prism kuukan”. Moreover, in the previous seasons, the girls would just access it before going on stage, without any explanation whatsoever, in order to put on the clothes inside their Prism Stones. In Rainbow Live, the heroines need to use a machine that looks like the arcade game, and connect to it using their Prism Memory Pass and Prism Live Headphones, just like how one would play the game IRL. (Takara Tomy manufactured those headphones and are selling them IRL. I wish I could get one…)

stardust shower comparison

2/ There’s new Prism Jumps & they remade the previous ones. As an example, Stardust Shower is now more dynamic. However, the girl performing it doesn’t jump as high as before. It’s closer to the arcade game’s version. There’s also this new “being able to jump 4 consecutive Prism Jump” thing. Only Juné, the current Prism Queen, and Rinne can do it. I’m pretty sure any of the girls of the previous seasons could have done it just fine if they tried.

PRAD3 henshin 02

3/ Now that’s the thing that surprised me the most. There’s actually some otaku pandering now. There never was any sexual fanservice in Pretty Rhythm, but there was some subtle things in this first episode of Rainbow Live. The most noticeable thing is how the heroines are now naked during the “transformation sequence” in the Prism World. In the previous season, the girls were silhouetted Sailor Moon style and you couldn’t see anything. The way it is now, it reminds me more of Minky Momo, without the butt shot. Not sure whether I like silhoutted or naked style the most.  Another much less noticeable thing: Naru’s chest appeared slightly bigger during the CG dance scene. If someone didn’t point it out I wouldn’t have noticed myself.

Now for the absolute question: Can I watch Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live even if I didn’t watch Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream and/or Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future?

This is a question I have trouble answering, simply because I cannot see the future. Rainbow Live may be taking place in an alternate universe, there’s no absolute guarantee the story of the two previous seasons won’t be connected to Rainbow Live’s story. however, There’s a good chance you’ll be fine even if you haven’t seen the previous seasons. I suggest watching them anyway as they’re both stellar shows.
EDIT FROM THE FUTURE: Yup you can watch it just fine. Director said it himself.