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PriPara – 11

noir best mireille

The best Mireille.

I have Noir on my mind as Nolife started airing the show today. If I had to describe quickly the channel I’d say it’s one of the very few things that makes me proud of being French. I’m not sure if I ever brought up Nolife on my blog, so here’s the engilsh wikipedia page of the channel. The channel exists for seven years now and that page is outdated, but it does the job at explaining what it is. I watched City Hunter as a kid and then tons of times in the course of my life, the latest time being when some of the show aired on Nolife in 2008.  So I always liked anime + guns. I’m not into guns themselves though. I’ve seen some of Noir when it aired in 2001. “I’ve seen some” because back then was the start of what I call my elitism period. I used to judge stuff by the cover and call a loooot of shows crap. Including things I saw recently then like Cowboy Beebop or Escaflowne. I did like them a bit but thought it was crap. Basically my sense of rating was messed up. Think of a show of the current season that you’re watching, but doesn’t think it’s anything great, just barely mediocre. That’s how I used to think about them. That’s the brain of a twelve years old for you. Anyway, back then I didn’t watch Noir properly. I’d skip episodes etc. My bros watched it but I didn’t.  I only did when it first aired in France in 2004. Because of that too, I actually never watched all the episodes of Madlax and El Cazador de La Bruja properly. Anyway you should watch Noir. And maybe I should watch those two properly.

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PriPara – 07 & 08 & 09 & 10

prad5 heartbeat sohpie by kii_ponpon twitter

By きい-ponpon

Someone pointed out some time ago that my late Rainbow Live posts are way better compared to the first ones. I didn’t really get better, it’s the show. There was tons of interesting things to say about Rainbow Live in the second half, compared to the first. I hope it’ll be the same for PriPara too, because not much happened in these episodes so I don’t really have many interesting things to say in this post.

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Pri Para starts in a few days now (5th of July)

prad5 akaii meganee


Long note: Pretty Rhythm and now Pri Para were never too popular in the English speaking community (though in Pri Para’s case it’s normal for now as the show hasn’t started yet), so sites like ANN sometimes take really long to relay news related to it.
For example, when the official sites opened and the characters’ profiles were revealed, ANN took something like 2 weeks to post about it. ANN is a good site, it’s just that they take really long to report on things that aren’t popular (that won’t generate clicks). The 8th of June, they reported about the new Strike Witches OVA 4 hours or so after it’s announcement, which is super fast in my opinion. The site definitely does its job, but only when it comes to decently popular things. No one really cares about Pretty Rhythm news in the English speaking anime community, and I want to know these news, so I started looking for them myself and that’s why I started reporting them myself. I’m now doing the same for Pri Para, but to a lesser extant as I’m not as enthusiastic about it.
(I like the first Strike Witches LN but I never watched the anime series)
Pri Para gonna start soon now, so there’s way more info coming out compared to 2-3 months ago. ANN is now doing a good job at regurgitating the news but I’ll try to post about what they missed here.
I also don’t wanna make a post about every single Pri para thing revealed, so starting now till the show starts, I think I’ll just update this post for new things, adding a date.
If I can manage to watch the Pri Para school things the 21st and the 28th June and if they show interesting stuff I’ll try to post it here too.

4th July update:

I actually really did watch the two Pri Para School today. Thanks to the participation of Hamaguchi Masaru, the studio sequences are actually pretty funny. His jokes at the i☆Ris girls too, saying they react like old women when he said they’re cute. The Prizmmy girls are funny too.
Kuma narrates the show. I don’t particularly like his voice but I appreciate it’s not the super acute kind of voice some mascots in little girls show often have. Think Rabbitchi and co in Aurora Dream. Though I ended up liking them after a while.
Sophie sounds cool like I expected. I think she’ll be my favorite like I already said.

As expected I didn’t like much the part with Karin and Miya chatting with LaalaMireilleSophie in the recording studio. I can stand Japanese variety programs to a certain extent, but I don’t like it much when it involve idols. They always talk with their fake acute voices and over overact everything. I say over overacting because everything is already over acted in Japanese shows like these. Karin and Miya are funny though.

They didn’t really say new or interesting things. Not even gonna bother mentioning them since we should see it when the show airs anyway. Stuff like how Mireille adds “puri” at the end of her sentences when she plays her idol character. I don’t really care either about seiyuus anecdotes like how Kubota Miyu/Sophie gets hungry when recording and always bring dried fruits, so this is the only story I’ll bring up.

Dance part at the end of the first one was pretty funny. It’s nice they say pri para in the song too. OP songs made particularly for an anime are cool.

prad5 school 01

They also announced who won the Laala dress design contest.  Totally forgot about it.
Apparently boys sent designs too. Two of the last twenty are by boys. I found it pretty funny. And one of them is called Hibiki kun hahahaha. So cute. The pudding like design he did isn’t bad at all. like they pointed out.

prad5 school 02

That’s the winner. Looking forward to seeing it in the anime.

Part 2 with the visit to Tatsunoko was the most interesting of the two by far. It’s always great to see things like this as you don’t see it often.

prad5 school 03

I can’t figure out the drawing at Tatsunoko’s entrance. Seems it’s a mix up of different shows Tatsunoko did. I think the red one with the cape at the bottom is Polymar. Can’t see well for the others.

Watching Reina and the new Prizmmy girl Hina tour a bit the studio was pretty fun. Too bad it was all acted.

prad5 school 04

For a few quarter of seconds here, You can see a sheet of paper with something written. The sentences are the next two sentences they say a few seconds later. It would have been cool to see Reina’s natural reactions of visiting the studio where they made DMF, a show that starred her and her group. Reina is the funniest in IRL Prizmmy too, from what I remember at least.

Sadly they didn’t actually say anything interesting about the CG, only stuff everyone already knows. That visit to Tatsunoko was kinda wasted. It was more like of an introduction for the kids who never seen Pretty Rhythm before, explaining PriPara will have a hand animated part and dance scenes done with CG. Then as it might be weird to suddenly switch from hand to CG and vice versa, they try to make the CG look as much as possible to the hand drawings. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh… I feel like I take the few people who’ll actually read this like idiots but it’s to show that it’s pretty much what they did in that part.
(As a side note, I also think the perfect CG would be one so close to the hand drawings you wouldn’t notice it’s actually CG. Pretty Rhythm is doing a really good job with that since Rainbow Live. PriPara is even better.
Side note 2: I say hand drawing but as you know they use computers for some parts of it too. Hand only animation doesn’t exist anymore on tv.)
Not gonna take pics of the horror Reina did with the Laala 3D model. Still getting shivers from it. Typically the type of things I’m really not good with.

I already knew from the PRRL guidebook they use motion capture but seeing it in movement like that was cool.

prad5 school 05

Laala’s sign contest winner which will appear in the anime.

They also said Hamaguchi Masaru will voice a side character in the show.That part was actually interesting because when he asked him about it, the producer of PriPara Takabayashi Yosuke implied that there won’t be any main male character in the show. Then they went to the recording studio and recorded the scene you can see in episode 1. He voices the middle aged guy who’s a regular customer at Laala’s family pizza restaurant.
I guess they did a good job with theese two specials to hype the show up.

Older updates are after the read more.

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New Pri Para characters revealed

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 01prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 02

EDIT: This month’s Newtype reveals that as expected Akaii Meganee will be in, and also other things. ANN wrote an article about it already so I’m not gonna bother myself.

All the pics were taken&posted by this nice person on Twitter. They’re from Nakayoshi Magazine and Ciao Magazine. That’s what the nice person on twitter who posted them said. Also the nice person said Ribbon Magazine had Pretty Rhythm (arcade) stuff like usual but no Pri Para info.

Most of the text on these pages is explaining the rarity system of the cards. I’m more interested in the anime than the arcade game so I’m not gonna spend too much time on things like these.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 10prad5 silouhettes idols

Examples of clothes coordinations worn by different characters. You got Laala and Sophie, then Nanami, Nagisa, Nodoka and Niina. They’re characters that will be in the arcade game. Their names all start with “N”, and they don’t really seem… distinctive, so maybe they’re just arcade fodder characters and won’t appear in the anime. I mean, they didn’t even give them family names.
I think Nanami is different though. She has a side tail and her figure corresponds to the silhouette in the right they showed at Pri Para’s announcement event. The two on the left don’t look like any of the others to me.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 04

Nanami also has a Character Tomochike just like Laala and Sophie so there’s s a big chance she’s a main character who will appear in the anime. Her hair and eyes look like Sophie’s too. Maybe Sophie not only has Cosmo as a big sister, but Nanami as a little sister too? (Purichike is the name of the cards. If I understood correctly, Character Tomochike are cards corresponding to a character instead of clothes etc.)

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 05

This page says that “Sophie’s in 2nd year of middle school and a cool beauty. Usually she’s calm and in a daze but her switch gets turned on when she eats umeboshi.” The switch on thing is totally a reference to Mion. So she’s the calm type, she’s definitely my favorite already. Maybe she’ll act hyperactive or something when she eats umeboshi.
For Laala it says “A 5th year of elementary school with a lively personality. She has a complex about her loud voice.” I guess Laala’s loud voice will be what will help her becoming a good idol. Like, her special trait as the main heroine that no one else will have. I forgot if I ever invented a name for this or if there already exist a name for it. Anyway yeah my bet is her loud voice is her protagonist super ability. Think of Azuma Kazuma’s Solar Hands.
Also, the blond girl in the far right has “Yai” written on her so that must be her name. She’s got a crown, but her hairstyle doesn’t match, she doesn’t have a ribbon like thing, so I doubt she’s one of the two silhouettes in the left. She seem to represent a brand by herself though so my bet is she’ll appear in the anime.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 06prad5 magazine pic from twitter shinohba ciao magazine

2nd pic is from this nice twitter person.

There’s also going to be a Pri Para manga in Ciao magazine. I’m not sure if it’s the same manga they announced back when they announced Pri Para or if it’s another one. Seems like it’ll feature that Yuuna girl who’s good at dancing and that Fuuka who good at something else. Yuuna also has a sidetail. There sure are a lot of characters. And they sure all seem uninspired. I don’t know what to think.
I guess best guess I can make is that there will be game only and manga only chars.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 07

These are smartphone like toys called Pri Para Idolink. They’ll be released the 28th of August in different colors, for 9980 yen, so around 70€. Wow that’s really expensive.
With it you’ll be able to take pictures, synchronize it with the Pri Para arcade game to store in the clothes etc you obtained. You will also receive mails from the different characters. It’ll be released more than a month after Pri Para’s launch so it’s definitely not mandatory to play. If you really want to get into the game however… Seriously though, 70€ sure is expensive. The guys in charge of marketing at Takara Tommy are vile foxes. At the very least it seems that little girls using it won’t have to worry about loosing their purichike as I think they can register them in the Idolink using the QR codes.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 08prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 09

Mireille: Coordinating your clothes is fun.
Laala: Everyone is amazing… I need to get my act together and do it too…!!
Sophie doesn’t say anything like a boss. She sure is Bell like there with the rose.

prad5 tokyo toy awards 2014 pripara phone idolink function

Saw on Famitsu. This was at the Japan Toy Awards 2014. Pri Para arcade game was featured. They presented the Idolink thing.

Something I only thought about now: I remember saying that maybe Pri Para won’t have romance as the girls are idols unlike Pretty Rhythm. Now that I think about it, even if they weren’t idols, it would be pretty risque to feature Laala having a romance. She’s 10 or 11 years old at most. A romance subplot featuring Sophie could be possible since she’s a teenager. In any case even if there’s no romance in the end, I hope at the very least that there will be male characters. Gonna be pretty disappointing if not.

Last thing: PRASS is actually 11 episodes. Episode 9-11 are rebroadcasts of episode 50 of each season. Then  replacing PRASS the 21st and 28h of June there’s gonna be a program called Pri Para School which will hype up Pri Para. It’ll feature the Prism Mates, Prizmmy and i☆Ris. It’ll be real life footage. Pri Para starts the 5th of July.

Pretty Rhythm’s successor Pripara official sites open

prad5 key visual

It’s been almost two months since Pripara’s announcement now. The different Pripara homepages for the anime, arcade game and goods etc opened up on May 9th. There’s some new key visual(above) and descriptions for the characters on the anime homepage. Animate published an article about it too.  I also found a few more bits of info on Twitter etc so I’ll sum it all up here.

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