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Something about Kodomomuke

artist 上山道郎 futari wa purikua post


Something always strikes me when I read Pretty Rhythm’s director saying “Pretty Rhythm isn’t for kids, but it’s not like it’s for adults either”. It also strikes me I read people saying one of their favorite little kids anime is so good because “it doesn’t feel like a kids show” (I use that argument myself a lot too). It’s the fact that this feels obvious to me: I always thought a good kids show must feel that way.

A handful of little girls shows I know have bittersweet endings. Sometimes it’s not limited to endings either, as kids shows like Princesse Sarah, Rémi Sans Famille, or Pretty Rhythm, are like this during their whole run. I’m not saying that kids shows must necessarily educate kids or have deep morals and dark twists at the ending. But they do need a bare minimum. And come to think of it, I feel that way about any show in general, aimed to kids or not. Or else watching TV would just be a waste of time.

It really makes me sad when I see kids shows like Pop Pixie these days or whatever it’s called, and that every single episode is pretty much “We lost the ice cream machine, we can’t eat ice cream anymore!!”. It really sucks a lot of kids shows these days deal with pointless preoccupations like these.

I think I rewrote that post at least 4 times. It turned out shorter than the first version too.
I hope I did a good job passing my point across. As a side note, I only learned the word Kodomomuke a few months ago.
Also, I used a Futari wa Purikua/Pretty Cure picture for this post. It’s not like it’ll start up a genocide if you get it wrong, but try not to mix up Purikua/Pretty Cure with Pretty Rhythm, which I often write about. They don’t have much in common besides being kids shows.

Le vent se lève

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I saw Kaze Tachinu yesterday. It wasn’t the best Ghibli movie I saw but it was still pretty good. The story really isn’t great though. I think the best thing about it is the animation, there’s some really impressive scenes, like that scene at the beginning. You’ll know what scene I’m talking about if you watch the movie. There’s also every scene with Jirou imagining his planes flying that are really incredible. Couldn’t stop laughing once my friend told me the heroine looks like Princess Sarah. Especially with her hair down. There’s even some clothes she wore that reminded me of it too.