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Pretty Rhythm news 08/09/2014 edition

prad3 yowamushi pedal jin hijiri artist odeco posted

By Odeco/Matsuura Mai. She’s a fan of Yowamushi Pedal.

Like always all pics are from the official twitters etc. In case you don’t have them, wanna check yourself or if I suddenly die and you wanna pick up publishing Pretty Rhythm news in English: Director’s Twitter, official goods twitter, CG Director Twitter, Matsuura Mai twitter, Yamahara Kazuhiro’s twitter (I think it is)
Protip: you can just check the director’s twitter as he retweets any important announcement from the others.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Blurays announced

It was announced on September 6th. It’s two BD boxes, 30 000 Yen each(around 220€). First one will be released on December 12th, with episodes 1-26 on 4 discs. Second one will be released on March 13th 2015 with episodes 27-51 on another 4 discs.
I really like the blurays’ description on online shops:
“Naritai jibun ni Prism Jump!! Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, after three years, is finally on bluray!! With this you can now enjoy Aira and everyone’s story in high quality as many times as you want!! It’s an anime for little girls but it even makes adults cry!! The story will remain deeply in your heart!! You can learn about the important things in life with Pretty Rhythm!!
It’ll also have the Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Laugh Theater/Specials from the DVDs. Those are super hilarious and you should totally watch them if you haven’t yet. They’re funnier than every other ~3minute comedy anime ever since 3min anime became something common. Maybe except for Senyuu. Too bad they didn’t do ones for DMF and RL.
The BDs will also have audio commentaries of the staff and seiyuus on a few episodes. Also seems If you preorder the 1st box you can get a free ticket for the second christmas event(see below), along with different covers for the 3 smaller boxes containing each BD. Doesn’t seem like it has any bonuses in particular besides that.
They’ll reveal the boxart later. It’ll probably be new illustrations. Looking forward to them.

I was right about how they’d announce BDs soon. They’ll probably announce DMF BDs sometimes later too, in the same 2 boxes format. I’m not planning to buy them because I’m not rich or crazy. If someone ever rips them it would be cool if they include the audio commentaries. However, with everything they already said on Twitter, at the various events and in the three books, I don’t really think they have anything new left to say; Most of those audio commentaries will probably be just jokes and everyone reacting to the scenes. I’d still love to hear them anyway.

prad3 otr poster promoting album release event

They did a small event the 7th of September for the release of the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism Boys Collection

Album got released the 3rd of September. Rapidly checked on Oricon and it seems to be selling well. It was on 23rd place the day of it’s release but then went up to 7th place the 4th of September, before falling the next day. Weekly ranking isn’t out yet.

prad3 otr ad at tower record machida

Ad at Machida’s Tower Record.

prad3 otr poster from odeco twitter

Apparently some of the people who preordered it won a signed version with this poster. It was a lottery.

prad3 otr album release event seiyuu

Maeno Tomoaki (Hiro), Kakihara Tetsuya (Kouji), and  Masuda Toshiki (Kazuki) at the event.

prad3 otr flower bouquest from fans from prrr_music twitter prad3 bag from fans to director

That’s a bouquet offered to the staff by fans. Director also received this bag on the right. They put the bouquet at the entrance of Tatsunoko studio.

prad3 ito kouji fanbag

Some fan present at the event’s homemade bag.

prad3 jin and hiro tshirt by odeco

Matsuura Mai(I almost wrote Matsuura Aya) selfmade a Jin and a Hiro tshirt. She gave the Jin one to the director,  and gave the Hiro one to Yamahara Kazuhiro for his birthday. She hand painted them, so if they wash them it’ll wash away. They’re one of a kind in the world masterpiece so they said they won’t wear them.

prad3 ito kouji postcard by いおこ

Ito x Kouji postcard by ioko offered to the director. ioko is a huge fan of Rainbow Live and has been drawing tons of Ito x Kouji. You can find it here. There’s also some on his/her twitter but it’s locked so you’ll have to follow it.

prad3 otr hiro kouji kazuki poster from otomedia october 2014

UUUWOOOOOOH MY BODY WAS NOT READY FOR THIS. Just how gay OTR can get. It’s like the Prism Jumps. Right when you think they can’t outdo themselves, they still manage to do something even more amazing.
That poster will be included in this month’s Otomedia magazine, gets released the 10th of September. It’ll also have yet another interview of OTR. That’s like the fourth one now, not counting the guidebooks. They’re milking them so much. My theory that they decided to milk a boys band for RL because the female groups from AD and DMF didn’t sell seems more and more probable. Also they keep calling the album “OTR’s debut album” so there’s probably more to come. I really want a OTR special OVA with all three of them hanging together.
Also CG Director joked saying that their clothes was supposed to be in CG at first. I guess cuz it’s so fabulous you can’t hand draw it simply.

prad3 merchandise cds all covers and limited from hare_szk twitter

A dedicated(and really rich) fan on twitter posted his collection of all the Rainbow Live CDs along with their normal and special/limited/preorder covers.

New info about the PriPara christmas event

It’ll be the 13th of December at the Makuhari Messe international exhibition hall. They’re actually doing two events, lasting all day:

prad5 PriPara Fest in Christmas event logo

The PriPara Fest in Christmas which will be from 11am to 4pm at hall number 4. It’s something for little girls to enjoy, with a makeup corner, a costume rental corner, a karaoke corner, a goodies corner and a photo shoot corner. Basically a event for your cute little girl to become an idol the time of a day. It’ll also have an i☆Ris and Prizmmy live. Tickets need to be bought in advance. Pricing is 800 yen for children and 1800 yen for adults. So if parents and their two children go, it’ll be a total of 5200 yen, around 38€. I guess it’s not too pricey. Children also get to get a limited Purichike. Not that all of this matters since it’s not like the majority of the people reading this, myself included, can actually attend. If you’re reading my blog for a while you should know I like mentioning stuff like that anyway.

prad PriPara & Pretty Rhythm Christmas Party event logo

The second event is the PriPara & Pretty Rhythm Christmas Party, from 6pm to 7pm, in hall 5. Notice how the name went from PriPara chirstmas event to PriPara & Pretty Rhythm chirstmas event, so I’m getting even more hyped now about possible Pretty Rhythm OVA with PriPara CG or that the PriPara movie will be an actual crossover, or at least Saints focused. Tickets are 7800 yen each, around 60€. Just wow that’s expensive. Sasuga Avex san. Everyone attending gets a special Purichike(not just kids).
Along with Pretty Rhythm and PriPara staff, Seiyuus and singers people confirmed present so far are i☆Ris and Prizmmy☆ members, Hara Sayuri(Rizumu), Enoki Azusa (Mion), Yonezawa Madoka (Serena/Jae Eun), Akesaka Satomi (Kanon/Chae Kyoung), Ookubo Rumi(Mia) Katou Emiri(Naru), Uchida Maaya(Wakana), Shishido Rumi(Juné) and Itou Kanae (SonaKanaHyeNee). i☆Ris and Prizmmy☆ will do lives and the seiyuus and staff will do a talk show. The event is only one hour so the talk show will probably be short.
Enoki Azusa posted on her blog saying she’s looking forward to the event.

This sounds like so much 100%fun guaranteed. I wanna go so much. I really hope some guys on 2ch write a report about it like with the 1st xmas event.


Seems Matsuura Mai is also a fan of Kinnikuman. I need to watch that someday.

prad3 prad5 naru laala from shimazey twitter school festival prad cafe

A fan on twitter is doing a Pretty Rhythm cafe with her/his class for her/his school festival the 20th and 21st of September.

prad3 artist odeco hiro kouji hiro x kouji alternate versionprad3 artist odeco hiro kouji hiro x koujiprad3 artist odeco kazuki headphones prad3 artist odeco jin kid prad3 artist odeco hijiri ending prad3 artist odeco jin back prad3 artist odeco dat wakana ann naru failing at homework

Lastly, Pretty Rhythm pics Matsuura Mai drew since the last time I did a post.

Pretty Rhythm After Party event info

prad after party official artwork various artists prad3 all

Bell one of my favorite irua san
Naru MMM37 san, veteran drawing puririzu fanart since Aurora Dream.
江ノ内愛 san, another favorite.
Ito chan
『Coo san?! いや、あれわ。。。 KUROKAWA REI!!』
Kazuki senpai
JUNÉ SAMAAA 赤坂 択 san, another artist who’s been doing great fanart since AD
Rinne chan
Kouji kun
Pair tomo
Penguin sensei&Tanaka:じろ様, no Pixiv account

Fanart poster made by artists fans of Pretty Rhythm. It was displayed at the event along other fan creations.

Pretty Rhythm’s anime is over. Arcade game machines too will start to be replaced by Pri Para machines this July. It’s way more abrupt than I predicted. When they announced Pri Para in March I thought they would remove them progressively. Like the article says, some Prism Stone shops will keep the game though, but they’ll stop selling memory passes, (so if I ever go back to Japan and want to play it I’ll probably have to buy one from someone)
Pretty Rhythm is done, completed, dead. So there was this event to commemorate it’s three years of service (four if you count from when the arcade game was launched)

I’m not living in Japan, so I didn’t attend.  I really wanted to go though, and am really interested about what happened there, so just like with the xmas event, I looked around 2ch about it. Someone nice wrote a report of the talk show part, and they also published something about the event on Animate.
Been a while I wrote a long post like that. I read it because I’m interested in it myself and I know no one gonna translate it anytime soon. As it takes me some time to translate, writing things down is easier, so posts like these just come in naturally sorta. I’m reading and writing this first for myself. And more importantly, it’s fun.

Needless to say there’s spoilers for all three seasons so I wouldn’t recommend reading if you haven’t seen them all. It doesn’t spoil things too major, so I guess it’s still safe to read even if you haven’t seen Dear My Future as it’s not fully subbed yet. (Besides the horrible quality ones on youtube. I wonder if they’re still online)

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New Pri Para characters revealed

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 01prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 02

EDIT: This month’s Newtype reveals that as expected Akaii Meganee will be in, and also other things. ANN wrote an article about it already so I’m not gonna bother myself.

All the pics were taken&posted by this nice person on Twitter. They’re from Nakayoshi Magazine and Ciao Magazine. That’s what the nice person on twitter who posted them said. Also the nice person said Ribbon Magazine had Pretty Rhythm (arcade) stuff like usual but no Pri Para info.

Most of the text on these pages is explaining the rarity system of the cards. I’m more interested in the anime than the arcade game so I’m not gonna spend too much time on things like these.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 10prad5 silouhettes idols

Examples of clothes coordinations worn by different characters. You got Laala and Sophie, then Nanami, Nagisa, Nodoka and Niina. They’re characters that will be in the arcade game. Their names all start with “N”, and they don’t really seem… distinctive, so maybe they’re just arcade fodder characters and won’t appear in the anime. I mean, they didn’t even give them family names.
I think Nanami is different though. She has a side tail and her figure corresponds to the silhouette in the right they showed at Pri Para’s announcement event. The two on the left don’t look like any of the others to me.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 04

Nanami also has a Character Tomochike just like Laala and Sophie so there’s s a big chance she’s a main character who will appear in the anime. Her hair and eyes look like Sophie’s too. Maybe Sophie not only has Cosmo as a big sister, but Nanami as a little sister too? (Purichike is the name of the cards. If I understood correctly, Character Tomochike are cards corresponding to a character instead of clothes etc.)

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 05

This page says that “Sophie’s in 2nd year of middle school and a cool beauty. Usually she’s calm and in a daze but her switch gets turned on when she eats umeboshi.” The switch on thing is totally a reference to Mion. So she’s the calm type, she’s definitely my favorite already. Maybe she’ll act hyperactive or something when she eats umeboshi.
For Laala it says “A 5th year of elementary school with a lively personality. She has a complex about her loud voice.” I guess Laala’s loud voice will be what will help her becoming a good idol. Like, her special trait as the main heroine that no one else will have. I forgot if I ever invented a name for this or if there already exist a name for it. Anyway yeah my bet is her loud voice is her protagonist super ability. Think of Azuma Kazuma’s Solar Hands.
Also, the blond girl in the far right has “Yai” written on her so that must be her name. She’s got a crown, but her hairstyle doesn’t match, she doesn’t have a ribbon like thing, so I doubt she’s one of the two silhouettes in the left. She seem to represent a brand by herself though so my bet is she’ll appear in the anime.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 06prad5 magazine pic from twitter shinohba ciao magazine

2nd pic is from this nice twitter person.

There’s also going to be a Pri Para manga in Ciao magazine. I’m not sure if it’s the same manga they announced back when they announced Pri Para or if it’s another one. Seems like it’ll feature that Yuuna girl who’s good at dancing and that Fuuka who good at something else. Yuuna also has a sidetail. There sure are a lot of characters. And they sure all seem uninspired. I don’t know what to think.
I guess best guess I can make is that there will be game only and manga only chars.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 07

These are smartphone like toys called Pri Para Idolink. They’ll be released the 28th of August in different colors, for 9980 yen, so around 70€. Wow that’s really expensive.
With it you’ll be able to take pictures, synchronize it with the Pri Para arcade game to store in the clothes etc you obtained. You will also receive mails from the different characters. It’ll be released more than a month after Pri Para’s launch so it’s definitely not mandatory to play. If you really want to get into the game however… Seriously though, 70€ sure is expensive. The guys in charge of marketing at Takara Tommy are vile foxes. At the very least it seems that little girls using it won’t have to worry about loosing their purichike as I think they can register them in the Idolink using the QR codes.

prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 08prad5 magazine pic from twitter canamaji 09

Mireille: Coordinating your clothes is fun.
Laala: Everyone is amazing… I need to get my act together and do it too…!!
Sophie doesn’t say anything like a boss. She sure is Bell like there with the rose.

prad5 tokyo toy awards 2014 pripara phone idolink function

Saw on Famitsu. This was at the Japan Toy Awards 2014. Pri Para arcade game was featured. They presented the Idolink thing.

Something I only thought about now: I remember saying that maybe Pri Para won’t have romance as the girls are idols unlike Pretty Rhythm. Now that I think about it, even if they weren’t idols, it would be pretty risque to feature Laala having a romance. She’s 10 or 11 years old at most. A romance subplot featuring Sophie could be possible since she’s a teenager. In any case even if there’s no romance in the end, I hope at the very least that there will be male characters. Gonna be pretty disappointing if not.

Last thing: PRASS is actually 11 episodes. Episode 9-11 are rebroadcasts of episode 50 of each season. Then  replacing PRASS the 21st and 28h of June there’s gonna be a program called Pri Para School which will hype up Pri Para. It’ll feature the Prism Mates, Prizmmy and i☆Ris. It’ll be real life footage. Pri Para starts the 5th of July.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: Live in Christmas event info

prad3 prr_music twitter live in christmas promotion

From blogs archiving 2ch threads, so maybe some stuff is made up. This and This. The two links have stuff from the same thread so there’s duplicate info. If you can read Japanese and think I missed something feel free to point it out.
As much as I like Pretty Rhythm, I’ve never been too much into seiyuu so I’m not gonna translate the stuff like “Komatsu-san wa sugoku kawaikatta desho DESHO”  Though I did end up including most of it. I tried to organize events in chronological order.

Edit from the future: at some point someone uploaded the seiyuu talk show and the livedubbing segment  on Youtube, so I could watch them, but it’s been removed now. I downloaded them before they were taken down though, so I can link them to you if you ask on the comments. I don’t want to leave a direct link here. While I’ve never hid that I pirate stuff,  as I think it’s fine as long as you buy some things one day to support and make up for it, I try to not do it too blatantly.  These videos were in the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism☆ Duo Collection ‘s DVD so please buy it to support the franchise.
I need to rewrite this post someday, comparing what I initially wrote from the tweets and 2ch reports with what actually happens on video.

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 38

prad3 37 jikai 01

Bell’s new harem.
Will write about stuff I found about the xmas live event/movie announcement in another post.

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