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Yozakura Quartet – Hana no Uta – 01

yzq hana no uta ep 1 eyecatch

That was pretty good. Like I expected they explained stuff and reintroduced the characters, by changing a few things from the manga. I like how they put tons of little details about the characters for the fans like Touka getting disappointed she won’t be able to meet Akina, Ao playing with that plane (why can’t I hold all that ryo-timo style animation) or DAT YAE. Seems like we’re in for good doses of fanservice without making newcomers totally lost. Just in case, I use fanservice as in everything made to please fans there, if I want to talk about boobs I say sexual fanservice. Lila is one of my favorite characters (well actually everyone is my favorite character in YZQ) so I’m really looking forward to this animating her arc.

yzq hana no uta ep 1 eyecatch 02yzq hana no uta endacrd ep 01

The eyecatches and endcard were great too. Kinda suck they didn’t make the sponsor list disappear. I didn’t find a version without them on the net so I assume there isn’t. They didn’t write who drew it either…

Nihonbashi Koukashita “R” Keikaku

This video really struck me when I saw it 4 days ago, I couldn’t let it slip by. And Ryo-Timo worked on it(The same guy who worked on Yozakura Quartet’s OADs) . It’s simply amazing.

Director : Takuya Hosogane hsgn.tk/
Storyboard : Takuya Mitomi kemuhoko.tumblr.com/
Music : Jin jinjinsuruyo.blog.fc2.com/
Total Produce: Maxilla maxilla.jp/

You can’t gauge the quality of an anime simply by the studio behind it…

Pic by saitom (NSFW)

I’m not a fan of how people like to check what studio will do what anime before it airs as a mean to gauge it’s quality? It’s a fact, any studio is capable of doing great stuff as well as the worst thing ever. Just look at JC Staff, a year ago I loathed them for making indecent shows like Ookami-san, Yumekui Merry and Hidan no Aria and now I’m praising them for Kimi to Boku. It’s not the studio itself that counts, it’s the staff.

Speaking of staff, there’s almost the same issue with directors. Saying a show is bad or good because of a director is stupid. Everything isn’t his fault. I’m pretty sure there’s cases of shows where the director is not allowed to do what he wants (By higher executives/Shogakukan or whatever)  and cases where you can clearly see the particular touch of the director.

Pic by フタゴモナド  (NSFW)

A few examples: Aoki Ei, the guy who directed the first movie of Kara no Kyoukai is the same guy who directed Girls Bravo (If you don’t know it, let’s just say it’s some B-rated harem show no one remembers that’s not good but not bad either, well at least from my memory, I’m pretty kind, I bet it’s much worse than what I remember). Kara no Kyoukai is one of my favorite anime ever. He’s also directing Fate/Zero, which everyone says it’s awesome (I dunno if it’s true as I don’t watch it for now). Maybe he just gained experience in 5 years but still, going from directing Girls Bravo to Fate/Zero… obviously the director isn’t the main factor in determining a show’s quality.

A good recent example of where I think the director had a definite influence is the Redline movie (Koike Takeshi). That’s definitely what they call an “author’s work” in cinema or whatever.  He almost did everything himself.
Another less known example is Yozakura Quartet’s OADs directed by Ryo-Timo, you can clearly see his touch if you’ve seen some of his previous works (his .gifs, Beck…)
Shinkai Makoto is another great example.

Feel free to say so if you agree/disagree.

Unrelated: I guess I’m not the only guy watching Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream who also likes hot blooded stuff