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Sarkozy’s return and stuff

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He announced his candidacy for presidency of the right party, and well presidency over the country. It’s incredible there’s still French citizens willing to support him. Then again I’m not surprised there’s people that stupid in my country. Beside the fact that his presidency was a disaster, they’re all forgetting the EIGHT judicial cases he’s involved in. Not one or two, eight. My God that’s the number of pilots of Gakusaver.

Most of those are about how his party made fake bills everywhere to finance his 2012 presidential campaign. Then there’s how Gaddafi may have financed his 2007 presidential campaign(what I meant by Sarkozy backstabbed Gaddafi in my previous post), how he falsified popularity surveys, how he tried to buy some judge so he locks out some evidence in a case his name appeared in, etc. Most of these cases are still in investigation and are actually ongoing. The only reason he wanna become president again is so he doesn’t go to jail. It always makes me laugh when his supports says that the judges are lashing out at him and that they’re not considering him as a normal citizen. If they were considering him as a normal person he’d already be in jail for a while now.

Another surprising thing is some of the politicians who decided to support him for his return. One of them is Dominic De Villepin, from the right party, who used to be prime minister from 2005 to 2007.  The same man who always rivaled against Sarkozy, and who also publicly accused Sarkozy of backstabbing him when he found himself under investigation back in 2010 with the Clearstream case. Now he’s saying Sarkozy “has changed”. It’s kinda sad how politicians sometimes put the past aside just for their own gain. He knows he’ll get a good spot in the government if Sarkozy becomes president again in 2017. Villepin is also not stupid and is one of the few politicians here who said the truth about islamic state, saying it’s “the monstrous child of the arrogant political actions of USA and EU countries” and that “western countries still haven’t learned about Afghanistan”. Really sad he’s aligning himself with Sarkozy.