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PriPara – 84

prad5 8441

I feel horrible.
Laala is hugging me while she stole my role all this time.
I finally got to be the main character of my own arc, but it only lasted one episode.
The staff took 82 episodes to make me a song.
I hate this show so much.
I wish I was at home playing Gyakuten Saiban with my parents.

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PriPara – 78-83

prad5 ed laala sd

SD Laala dancing in the new ED is currently the most entertaining thing in PP. And even then it’s not even half as good as the ones in Mondaiji’s ED. Or RL ED3.

I’m even more irritated that s2 turned out so bad because it was so much better than s1. There’s so much wasted potential. It’s been a while I saw a show with such a good story and ideas wasted in such a horribly bad manner.

Remainder of everything currently wrong with PP s2 so far:

1/ The fact that the hard work vs talent arc shouldn’t have existed in the first place. It’s completely stupid that Laala, who got Main Character powers, wasn’t in the genius team. It’s completely stupid that Mireille suddenly can’t keep up with Sophie, because “Sophie’s a genius” while they never brought up this problem for 70 episodes. It’s stupid that Mireille never noticed this until now, even though she’s supposed to have a brain, unlike everyone else in PP.

2/ Removing Fuwari and Ajimi for a few episode for no reason. They’re actually the two characters who are linked to Hibiki, so they did that to stall resolving Hibiki’s story, until episode 83 when they come back. Fuwari is literately the only character who interacted with Hibiki for at least 10 episodes during the start of s2. And yet when the focus finally switches to Hibiki, because of Hibiki revealing she’s a girl, she literally gets “Maybe I’m actually gay” cancer, is bedridden for two episodes, then decides to leave the show. Then, Ajimi who’s revealed to have some connection with Hibiki, suddenly leaves for literally no reason. She just comes see everyone and says “I’m going back to Versailles”, and we have to wait until episode 81 for that connection to be revealed.

3/ Making it seem as if it’s impossible to be friends and rivals at the same time. Concepts like moderation don’t exist in PriPara.  No wonder there’s people as nuts as Ajimi. This is especially stupid as for example, in episode 80 Mireille spend most her time home. Normally her parents should have asked her what’s wrong. Then, as Mireille’s parents fight at court every day, they could explain it to her and Laala and co.

4/In episode 78, Hibiki takes power and changes the catchphrase to everyone is a rival blabla. However, as I feared, the staff forced really hard to make Hibiki into an imbecile tyrant. Making her do stuff like cancelling tournaments or prohibit other people from doing lives unless they’re at least top idol class. Where the other idols prohibited from doing live back in the “golden era” with Saints? How are you supposed to have rivals if there’s no one competing in the first place? How are you supposed to have rivals if there’s no tournaments? Why is suddenly Hibiki so stupid and do things that will obviously alienate Shion and Sophie ?

5/Episode 82, which is probably the worst thing I watched in a while. Who in their right mind thought this episode was a good idea?

Upcoming s3 doesn’t seem any better with the introduction of a stupid magic baby that cries and make things happen.

I genuinely like the show and always hoped it gets better, so I bothered pointing out its flaws until now, but I’m really fed up with it for now.

prad5 7923 akaii meganee live

I’ll keep watching, but I’ll tone down the episodic blogging, making smaller posts. Taking time to blog this isn’t really worth it. It’s actually not the 1st time I felt like that with PP, s1 was especially severe. One of the reason I kept writing “logical” posts instead of just complaining of how bad the show is, was because the show don’t have subs, so new readers may think I think it’s bad because I don’t actually get the story. Same reason why sometimes I randomly translate dialogue. But I don’t care anymore. I don’t even care anymore that people may think it’s actually true when I write stuff like “Hibiki and Faruru love each other and spend every night together”.

I feel like an idiot for overanalysing Hibiki in previous posts, about whether she represents the flaw of PP or not, and whether she represents PR fans or not, because in the end the staff didn’t care, as usual.

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HibikiPara – 68-76

prad5 7345

The King of Prism Queen 2016.
I love Hibiki and this arc is genuinely good, but I think there’s some serious issues as well which I wrote extensively about at the end. That’s what kids on the net call being autistic. Haven’t wrote that much on episodes since when RL was airing.  Also put in some random news I found that wasn’t already on ANN.

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Aroma and Mikan’s funeral – 55-67

prad5 6708 shion mireille

Mikan and Aroma got shot dead by Israeli police while on their way to Prism Stone in East Jeruparaem. GreenWind got shot as well when her arc ended, which is why she never appears anymore either.

It’s always funny how some medias take the side of Israel and talk about the recent spike in stabbing like if Palestinians are the aggressors. Or how they never say Israel police “killed” a Palestinian man after he attacked/stabbed someone,who didn’t die, and just say they “neutralized” him.

Not even taking into account their occupation of Palestine, and it makes me sick saying this, there’s ton of evil things Israel leaders does. Like how they always treated Ethiopians Jews like trash and sterilize their women. Or that time when they attacked a USA military ship for fun.

Israel makes me so salty I wouldn’t lick notNagisa’s salty eyebrows.

I believe in the end that “Don’t Worry, everything is gonna Happy <3” about Palestine and the world in general  so it’s why I’m not sad/mad and can still watch children cartoons.

PriPara finally got it’s act together after 55+ eps. Most of these episodes were really good. It’s the first time two or more episodes in a row were actually funny.

I was planning to catch up since September, but I also have internet problems since September so it considerably slowed me down.

Enjoy 5000 words of badly written episodic blogging.

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PriPara – 54

prad5 5438

That Umiko programmer woman that gets introduced in vol2 of New Game! is pretty boring. I’m not a fan of weapons maniacs. Though I do like manga like Sabagebu, it’s more like there’s a good way to portray them and a bad way to portray them. Umiko feels like the kind of Japanese people who’re oblivious to the world outside their islands and thus get attracted to dangerous things because they want thrill in their lives. Plus she’s one of these elitist FPS players. Plus the author made her brown just cuz she’s from Okinawa. Plus I can’t comprehend how she can be Okinawain and still like the american army. It doesn’t make sense. Everything about her background is bad.

Anyway, compared to the rest of the manga which is really funny, it just feels weird to see such a boring character. There’s other cliched characters as well but there wasn’t one as much as her so far.

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PriPara – 53

prad5 5303 prad5 5304

It’s been forever since they showed Non and how she treats Laala how she deserves to be treated for stealing little girl’s dreams and bullying Faruru to death.

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PriPara – 52

prad5 5202prad5 5210

Last week was Japan Expo. I haven’t gone to Japan Expo for like 3-4 years I think. Too pricey and too little to do. Sometimes there’s mangaka I like, like Ken Akamatsu this year, but for getting a sign it’s drawing lot first come first served. Sometimes just to get a chance at the drawing lots you need to buy stuff first. And premium tickets have much more tries than you, and enter the con before you. Most of the panels are boring too, sometimes the people who translate/MC the panel don’t do the job properly or talk too much. I’ll always remember that Haruhiko Mikimoto & Watanabe Takashi panel that was literally nothing.
Anyway Japan Expo isn’t worth it these days. I feel bad for the people coming all the way from other countries going there. Who don’t even know that the entrance fees used to be cheaper. It’s just like how I feel about people who only saw PriPara and think it’s a really great show. Or people who only saw Rainbow Live and think it’s the best, but RL is a masterpiece anyway so it’s ok. It’s just that there’s masterpieces more equal than others, like DMF.
I guess it’s still worth going to JE for the live concerts if you’re into that, I’m not anymore. But even then these days it’s mostly just random idol groups you never heard of before and will never hear of again.

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PriPara – 40-43

prad5 4009

I’m not the only one criticizing ANN about how sometimes their translation of interviews are wrong, how they sometimes post completely useless things as news, or how they never post stuff about less popular things like Pretty Rhythm/PriPara. Unless it’s to announce the next season, but even then they don’t even post the details you can easily find on Animate or other sites. Which is why I started doing it myself. But for the record, the editor in chief of ANN Christopher Macdonald is a pretty nice and cool guy.  Back in january, ANN bought back a french anime magazine called Animeland that was dying for a few years now, because ANN editor in chief is friends with Animeland boss among other reasons. And so Christopher McDonald was in France, and he went to Nolife. They made him MC their daily show on Friday like what they always do with their guests. And he was cool. Plus one of his favorite shows is Bubblegum Crisis.

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