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Aikatsu! is joining Super Robot Taisen Cross Omega

A silhouette that should be Ozorotteron and Akari was teased. Official announcement will be during the stream on September 6th so I wonder if other characters will appear too. Probably everyone who appeared in that episode. I hope Shion and Mizuki are in.

Well, this was only a matter of time. I still haven’t watched past Aikatsu! s1, so while I’ve seen screenshots of this episode when it aired, I haven’t seen it myself yet. But seeing that episode always made me think they could use it in Cross Omega. Seeing all the more random things that managed to get in, Aikatsu was obvious as it’s a Bamco property too.

I’m really excited. Now I only hope they negotiate with Takara Tomy and actually bring in Pretty Series with Pretty Rhythm. Pretty Series and especially Pretty Rhythm getting into a console Super Robot Wars is one of my biggest dreams.It has much more mecha elements than Aikatsu, which only has them during these “let’s film a drama/movie “episodes. Many of the Prism Jumps are on par or greatly superior than mecha attacks too, and multiple actual mechas appear in Pretty Rhythm as well.  If Aikatsu gets in Cross Omega, I really hope Pretty Rhythm will be next, and further down the line appear in a console SRW one day.


Finally got this after a year. Can’t buy too many games at release when you’re a poorfag.

Bought the PS3 Japanese version since I don’t have a PS4. From what I’ve seen, the English translation of the PS4 SEA version is very bad grammatically speaking, but they managed to get most plot information correctly and there’s no misinterpretation.
Thanks to this if there’s something I don’t understand while playing the game in Japanese I’ll check people’s videos of the English version.

I heard some months ago they patched the game, translating the summaries of the past OG games too. I hope they did a good job. That way it’ll contribute to having better accurate info of SRW OG story in English.

Feels weird I’ll finally get to see how Raftclanz looks like in 3d animation.Well, unless I die before playing the stage where EKUSUTORAKUTA, MAKISHIMAMU! happens. Though if I die and manage to go to paradise I’ll see it anyway. Waited so long for this. I purposely didn’t watch most of the new units appearing in OGMD’s animations on Youtube so I can discover while playing.

It’s also the first time a SRW game I already played and finished is getting into OG. I played 4 and Alpha 1 on Alpha 1 on Dreamcast but didn’t finish them before playing OG1 on GBA.

SRW J got a special place in my game related memories since it’s what also made me discover a show that joined my list of favorites shows ever: Tekkaman Blade. (though technically I played W before, and saw it first in W, not J).

Also looking forward to Haken being in. Haven’t played Project X Zone 1 so haven’t him for years. Speaking  of which, I wonder if there will ever be another “Namco X Capcom”-like now that the games’ director, Morizumi, left Monolith Soft. I haven’t played PxZ 1 nor 2, but I guess Reiji and Xiamu’s story is over now. Starting with Namco x Capcom, then Mugen no Frontier, Mugen no Frontier EXCEED, and then PxZ 1&2. That’s 5 games in total.  Would be nice if the other Mugen no Frontier characters got in OG as well. And the Masoukishin ones too. (Especially Circuit kun and Elisha, I’m sure they’ll put int at least those two)

SRW OGMD “Will you forgive Shana-Mia and get a wallpaper” campaign

On July 13, the official Suparobo twitter started something funny.

They said Shana Mia is asking us to forgive her, and if we forgive her we’ll get a wallpaper. They recycled the intro scene of Touya’s route in J/OGMD with Shana Mia asking Touya to forgive her. Some answered:
“Fury units’ evading rates are too high so I don’t forgive you”
“This time you’re playable as a subpilot unlike how it was in J so I forgive you”
“It looks like your clothes are wet and sticking to you skin so I forgive you”
“The game is mostly SRW J’s story and doesn’t  have enough content so I don’t forgive you”

I wrote “Hate isn’t a good thing so I forgive you for myself and the future”. In the end it ended with 78% I forgive you so the wallpaper got published on the official site a few days later, on august 2. The wallpaper is available until August 31.

srwogmd shana mia wallpaper

I still haven’t bought Super Robot Wars The Moon Dwellers. Barely spoiled myself anything either. I want to get the ps3 version. Can’t get the english asian region version since I don’t have a ps4. It’s a bit irritating because used copies of the jp ps4 version are already very cheap on Amazon, around 4000 yen while ps3 version still is around 5600 yen. I also need to find a way to buy on Amazon anyway so I’m not in a hurry. Maybe I’ll just wait until Persona 5 is released and buy it instead, and wait even more for the price to drop for OGMD.

SRW OG The Moon Dwellers english version announced

This is really big news. Really nice. Makes me really happy. Hopefully every OG game will be translated now. Maybe even non OG too.

I’d actually buy it but it’s for ps4 only. These days I only buy games in Japanese because of wanting to practice with them, and I reached a point where playing games in English makes me feel I’m wasting part of the time used to play, as if I was playing them in French.  It’s a real shame it’s ps4 only. I’m not planning to buy one anytime soon. Sometimes it isn’t bad, I bought Yoru no Nai Kuni in Japanese on ps3. If I waited for the english version, I would have waited for nothing since us/eu version is ps4 only.

 Even if there’s a risk the English translation is bad like SAO Infinity Moment, it would be nice to have the game in English so if I ever get kids they could play it more easily. Or just to lent it to friends. I guess I’ll just tell them to buy it. Anyway I’ll just get the Japanese version like always. On ps3.

SRW Z3.1 clear

 srw z3.1 clear 02srw z3.1 clear 01

Made me learn quite a lot of kanjis too. I’m surprised at how much easy some of the dialogue is to understand. There’s the typical “we fight to protect peace” speeches which are pretty much 30% of the game’s dialogue, then there’s the jokes which are pretty easy too. Near the beginning, the rugby scene from Fumoffu was even more hilarious than the original thanks to Sousuke calling Ranka a slut.
Gonna do another quick run to complete the scenario chart to get bonuses in Tengoku hen.

Also I’m not a Yukana fan. Well I do like C.C. and Tessa, and Honoka. And Rinslet. And Fujiko. And Dominura too. But it just turned out that way for some reason. C.C. was my favorite support unit. In the top ten I have something like Noriko, Four, Amuro, Crousseau, Chirico and Hibiki at around the same number of kills. I put Noin in the Wing Zero the whole game since I like her.

I was expecting more from the cast list of Z3.2, I’m pretty sad Gravion isn’t coming back. But stuff like Gargantia is nice too. I’m looking forward to some Surfing Lobster Lesbian Pirate Queen and triple Inuzama kick. And some HD Double X and Turn A. In impossible wishes I’d like Lenardo/Belial recrutable and Ledo’s classmates from the Gargantia prequel novel. Hopefully Olson and Athena are playable again too. And Mai and Riia too but that will never happen.

Dai ni ji SRW OG clear!

2nd og srw clear

It was nice. I think I’m gonna wait till I learn a bit more Kanji to do a second run so I can read more. I’m happy I decided to buy a ps3 and import a SRW for the first time, it motivated me a lot in my quest to learn Japanese, and I learned quite a lot while playing it. Pretty funny how the 147 kills I got with Masaki are only from the La Gias part of the game, and that I didn’t use him at all when he rejoined in order to put Arieru and Ibis in the top. I decided to fully upgrade the Hyperion once I got it because I was impressed by it’s attack animations and then Ibis+ Sleigh never got hit again and killed everything.

SRW Z Clear!

srw z clear

Kei is my top ace. I love Orguss. Next up are Rand, Garrod, Loran and Touga. As I was playing it, I read the Getter Robo manga, watched Orguss, Gravion and a bit of Daitarn 3. Had already seen the most recent shows in it like Turn A, but I haven’t seen the oldest ones like Baldios, God Sigma, etc. Also I ended up finishing the game without watching The Big O. The stuff that happens is so confusing anyway I don’t think it particularly spoiled me the show.

Next up is 2nd SRW OG I hope.