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SRW OGMD “Will you forgive Shana-Mia and get a wallpaper” campaign

On July 13, the official Suparobo twitter started something funny.

They said Shana Mia is asking us to forgive her, and if we forgive her we’ll get a wallpaper. They recycled the intro scene of Touya’s route in J/OGMD with Shana Mia asking Touya to forgive her. Some answered:
“Fury units’ evading rates are too high so I don’t forgive you”
“This time you’re playable as a subpilot unlike how it was in J so I forgive you”
“It looks like your clothes are wet and sticking to you skin so I forgive you”
“The game is mostly SRW J’s story and doesn’t  have enough content so I don’t forgive you”

I wrote “Hate isn’t a good thing so I forgive you for myself and the future”. In the end it ended with 78% I forgive you so the wallpaper got published on the official site a few days later, on august 2. The wallpaper is available until August 31.

srwogmd shana mia wallpaper

I still haven’t bought Super Robot Wars The Moon Dwellers. Barely spoiled myself anything either. I want to get the ps3 version. Can’t get the english asian region version since I don’t have a ps4. It’s a bit irritating because used copies of the jp ps4 version are already very cheap on Amazon, around 4000 yen while ps3 version still is around 5600 yen. I also need to find a way to buy on Amazon anyway so I’m not in a hurry. Maybe I’ll just wait until Persona 5 is released and buy it instead, and wait even more for the price to drop for OGMD.