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Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future – 09

“Yureru Hearto!! Ikemen designer Taiketsu!!” – “A wavering heart!The battle of the hot designers”
Since the Prism Stone and Dear Crown shops are right next to each other, President Asechi Kyouko decides to organize an event with the two designers Sho and RIVAL OTOKO Yun-Su to make some money. They will designs outfits respectively for Prizmmy and the Korean girls in the next show, plus 2 outfits that Aira will have to choose from. Continue reading

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future – 06

“Memo Memo Kinshi wa Komaru no Desu!!”

Miya forbids Ayami from writing in her memo. Ayami then meets her own Korean rival/ally/best friend Cheong Eun. They go on a date together, and meet a black cat. Ayami is scared of it, as her memo says black cats bring misfortune while Cheong Eun isn’t scared of it. She thinks it’s cute, the hairband they saw at a shop earlier was cute too, she suggest Ayami combines them for the design she’s supposed to make.

Ayami makes a Black Cat design for the next show, where she’s the center. Everything goes well . She manage to get into the Prism Act tunnel thing but doesn’t manage to do a Prism Act.

After the show she decides to give her memo to Cheong Eun and start a new one.

When they were talking about the black cat, Ayami had an unusual grave voice,  that was hilarious. So yeah I finally restarted watching Pretty Rhythm. I’m planning to do quick summaries for the eps I missed and maybe some more detailed ones if I catch up.