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Man I think I haven’t been this excited since when 2 got out. Feels so weird that Masoukishin series is actually over now. Didn’t think I’d get to see it ending in my lifetime really. No sequel for like 15 years and then 3 games in three years.  I didn’t play LOE snes version when I was a kid but I always liked Cybuster since it looked so cool in SRW4. Was around the time I saw Escaflowne too. Dat knight design, dat bird transformation. Dat Akashic Buster. It’s been one of my favorite mechas ever since. I played the DS remake some years ago but actually haven’t touched 2&3 yet. What I’m the most interested in is the story so I want to get a bit more better at Japanese first. Serves as both motivation and practice.

Chou Jikuu Seiki Orguss

As I started to play SRW Z, I wanted to watch as many shows featuring in the game as possible. Notably, an online friend told me that the game’s plot revolved massively around Orguss’s plot, a 29 years old, 35 episodes show about time and dimension travel. That’s how I decided to watch it, and I finally finished it this week. It was a really great show, and one of the best time/dimension travel stories I’ve ever seen along Back To The Future, Sliders and Quantum Leap. This is the kind of show I want to show to my kids. Everything was just so awesome. I got teary eyed two times when watching the two last episodes.