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Pretty Rhythm’s successor Pripara official sites open

prad5 key visual

It’s been almost two months since Pripara’s announcement now. The different Pripara homepages for the anime, arcade game and goods etc opened up on May 9th. There’s some new key visual(above) and descriptions for the characters on the anime homepage. Animate published an article about it too.  I also found a few more bits of info on Twitter etc so I’ll sum it all up here.

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Pretty Rhythm’s successor Puri Para announced

prad5 girls

Similar to the time when All Star Selection got announced, the article on ANN is pretty complete, but it’s still missing little bits of info I read on other Japanese news site, like Animate. So you should read the ANN article BEFORE reading this. I’m not gonna repeat stuff they already said. (Unless if by the time I finish typing this, they edit their article and add the things they missed). I’m also including some news I read on Twitter. Sorry if the post is a bit confusing, I’m not a very good writer or journalist. Just read it twice if you don’t understand something.

EDIT after All Star Selection started: Yeah I was so optimistic when I wrote this post hahaha. All Star Selection turned out to be just reairs with SD segments at the beginning & end. Really disappointing.

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