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Gundam G no Reconguista 26 END



Well everyone lives except Chikkara, and I’m pretty sad for her. I wish she had lived to hang out on earth and live happily ever after with everyone. I’m really REALLY happy Manny didn’t end up dying, or no one else. Ringo actually shoot down Jurgen. Cumpa died in one of the most hilariosu deaths ever. Wilmit actually didn’t die. No one good actually die. And yet the final battle was so tense and awesome. This is the best thing ever.

The epilogue IS fast paced, and Tomino did say he apologize for it being rushed at the event screening of the final ep, but that’s because it doesn’t have any reason not to. Idiots will say this show the show was rushed, but it really wasn’t.  Tomino just wanted to show the things he had to show, that’s it. It would have been unnecessary to drag the epilogue, and the show has already shown since episode 1 that it expects you to use your brain to connects the dots. Even if some didn’t have lines, almost every character is shown in the epilogue doing something, hinting at what they’ll do next. That ending was perfect. Everything I wanted happened. Manny didn’t die and is happily living with Luin. Luin got over his hypocrisy as he finally defeated Bell. G Self got destroyed. Bell went to see the world. Aida became queen. Lowenthal& Kun joined the Megafauna… Everything is perfect.

No pictures as I watched it live as I was really really hyped about how the ending would turn out and I was fully satisfied. I’m super hyped about the ending and had to write something now.Also I did quickly see some interviews before the show started, hence how I knew Aida would become a leader or her and Bellri beings siblings, but I was restraining myself while the show was airing. Time to check every side material and interviews and whatever now. Plus even if I love the show, unlike Pretty Rhythm, everyone and their dog are already translating everything so I just have to serve myself. I’ll probably end up double checking some things though.

Gundam G no Recnoguista 25

g reco 25 luin without the mask

This episode was so awesome.

I don’t like how Manny just gave up persuading Mask though. He just doesn’t accept the fact that he’s less competent that Bellri and tries to find (fake) reasons for it. She knows he’s wrong but she decided to go along with it anyway. This made a bit unhappy, but then right after Mashner going singing crazy disney villain was hilarious.

And then Kun and Chikara’s interactions were hilarious. I just knew Tomino would use Chikara’s workout to show how they’re unaccustomed to the Earth gravity so it made me really happy when it happened. And that “aaaah so this is war” was hilarious. And then Ringo using the situation to cling to Raraiya was hilarious too. If only this ep could have been the last one, with everyone hugging each other during atmospheric entry and going on earth and living happily forever after. The scenes with Luin x Manny and KURIMU NIKKU x MIKKU JAKKU were perfect. Also I really thought they’d  go full everyone dies there and make the Megafauna gets shot down.

I guess Aida will be the one the make people stop fighting since she’s supposed to become queen and all. If she manages to find a solution while they fight before anyone dies it’ll be perfect. I really don’t want to but Klim will probably bite it next week… I also really really REALLY hope Bellri doesn’t push the “main character in gundam must kill his rival’s love interest” button inside the G Self’s cockpit. I’m sick of this pattern. Final episode, how many people die  and how they die will be a huge aspect to determine if this show is a masterpiece or not for me. I’m really tense for the final episode.

Gundam G no Reconguista – 22-23

g reco 22 noredo raraiya every girl is best girl

Man episode 23 was the funniest yet.  Instead of making things more serious because we’re in the final battle they made things even more hilarious. You’re not forced to kill people or make everything dead serious to put in tension or make things interesting. I love this show so much.
People did die though.

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