T strategy penultimate chapter I guess spoilers impressions and venting

triangle strategy spoilers for what i assume is the penultimate chapter

I did not correct the typos on prpose, dont ask why

I fucking knew it bro fucking triangle strategy what a dumb game
even if it’s technically not the same staff,

seeing all the incredibly dumb twists and bad writing in Toshinden Traveler+ how disappointing boring and repetitive the game was after 30 hours
+ never played bravely but i heard the 1st gam had super dumb writing used as a reason to make you play the same thing twice,

so ive always been wary of Asano games, I kept being wary of Triangle Strategy. And the game actually never disappointed me, until now and this final choice. I expected some forced drama to happen between Roland Fredrica and Benedict at some point but I never expected it to be so forced and so dumb. None of their reasonings make sense


too busy to go into huge detail but

what was the point of showing roland going from ”wow cool country” to ”wow bad country” when they see the salt lake rozelians slaves, if at the end of the day he still thinks hyzante is ok. what was the oint of me always sticking with him and helping him out because i speciically expected im to be the most unstable caracter and the one who could make the dumbest decision?

also hyzante was clearly inspired by islam as its the sole widespread religion IRL with people actually praying, and I think its a a terrible way of using it.. its not like im offended or anything.  i just think its badly written.I dont like is that it was inspired by islam and yet way too different and has completly nothing to do with islam, but yet you can still tell that it was inspired from it, so it could give some ignorant people some weird ideas about islam, especially when hyzante is the worst country of the three by far.

even if you want to depict a islam based stat that has been corupted, hyzante’ depictio is noting close to it. and if done right then it would be corupt because of it leaders influecned by an outsid epower as thats realistic an dwhat always happen,see eve burst error.

frederica’s plan shouldnt even exist because as long as we fuck up hyzante we can liberate the rozels anyways too. And the lets escape to centralia part is too sudden and makes no sense at all.

the best would be to let hyzante and aesfrost fight and kill each other, or some other plan than these 3 stupid ideas I dunno.

i dont get why earlier i the game you can have the choice to pretend to ally with aesfrost and then betray them in that sorsley and avlora boat batte stage, but now suddenly you cant do that anymore

Also the serenoar royal blood reveal feels completely unnecessary and irrelevant. feels like  the only role it plays in the story is to give bigger credence to this forced drama and benedict’s plan.

a better scneario would be that after the patriate arc, (speaking of which that was the 1st ultra dumb thing in the game and totally forced drama. made no sense that the Greenbook population is too dumb to realize the taxes and random killing was this patriate trash’s fault and that roland only stopped him. the ”wow what a ruthless king we cant trust him he just killed his right hand man” part was complete trash writing even considering this is a medieval setting with few accurate way to transmit infromation.

anyway after the a patriate thing, i expected something like roland saying hes no fit to be king and asking serenor to take his place or something. and then if the royal blood reveal happened now it’d make much more sense

it also makes no sense at all that roland is still so opposed to aesfrost and gustadolv aftr all this,  especially after how he almost killed his sister because of being blinded by hatred. speaking of which this scene too was weird. its like if they originally wanted for cordelia to die  there, but they realized it would be forced drama and too fucking stupid, and let her survive instead. but whats the point of her surviving and even joining the party, if she apparently never got a good talk with roland to tell him to stop being such a coward?

even if theres actually a fourth secret ending that is better than these three, I’ll also be pissed because it should be the default ending and there shouldn’t be any choice in the first place for the other thre. why at this point after everything they went through, benedict, frederica, and roland would split like this.

imo the best ending and what grebrook and the wolford cold definitely do seeing the events in the past of the game is to temporarily ally with aesfrot to destory the hyzante goverment and expose the religion’s lie, and then killing gustadolv too

i assume you can do that in benedict;s plan, except that you’ll be forced to kill roland for some forced drama.

lastly, and its also one of the biggest problems, why the hell isn’t serenor himself coming up with his own plan too instead of listening to these three idiots? first, punch roland with cordelia and tell him to stop being such a coward andif he want to stop being king then just show him serenr is of royal blood and says replace him. then tell frederica that her ‘rozelians wll suffer even more if the war continues” ”but gustadolv wont help the weak rozelians!!’ and ” let sescape to centralia” makes no sense as 1/rozelians cant suffer more than they do 2/shes assuming we wont fuck up gustadolv for some reason 3/even if we dont give a shit about protecting the wolfort domain etc (the reasons why benedict is against this plan), escaping still makes no sense at all

3 tell bendict that yes we can ally with aefrost but just temporarily, get svarog on our side and then kill ustadolv. makes no sense that svarog decides to stick with gustadolv, what was the ponit of the svarog arc I got after deciding to help deliver the illegal salt?  maybe im wrong though as the gustadolv speech a the big gate cutscene implied svarog still doesnt plan to trust him, we’l see.


FIRE EMBLEM THREE HOUSES SPOILERS note that im playing claude route and i still havent finished it though

In games like fire emblem switch, i dont fully agree with all the plot points and i think there are stupid things, like how dimitri is handled in claude’s route, but the concept of inevitabl ewar and division betwen you comrades  was still way better handeld than this trash in triangle strategy.  In fire emblem three hosues im happy theres no common route with all three leaders being friends. It wouldnt make sense. However, i still think there should have been a way to save the other two protaognists than the one you side with, even if they’d just end up in jail. Im  playing claude route, dimitri already died killed offscreen for no fucking reason because of his dumb must kll edeldlgrd at all cost  stance, and im at the eldegard castle map of claude’s route and I assume eldegard will die there. i havent played the game in like two years, no time.

anyway i guess I’ll pick benedict route and then see if its possible to do it wthout killing roland and without actually allying permanently with gutadolv, by allying with svarog instead. (needless to say do not tell me the answers , i dont want spoilers)

then i guess ill check the frederica ending on youtube. roland ending soudns so dumb im not sure ill even check it.

im genuinly angry i spent 60h on the game and it was really fun, only for the story to be completely wasted by dumb writing like this at the end.


I think comparisons to tactics ogre’s moralistic choices are a insult to tacics ogre, it wwas much better. and sure TO technically also has a dumb choice most people will never pick – burning the village- that is ekuivalent to following rolan’s idea. But in TO’s case, that choice is at the beginning of the game at the end of chaptr 1. so i you pic the hoice you can assume the game’s stoy will give ou a lot of opportunities to see how it will velop and see if you picked t erght coice or not and wll be abl to change again. you can also jus pick it out of curiosity since its at the begning. in ocotpat that highly imbecilistic choice is AT THE END of the gam after dozens hours of showing to rolan how shitty hyzante is, it just makes no sense.

qpril 16 updqt

skeenix published this video

Ill try to listen to it and write more

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