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Sparrow’s Hotel artstyle change

sparrow's hotel episode 1-6 old design of satou

Before episode 7.

sparrow's hotel episode 7 new design of satou

Starting episode 7.

In case someone got as confused as me when watching episode 7 and wanted to know more about it.

The credits for episodes 1-6 (copypasted from the official site)

監督:中村哲治 / Director: Nakamura Tetsuji
キャラクターデザイン:草刈大介 / Character designer: Kusakari Daisuke
主題歌制作:cosmic record
主題歌『Welcome to Sparrow’s Hotel』歌 佐藤小百合(cv 茅原実里)&塩川環(cv 長嶋はるか)
作詞 kato.yoshihal (Electro.muster) 作曲 Taihi (Electro.muster) 編曲Taihi (Electro.muster)
Sound prduce by Taishi(Electro.muster) 主題歌制作:cosmic record

The official site haven’t updated the cast list for episode 7 onwards. So I read the credits myself during the end of episode 7. The new character designer and director of the show is いまざき いつき/ Imazaki Itsuki. If I read it right, as my reading comprehension of Kanji is still very bad, the production company (Dream Company), seiyuus, and everything else are still the same.

Both designs have their own appeals, but I liked the one from episodes 1-6 more as it reminds me of anime from 2000 or so. The design from episode 7 onwards feels much more like today’s usual chara design. Mainly, Satou is much more cute looking. In any case I’m still laughing watching the show so it’s not a change in the visuals that will make me stop watching.