Pretty Rhythm News May 2017

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by 地方民

You can find all previous posts and translations on this page.

It’s been so long since the last post that even if I bookmark and write down and save everything I want to talk about, there may be things I forgot to put in this post.

I also didn’t go through all of director tweets from June 2016 to now. I check  his tweets almost daily, but I usually check everything he tweeted between each post I did, in case I missed anything important. Didn’t do it this time, it’ll take me too much time.

From June to September 2016, nothing too big happened except the announcement of KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-. From September to December 2016, I was playing Persona 5 during my free time. Since January 2017 I’ve also been busy with others things. That’s why it’s been almost a year since the last general news post, and there’s some things I wrote in this post which are almost one year old. However, from September 2016 to now, I did write posts whenever something big happened, on here and on twitter, so I’ll just link these. This means there’s a lot of embedded tweets in this post. It’s the first time I do this, there’s some tweets that don’t display and I don’t know how to resize embedded tweets. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out weird and people with toasters can still read this post.

You can find my Twitter here. I try to report Pretty Rhythm news as soon as I can on twitter. A Wordpress blog like this isn’t the best way to be “popular” in 2017, and it would be “better” to post all the news on Twitter or another social media. I don’t want to do it though, as twitter is bad for writing good things and keeping track of information. I prefer my current way of doing things, with these news posts.

Nowadays, there’s multiple blogs, Tumblr pages like this one that covers a lot of Pretty Rhythm things, some of which I also cover in this post. It even has translations too. For example, if you’re keeping track of magazine releases, it’s much better than my blog since with the tumblr system they can make a new post whenever a magazine containing Pretty Rhythm material is announced, without clogging their post history.
Edit: There’s this tumblr too that posts new Pretty Rhythm news very fast and sometimes posts summaries of stuff in magazines as well, forgot to include it.

If you want to know magazines releases with Pretty Rhythm material ASAP, you should follow that tumblr or follow those magazines directly on twitter. I’m only interested in the magazines for the interviews and short stories.The magazine release list I do in my post is primarily for myself so I’ll easily know what to buy if I ever have tons of money to spend.

I’m not anymore the only person regularly reporting Pretty Rhythm news in English, but it won’t change my way of doing things. I won’t try to be more “competitive” because in the first place, I’m looking for news and reporting them because I want to know them myself, not because ANN or other sites didn’t report them. So I’ll naturally post about things I haven’t seen on other sites, at least the ones I check. While I do jokingly say “hey look, ANN didn’t report this” from time to time, pointing fingers at them isn’t actually my goal. If there’s something Pretty Rhythm related which is unreported in ANN or Crunchyroll or other blogs,  I’l try my best to find it, because I’m doing it for myself first, and put it here to share. So in the end it’s not like I’ll be putting in more effort or try to do some competition. I hope what I’m saying isn’t too confusing and my point is getting across.

I’m happy more people are into Pretty Rhythm now. I hope one day there will be a very reliable and complete source of Pretty Rhythm info in English, that way I’ll be able to stop doing these posts.

Thinking about it now, when I started covering Pretty Rhythm, if I was evil and a 12 years old kid I could have even made money out of this. By starting a forum and monopolizing the Pretty Rhythm English fandom, writing rants on social media about how any other forum or fandom is “illegitimate”, swindling people into paying me for translations, swindling kids with tons of free time and with Japanese knowledge into helping me(Japanese Americans from Hawaii for example), etc.  I’m not sure how to explain it but you should get what I mean if you’ve been on the internet for a few years. I’m very happy I didn’t turn like that and none of this happened, as it would mean I’d be a scumbag.

Note: Ouenjouei/cheer screenings, are theater screenings where it’s allowed to be cosplayed, to use glowsticks, to scream and to cheer.


Jin’s bday is the 18th July, and on 18 July 2016, one of the ouenjouei to celebrate Jin bday had some staff and seiyuus for a talk show.

At the talk show, Tatsunoko producer Yoda san said “I don’t think Jin is a bad person”. They also talked about how when planning PRRL, they actually wanted to call Jin “Himuro Hijiri” and call Hijiri “Norizuki Jin”. Their names got reversed. This is also written in the Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Guidebook. They also said this time Jin spent his birthday with Louis, and it was the best present ever for him, because in the past he would spend his birthdays alone.

Starting the second half of 2016, I started seeing tweets like these of JP fans saying Takara Tommy started reinstalling some Pretty Rhythm arcade game machines in Japan. The tweet above shows the Loft shopping mall in Sendai(Sendai is Pretty Rhythm director’s hometown, maybe that was on purpose). The person says they could swear it wasn’t there the month before.
I’m not sure of the exact extent of things as of now, in May 2017. If many shop malls across Japan have Pretty Rhythm arcade machines again or not.

Source On 29th August 2016 Sunrise organized a theater screening of Onmyou Taisenki episodes, the first show PR director Hishida Masakazu worked on as a director. He was there for a talk show. source Director also said he’s grateful to Animedia as it was the only anime magazine who featured Onmyou Taisenki when it aired.

On August 2016 iirc I don’t have the tweet anymore, the PP arcade game got its best results yet. Director said he also participated on the enshutsu of the game, and he was very happy about it and asked people to keep supporting PP’s game, anime and Kinpri. He also made a joke saying “PriPara that SynSophia made is a monster?!”, a reference to one of Char’s lines: “ええぃ! 連邦軍のモビルスーツは化け物か!”‘

In September 2016 Kinpri had a collab with some karaoke. ANN wrote a post about it.

In November 2016, King of Prism had a collaboration with the mobage called Yume hyakku prince. They made new art of Hiro Kouji Kazuki for it. You can see some of it on the page for it.

September 2 2016 was the last Kinpri screening at Wald9, the cinema the movie premiered at on January 9 2016. 1800 people were present for the finale. Gotou Saori/Otoha went with Kato Emiri/Naru to this last screening, she posted about it on her blog.

King of Prism Playstation VR game project announced at Tokyo Game Show 2016

Director said the Rose Party when OTR announce their hiatus was on October 10, on Hiro’s bday.

KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- movie announced for June 2017 (September 11 2016 event)

Stuff I wanted to publish before the event happened:
Ticket sales for the event started June 29 2016 and they sold out very fast. People who bought the dvd/bd of Kinpri also had tickets with a serial code to participate in a lottery to win a ticket.

prad6 otr event dvd bd lottery winners poll mmm37

Longtime Pretty Rhythm fanartist(since AD was airing) MMM37 did a twitter poll asking people if they won the lottery or not, around 1/5 people who answered said their lottery ticket was a winner.

prad6 otr september event tickets resold telepone_

source Some people were reselling tickets on auction sites, sometimes up to 7 times the original price, which was 6800 yen. A lot of fans on twitter were angry about it and I agree it’s not a good thing. Director also tweeted saying he wants to “**ll” these people, citing one of Jin’s lines in Kinpri.

As I said in the post, they showed video messages with the girls talking, and Rinne was in it too, some people drew fanart of it.

Tatsunoko official twitter tweeted this for 55th anniversary on October 19 2016.

In October 2016, Tatsunoko did an emergency recruitment campaign specifically to find new animators to work on KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-

This is very interesting as it showed how small the team for Kinpri 1 was, and how big Kinpri 2 will be. And how Tatsunoko didn’t initially plan for a sequel, and how they’re now willing to spend time and money now that they’ve seen Kinpri1 worked.
They made a page specifically for it (the page is now dead, I wrote this part of the post months ago)
The following message could be read on the page:

“Tatsunoko is doing an emergency recruitment for the next KING OF PRISM work announced on September 11.
Limited to people who already have experience working in the animation industry.
We’re looking for people with a burning passion for animation and a deep love for Kinpri.
For one year now, Tatsunoko is currently overhauling their way of working to create a friendlier work environment.
Starting this year, we’re also engaging a plan that will last 3 years to switch to full digital.
Do you want to draw the dreams of children around the world with us?!”

Animate Girls Festival the weekend of November 5 2016.

Terashima /Shin was there selling goods.

On November 9 2016,these new designs for Kinpri 2 were published.

That day, “Alec’s room” became one of the top trends in twitter.

Iuchi Shuji, one of the writers for Pretty Rhythm, passed away

The weekend of the 25th February 2017, there was a memorial event for Iuchi Shuji, It was for anime staff persons only, but a lot of fans sent flowers.

Yamamoto Yusuke: “I went to the meeting in commemoration of my master”

Kawasaki Hiroyuki

Above are Tanaka Mayumi, Ikura Kazue, Sagawa Yuko and Hiroi Ouji (not in order as I don’t know their faces).  Adachi Shinobu was present as well and the one who tweeted the above photo.

Murakami Momoko who worked on Pretty Rhyhm’s scripts: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on Pretty Rhythm”

Tsubota Fumi was there too.

This person worked on Pretty Rhythm, but their twitter don’t mention their actual name so I don’t know who it is.

Yamaguchi Ryota was present too.Maybe others, that’s all the tweets I saw. It’s nice tons of people who worked with him went there, I hope it helped his family with their mourning and made them happy to see how he was appreciated.

(I’ve edited in all of the above to the original post I wrote about Iuchi san passing away.)

The Kinpri Magic School Bus: Kinpri collab with Animate and Comiket 91 on December 2017.

So if I got it right, seems the Animate in Ikebukuro sold an audio drama Kinpri CD whoose cover you can see above, and some of these had tickets for a bus which went from the shop to comiket, on comiket91 days. That way fans could all go together to Comiket91 and meet new fans. The audio drama is about OTR riding on a bus to go perform a Prism Show, but the bus gets blocked in a traffic jam because some cattle escaped and are blocking the road (This is a reference to Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream episode 49). People who rode the bus were made to listen to the audio drama while riding it, and each day the story had slightly different changes not in the actual CD. You can see pics of the bus on the Animate article about it.

Matsuura Mai was at C91 on Saturday with her circle called DBS.

On Anime JAM 2016’s first day, December 10 2016, Kinpri was featured and the seiyuus did a live audio drama written by PR director.

This is a summary of the audio drama I made using fans’s tweets about it:
Anime JAM 2016 Kinpri xmas audio drama:
Takes place on xmas eve, seems it’s about Alec visiting the Edel Rose dorm searching for Kazuki.
Shin was super scared of Alec, was Shin’s first time meeting him.
Kazuki wasn’t there but Alec decides to stay anyway. Minato made chicken curry so he eats with them. Alec says it’s better than Schwarz Rose’s food and eats too fast and start choking. Leo gives him water and strike his back so he doesn’t choke. This is Alec’s first time meeting Leo.
Leo is impressed at Alec’s muscles and how you can clearly see his six packs, but for some reason Alec seems really unwell when Leo is touching him. Alec seems scared of Leo and don’t act like a big shot toward him like with the others.
Alec’s disliked food is gumi. (Like Haribo’s stuff if I got it right)
After that, Taiga comes back and recognize Alec from that time they met in the movie. They’re about to fight, so Minato suggest they could use Prism Jumps to make a xmas cake. So Alec and Taiga end up fighting at the underground rink with ez do dance starting playing.
Of course they’re more interested in fighting than cooperating to do a duo xmas cake Prism Jump, so Minato tells Leo to show them how to do it.
Leo interrupts them with his own Prism Jump and manages to make them both unconscious.
But then Shin falls from his bed and turns out it was all Shin’s dream. Shin says he’s glad it was a dream but then suddenly he hears Alexander screaming looking for Kazuki.
The end.
(I don’t think we should think too much about these stories,they’re just made for fun. Please don’t obsess over whether it’s canon or not and that would mean Leo is actually stronger than everyone etc. I don’t think that’s the point. Wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out in Kinpri2 Leo is really super strong and wins the Prism King Cup though)

Fanart inspired of the above story

Happy new year 2017 message from CG director.

Director: “That’s just my own observations, bu I think people’s reactions to Kinpri differs like this: If they’ve seen Rainbow Live before, they cry when watching it. If they haven’t seen Rainbow Live before, they burst out laughing”.

prad6 kinpri 2 advance ticket sold by animate otr edel rose boys sailor marine outfits.png

After selling these Sailor uniform advance tickets with Animate in November 2016, on January 2017 they revealed new advance tickets for Kinpri 2:

prad6 kinpri 2 advance ticket otr edel rose boys beach duo.png

They went on sale starting January 14 at all ouenjouei screenings across the country.
The theme is that the Edel Rose students are going to 5 famous beaches across Japan, so theaters in each of these 5 areas in Japan is selling a different ticket.

Yukinojou and Leo are in Hokkaido-Touhouku region.
The two of them want to spread the Prism Sparkle in northern Japan. Leo is very happy to be able to visit his home region with his beloved Yukinojou senpai, and he wants to make him listen to the sound from stranded shells from the north sea.

Shin and Kakeru are in the Kanto-Koshinetsu region.
It seems like the two of them are the most prepared among the units!? The bright smile of Shin who enjoys bathing in the sea, and Kakeru who is always looking up girls, the two of them will make everyone on the beach go kyunkyun!!

Kouji and Minato are in the Chubu-Toukai region.
Kouji is teaching Minato about the various marine ingredients found in the region. Minato, which always acts as everyone’s older brother at the dorm, is very happy to do cuisine research with the senpai he admires. Please look forward to their handmade seafood cuisine!!

Taiga and Kazuki are at the Kinki-Chuugoku region.
“Going to the sea means watermelon splitting! Let’s train our physical and mental strength with some BURNING watermelon cutting!” is what Kazuki said to Taiga, taken by surprise. Surely this is necessary to heighten one’s skills in the Street Style…?! Do your best Taiga!!

Hiro and Yuu are in the Kyushu-Okinawa region.
Yuu is displeased to have been unit paired with his rival Hiro. Seeing Hiro looking towards the sea’s horizon with a lonely expression reminds Yuu of Kouji. “If Kouji disappears, what will become of onee chan and this guy?” Yuu and Hiro’s feelings are intersecting.

They’re 3k yen. Each side with a character is one ticket so buying one of these things allows you to go see the movie with a friend or twice.

They will also sell advance tickets for 1500 yen in all the country and on the net, they go on sale January 14 as well.

The duo singles they later released on April 26 also follow this pattern. You can only buy the duo CD of a certain Duo in a certain prefecture, and in May they’re going to release a nation edition with all the tracks except the audio dramas tracks. The nationwide version will have different new audio drama tracks. The Taiga shuraba fan went on sale on April 26 and sold out in a few minutes.

The day the duo CDs singled got released Pash published an interview of the seiyuus about them: here’s some interesting things I picked up:

They recorded the audio drama of the duo CDs after finishing recording for Kinpri2.
Summer Sky Monologue, Yuu and Hiro’s song, was done with Bell in mind as well. There’s things which references her in the lyrics like “一輪の薔薇”.
Inside the story, Yuu is the one who composed all the duo songs.

Saitou Souma/Yukisama on the recording of Kinpri 2″Things went smoothly and were fun just like with the first movie. When I saw some samples when we were done, I was surprised with the way some line were used and was like “huh?did I record that scene?” I hope Yukinojou has more screentime this time (laughs) , and I believe in YUkinojou, I know he’ll do a Prism Jump this time! After all, I’m always ready to do one (laugh).”

Masuda Toshiki/Kazuki on Kinpri 2: “The preview at the end of the first movie showed Kazuki doing things, so I’m really looking forward to it. Will he have a revenge match against Alec, will he fight many opponents at once? Will he be able to uphold the spirit of street style Prism Shows? Also, I remember some time ago director told me “in Rainbow Live, we could see Rei floating, and how Kazuki has already mastered this technique. So for Kinpri, we’ll make it so Kazuki goes beyond this, we’ll make it as if the whole earth is floating”. I’m not sure what he meant (laugh) but I’m really looking forward to it.”

Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga: “Director is really passionate when working on the movie, the most I’ve ever seen him be, so it inspired me and I did my best to give shape to this passion as one of the voice actors”

Uchida Yuuma/Yuu:”I want Yuu to sing Pride! That way Yuu would be able to surpass Hiro. But then he wouldn’t be able to win against Louis, and as Yuu gets depressed, suddenly Hiro who reawakened would sing Pride himself and save the day. … Aaah but if things go like that Yuu will just be Hiro’s sidekick! (laugh) I hope I get to sing Pride one day. “

source Kinpri got a collab with collabo mignon, which are seal printing machines by Furyu.

Kinpri collab with Lawson

KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- release June 10, new PV

Collab with HMM clothes shop.

Sugita Tomokazu voices Takadanobaba George, new Schwarz Rose character in KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-

Official Deco chocos sold for Valentine 2017.

Starting February 11, every Saturday for 4 weeks straight, they showed a cour(13 episodes) of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live at Wald 9 theater. They called it the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live All Night Event/ #夜のプリリズ.

All the longtime fans were there: irua, aka3taku, mmm37, siokya, eifonen, sekigucheap,etc…. I wish I could have been there too. Pretty much all the Pretty Rhythm Yakuza were there.(If you don’t know that joke, it’s  from when either Dear My Future or Rainbow Live was airing, to describe the adult fans of PR. IIRC it was a fan who tweeted “Aikatsu has the Aikatsu Ojisans and Pretty Rhythm has the Pretty Rhythm Yakuzas” and Pretty Rhythm director retweeted it and then the joke stayed. I already wrote the exact story of how it happened in one of the posts from 2012 or 2013)

People could come cosplayed. And a lot of people did. At first when they announced the event, they said  shouting wouldn’t be allowed but a few days before the event started they said it’s ok to do so during Prism Show scenes and OP/ED sequences.

prad3 all night day 1 feb 11 2017 director hishida masakazu tsubota fumi yoda takeshi.jpg

The first day there was also Hishida Masakazu, Tsubota Fumi and Yoda Ken. They did a talk show before it started. They said Nishi san couldn’t go because she had a fever (according to this fan:

Source At the start of the talk show, the audience asked director about new info about Kinpri2, but he said everything is a secret. But then he added that if you saw Rainbow Live, you’ll enjoy Kinpri2 100 times more, and if you saw Aurora Dream and Dear My Future, you’ll enjoy Kinpri 2 EVEN MORE.(according to some fans on twitter, he said 1000 times more) I hope this is a hint that Jun is in Kinpri 2, and that the voice in PV2 saying “最強のものが王国を決勝せよ/the strongest will compete for the title of king” is really him.

Every saturdays before the episodes started, there was also a new message recorded by Katou Emiri as Naru, speaking to the audience saying thanks for coming, enjoy the eps, etc. Fans nicknamed it “Narrution”. And on the last saturday they showed the last cour of RL+ did an ouenjouei screening of Kinpri.

prad3 prrl all night all postcards.jpg

Each saturday, they distributed to the people who attended a postcard illustrated by Okama. First week was Naru, then Ito, then Ann and lastly Rinne. If you got them all, you get the full pic above, notice how there’s also Beru Oto and Wakana in the background. The back of the card had the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live logo, the Wald9 10th anniversary logo, and the KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm logo.

These are the seats reservation for the first night, courtesy of MMM37 who took these screenshots a bi before reservations closed, meaning it might have full booked. They showed the episodes it in two theater rooms.

Fanart of Naru getting ready for PRRL all night, by Pretty Rhythm animator Gomaponde.

On the third Saturday night, the one where they showed the third cour, the Prism Yakuzas (I think Irua was the one who organized it) distributed yellow Juné glowasticks to everyone before the event began to use them during Juné’s Prism Show in episode 32. They gave them to everyone for free. They even printed cards for it, as you see above, to inform people about it. They also used a twitter account for the event. (That account is from 2016 and I remember linking it once some time ago to talk about an event they organized then, forgot what it was)

Cosplayers at the third night. For the first pic, everyone was gathered and the photo was taken by old Pretty Rhythm fans like Irua etc. Irua only got into PR when Rainbow Live was airing but his/her motivation doesn’t lose to anyone and they always organize and do events or small random stuff like this. They were also the one who organized that Pretty Rhythm only doujin event in March 2016 I wrote about some posts ago. If I ever got a big company I’d hire him/her as team manager. (and as illustrator needless to say)

On Feb 18 2017 there was a Shin&Louis bday party event, at the lobby of the RIHGA Royal Hotel of Tokyo.

They did the event twice the same day so more people could attend.  Shin and Louis bday is technically 29th February.
Basically, people could eat nice food from the hotel’s buffet while watching the movie on a screen and meet new people. They also distributed goods and played a message by Shin&Louis. 1st and 2nd time had a different message.

Food on the buffet and some of the goods they distributed.

Kinpri was featured at AnimeJapan 2017. (March 23-March 26 2017)

The Avex stand featured Kinpri. The Anime guide 2017 distributed to everyone who attended the event has a Kinpri section with an interview of producers Nishi Hiroko and Yoda Ken.

There was also a talk show the 25th, with Terashima Junta/Shin, Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga, Nagatsuka Takuma/Leo and Igarashi Masashi/Minato. Using jp fan tweets and reports from jp news sites, I could make a summary:

Anime Japan 2017 Kinpri talk show summary:

They had just recently finished dubbing the movie.
If you watched all of the Pretty Rhythm series so far, there are a lot of homages which will make you grin, and a lot of things which will make the old fans happy.
Terashima said that there’s a lot of instructions on the scirpt about how the scenes go, etc, and there’s a lot of things he didn’t get, even more so than Kinpri 1.(Remember when Kinpri 1 got released, he said at an event that some scenes transitions or instructions in the script were weird but turned fine in the actual movie). Nagatsuka agreed to that, but however said that he got into his role much faster than when recording Kinpri 1,  they’re all getting used to the world of Pretty Rhythm.
Hatanaka said the movie is 100% pure fun and hotter than anything.  Nagatsuka said the Prism Shows got a “x300 power up.”. Igarashi said “not even 300, it’s 500 or 600 times more awesome”.
If I got it right, at some point it seems Igarashi accidentally talked about a particular scene’s recording and spoiled that scene, but reports don’t say what it was about. (Maybe people who were there wrote about it on 2ch or twitter, but I’d rather just wait for when I can see the movie myself rather than using time searching this)
During the second half of the talk show, they answered fan questions about their Kinpri characters. The questions were sent via twitter prior the event. One of the questions was what kind of item did the characters bring with them when they left their parents’ house to go live in the Edel Rose dorm. Terashima said Shin would have brought a soccer ball since he used to do soccer. Hatanaka said Taiga would bring training weights to attach to his legs.
Continuing on, they talked about the duo units singles (they will be the same as the pairings on the advance tickets). About why Shin was paired with Kakeru, they say it’s because Shin has a pure heart which complements Kakeru’s. (imo that’s another hint Kakeru will betray Edel Rose in Kinpri 2)
After that they talked a bit about the Kinpri onsen collab which launched at the start of May. 2017.
Then they ended the talkshow thanking everyone for their support. They also wanted to see the continuation of the story, they’re really happy it was made possible thanks to the fans. Lastly, they said you should get really excited for Kinpri 2, because even if you do, it will still exceed your expectations anyway.
The end

Do you remember the Kinpri VR game that was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2016 alongside an event to promote the game? Said event was at Animejapan 2017. The game is supposed to release on Ios/Android and PSVR, but they only showed the smartphone version. PSVR is supposed to release later than the smartphone one too. It says for now smartphone version will be released in Spring 2017 and has scenes for Shin, Hiro, Kazuki and Kouji,  meaning there will probably be other characters later. It’s priced at 960yen.

The Hiro version of the King Of Prism VR game was actually released on May 15 2017.

Pics of Prizmmy and Prism Mates on their final live on March 30 2017.

The flowers seen on MMM37’s photo were sent by Pretty Rhythm and PriPara staff. The flowers on Irua’s pics are from DJ Koo and Takara Tommy.  MC KENSAKU, who was with Prizmmy during DMF IRL segments, was at the live too. I don’t listen to their stuff but I liked Prizmmy as fellow human beings. Saw them growing ever since Aurora Dream started. Saw them training during the real life segment at the end of each episode. Saw when there was the nationwide audition with Ayami ending up joining the group. Saw the group ‘s debut, etc.  I hope they are all happy and successful in life. Karin will probably keep doing showbizz things since she’s Sailor Saturn in the new Sailor Moon musicals they launched with Sailor Moon Crystal. I dunno if the others will keep singing or doing showbizz things.

prad6 april fool 2017 alec ex.jpg

The Kinpri site switched to this for April Fools 2017.

It seems this joke generated a bit less traffic than the KING OF PRINCESS last year, as the site didn’t die this time and I had no trouble taking this screenshot. Or maybe they upgraded their server since then.

Kinpri mobage announced: KING OF PRISM Prism Rush!LIVE

There’s still no release date besides “Summer 2017”. Neither ANN or Crunchy or any English news site I go to reported about this game sadly. I hate mobage, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were actually invented by Satan to make us waste our time and money. I’m not planning to play the game once it’s released, so don’t count on me to cover ingame events etc. If some Japanese fans share the events and short stories of the game, I might try to translate them though. The game will be out after Kinpri 2, so there will definitely be stories expanding on stuff from it. It depends of the game whether people share or not. I know there’s some mobage where it’s impossible to rip the game and recover the CG etc, so people only share CGs and rare card illustrations etc privately between themselves among players. I hope it won’t be like that for this. I also hope they add the girls characters later. Pretty Rhythm Shake is still up and running and there’s still people who play it. If they actually add girls characters in KING OF PRISM Prism Rush!LIVE, it might replace Pretty Rhythm Shake.

Fans on twitter pointed out that Yuu’s outfit in the mobage’s key visual is inspired from Ito’s seventh coord and everyday clothes.


As I said in the post, fans noticed Kouji is in space during his Jewel Spin Cross, the same spaceport used in Celepara Kagekidan. Also I noticed that the person looking at Kouji’s family’s info papers is Jin, same clothes, boots and posture.

Tower Records shop in Shinjuku advertising the Pretty Rhythm Blurays. All 3 seasons are on BD now.

From 21 March to May 7, Tastunoko and Capcom organized a popularity poll between their characters.

They haven’t said anything about it but maybe it’ll help them choose who to put in a possible Tatsunoko Vs Capcom 2. The only way to vote was to go at the Aquacity shopping mall in Odaiba.

In the end Laala, got 1st place. Naru is 20, Aira 27, Shin 29, Mia 34. As expected, DMF is probably the season the least amount of people saw, even though it’s teh best in my opinion. At least they’re much higher than I anticipated and all in top40.

Not that I hate PP, but since Laala is already popular outside Japan, I wish a less know character won like Mia. Or a character who needs a boost to get out of mobage hell like Breath of Fire’s Ryu. In case they do take this poll into account for a possible Tatsunoko Vs Capcom 2, Laala doesn’t need a “Marth was made for Smash Bros”effect. Anyway this doesn’t mean anything and one of the Pretty Rhythm character could still get in Tatsuno vs Capcom 2 if the game happens. It would be a great way for Pretty Rhythm to get more popular outside japan.

Also, I’m betting Laala will get in the next Smash Bros game for Switch.

Kataoka Azusa/Mion tweeted that Mion’s line “わたし、うまれた! “/”I’m reborn!” was improvisation. (Aurora Dream episode 50, when she’s doing Eternal Big Bang + Beautiful Butterfly)
After I translated that on twitter, she checked my profile and tweeted “Someone from France! Thank you! It’s nice Prism Jumps can cross countries”

A kinpri collab with oedo onsen started laeteApril 2017. there’s a twitter account specifically for it where you can see tons of pics.

source On June 7 2017, there’s a talk show event at Loft Plus One with Hishida Masakazu, Tsubota Fumi and Synsophia’s Kato Daisuke. IIRC it was the same place where the second Kinpri Prism Elite meeting happened. Entry is 500 yen, 120 seats available. They both said on twitter they’ll talk&drink a lot with everyone(you can order during the event). I hope I’ll be able to find reports about it.

One of the Kinpri Yonkoma manga ended (ANN article)

Million Arthur on may15 updated and started a Kinpri collab, adding Alec as boss.

puniket doujin event prism jump 16 28 may 2017.jpg

Just wanted to post the poster since it’s nice. These psoters for these doujin events are always nice.

To celebrate how the KING OF PRISM official twitter reached 50k followers, they launched this site. You enter your birthday and it tells you which KING OF PRISM character you’re the closest to.

According to fans on Twitter, on the latest Pash and Otomedia magazines released (June editions), Director said in his interviews:”when working on Kinpri 2, I tried to make it the culmination of everything Pretty Rhythm so far, so please watch all past seasons before watching the movie.”

On episode 223 of Sugita’s radio show Anigera Didoooon!! he told yet again that one time he went to see Doukyusei with a friend thinking it was a movie about the saturn bishoujo game, and then Kinpri. I think that’s his favorite movie related memory of 2016.

On episode 230, starting 3:15, Sugita talks about his role as Takanobaba Jouji in Kinpri 2. He says he haven’t even passed the audition yet or got details about the character.
He thought they’d make him voice a staff person or something like an event MC. Or an adult mentor character like Quattro in Zeta Gundam, but who would die early. Basically he didn’t think he’d be voicing a main character.. He was very surprised when it turned out he’s voicing a new Prism Star. Mafia Kajita says this means he’ll do Prism Shows and fight, and Sugita acts as if he doesn’t know and he’s like yada doushio. He says that he’s a bit worried about how his role will turn out.
(Another fun thing said later in that episode: a guy sending in a question said on a monday a few days before, 18 girls were absent from his class because of Gundam IBO’s episode the previous day, because they were mourning a character’s death. I will always find it scary how some people can be such fanatical fans)

On episode 237, which had Yashiro Taku/Kakeru as guest, starting 18:20 they quickly talked about the dubbing of the movie which was now finished. Sugita said:”I recorded my part.It was amazing.There’s much more Pretty Rhythm related jokes than I expected,and plot etc, to the point when I wonder if the girls who got in the series starting Kinpri1 will understand everything.I think even if you’re a guy, it’s totally fine to go watch the movie asap when it releases, just like I’m planning to”. Yashiro agrees with him. Also there’s a scene where Alec goes “WHAT?!” (in english) which is pretty funny apparently.

Lastly, in case you haven’t read previous posts or didn’t notice, Director once tweeted KING OF PRISM -Pride the Hero-‘s storyboard’s size, saying it’s three times bigger than KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm’s. Meaning the movie is definitely longer than 1h00, maybe around 2h long.  It makes me wonder how they’ll handle ouenjouei screenings for it.  Once it’s been a few weeks after the movie is out and that people know the story, they’ll surely start ouenjouei screenings for it. I think they’ll only show the Prism Show scenes, or it’ll be too long? All movies until now, PRASS Prism Show Best Ten, the first PP movie, and lastly kinpri 1 aren’t longer than one hour, so ouenjoueis for them aren’t long and it never caused a problem. I’m looking forward to how they’ll handle it.

Edit: Some weeks ago they actually announced “preview screenings” for KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-. People who bought limited version of the duo cds, the ones each available in different prefectures, got a lottery ticket. People who won the lottery will be able to attend the screenings. There’s 5 duo cds versions in 5 different prefectures, so they’ll do 5 preview screenings in each of these prefectures. The first one is in Tokyo at Wald 9 theater on May 17th. I don’t think they announced the other ones yet, and they only send the details by mail to the people who won the lotteries. I’m not too interested about the duo cds, so I skimmed the press release about them and didn’t notice this at all.
I just found this  English news site called  Manga Tokyo. It reported these preview screenings some days ago.

I just saw Director tweeted about this: 1st tweet is  “I’m locking the account for now”, 2nd tweet is asking people who attend the preview screenings to please be careful and not spoil the movie. Third tweet, he says he just locked but it’s not like he’ll say anything special or secrets.
So I guess they’ll really show the full movie at the preview screenings. PR director often makes his account private. The first time I noticed was either when DMF or RL was airing, and that’s when I started using my twitter account which I had made some time ago, to follow him so I can see the tweets. When he makes his account private like this, it means he’ll probably delete the tweets he’ll post during that period once he goes public again. He obviously won’t post spoilers himself. I think he’ll tweet about the preview screening event when it’s over and ask people stuff about it maybe, then delete these tweets. Come to think of it, the article about the Wald 9 preview screening doesn’t even say if any of the staff will attend these preview screenings or not. I guess they told people who will attend only, by mail.

When the movie officially releases on June 10, theaters in different prefecture wsill also show special messages videos at the start of screenings, and these will change. Basically just like they did with Kinpri 1 and the Prism King fan election messages. Again, I totally missed this while Manga Tokyo reported it.

Mangakas,authors, etc praising Pretty Rhyhtm

Mikanagi Touya, Karneval’s mangaka.  I want to read this someday because there’s a lot of cute clothes.

Ultra popular doll in Japan Licca chan advertising Kinpri. On July 27 the timeline was full of Kinpri stuff. Licca chan is owned by Takara Tommy though, so this falls under self advertising.

tiv clear file sold at c90

Tiv sold this clearfile at Comiket 90. She also did a 8 pages comic in the King Of Prism Dengeki Comic Anthology.
If you like romcoms with actual romance and comedy you should try out Masamune kun’s Revenge. It’s not the best of the best like Bakatest, but it’s much better than the average.

Takano Atsunori, SD Gundam Sangokushi Brave Battle Warriors’s mangaka.

Gravure idol Kyan Chiaki advertized Kinpri a lot, and during Comiket 90 there was an event where she interviewed PR director Hishida Masakazu.

NSFW pic by Kitada Ryouma, mangaka: “I tried drawing an idiot couple trying to fully exploit the PSVR’s potential” (Put as NSFW just in case. It didn’t even cross my mind they might be having sex until someone pointed it out)
(It’s incredible how much potential Myuu&I had at the start, and how it devolved its plot for the sake of loli sexual fanservice. I never read it till the end, I wonder if it gets better.)

Mangaka Umitsuki Reona. I think she got into Pretty Rhythm with Kinpri, as I never saw her post Pretty Rhythm fanart before Kinpri. She also did a RL doujin about the hot springs episode. There’s nudity on the cover, but it’s not a porn doujin, so I’d like to get it one day. Here’s the Toranoana page of it if you’re interested.
Yuri Mekuru Hibi, Yuri Mekuru Oshigoto are pretty fun oneshots, you should try them out. Though it’s not for everyone, as there’s sometimes really gross things(blood, squashing a bug with your hair etc), but I think it’s part of the charm of it, it’s impressive. Feels different than the billions of other manga with cute girls doing things with yuri undertones)

Mangaka Araki Kanao. Some months ago she added “Kinpri” to her twitter description. Not linking her twitter as there’s a porn doujin ad as pinned tweet.

Releases: magazines, etc

(Would take time to organize everything by release date, so I didn’t, sorry. Also I haven’t checked meticulously every manga and anthology comic that was released between January and May 2017, I think there’s some I missed. Same with magazines. If you want to be sure to not miss anything, there’s this japanese Wiki compiling every Kinpri goods I already linked in the past.)
prad3 bd box 1 cover

1st Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live bd box released on August 5 2016. It sold 1,542 units the first week. DMF boxes sold like 300 units in total so this is a huge step up. The box also had audio commentary for episode 1 and 26, with Katou/Naru, Komatsu/Ito, Serizawa/Ann and Director Hishida Masakazu.
The first print limited edition has a booklet and storyboards.

2nd box cover. The second box has the exact same bonuses. I haven’t checked the numbers for the second box but it must have sold around that as well. It has commentaries for episode 36 and 50 with Katou/Naru, Serizawa/Ann, Gotou/Oto, Uchida/Wakana and Sakura/Rinne.

When they were recording the audio commentary for BD box 2.

When the 1st box was released director tweeted ” I can’t force everyone who liked Kinpri to buy it, but please at least watch it, using rental or whatever.”

prad3 okama illust if get bd box 1 2 at animumo

Bonus cover for the bd boxes drawn by Okama. People got it by preordering both Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live bd boxes at Animumo. One box has one half of the picture and the other box has the other half. You’re not forced to preorder both at the same time as long as you use the same name or account, or notify them if you changed.

To celebrate the release of the BD box 1, Animage September 2016 had an interview of Katou/Naru Serizawa /Ann Komatsu/Ito

Newtype September 2016 has this new illustration by Okama to celebrate BD release. There was also an interview of Katou Emiri.

2D☆STAR Vol.4 released in June 25 2016 had 13 pages ofo Kinpri. According to this tweet there’s also a Kinpri short story written by director, about the boys’s daily life at the dorm. It tells what kind of pajamas each boy wears when sleeping too.

prad6 cover King of Prism by PrettyRhythm Dengeki comic anthology release august 9 prad6 irua reverse cover King of Prism by PrettyRhythm Dengeki comic anthology release august 9

Left: cover of the King of Prism by PrettyRhythm Dengeki comic anthology, release 9 August 2016
Right: same book, reverse cover, a really cool Jin Louis Alec illustration by Irua, source.
(Irua wrote august 10 but on amazon it says it releases on august 9 so I think they made a mistake)
(Reverse cover as in at the back of the cover, it’s the first thing you see when you open the book. Usually in manga volumes there’s a color illustration)

prad6 KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm comic anthology VOL.2 DNA cover I bought the first one release august 3 2016

Volume 2 of the DNA media comic anthology release August 3

Kadokawa’s yonkoma anthology shin sedai hen, released 26 September 2016

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm Yonkoma Comic Anthology Golden Age Edition, released october 22 2016.

There’s a new Kinpri manga that launched, you can find new chapters here. I haven’t read all the chapters but it’s basically fun stand alone stories using the character’s personalities to make jokes etc. Just like all the Kinpri manga, since they can’t really advance the story. They should release a tankobon with all the chapters at some point.

Eureka september 2016 has a feature on Kinpri ,with interviews of Masuda Toshiki and Takeuchi Shunsuke.

CoolVoiceVol.19 released August 30 2016 has a Kinpri interview with director, Alec, Taiga and Kakeru’s seiyuus.

Pash August 2016 had an interview of Terashima Junta and Uchida Yuuma.

Animage November 2016 had Shin+Louis on the cover and a poster with the same pic. Also had an interview of Kakihara.
Source Director commented about it, how Animage has been covering Pretty Rhythm since Rainbow Live, before when it became popular with Kinpri.

Whether you bought it at Animate or Toranoana you’d get a Kazuki vs Alec or a Hiro card.

Otomedia December 2016 had a Kinpri cover and an interview of director and some of the staff.

Newtype January 2017 with Lelouch on the cover has a roundtable interview discussion with the seiyuus of Naru Ann Rinne Oto Wakana. They’re the ones who did the audio commentary of episode 36 and 50  ofthe RL BD box 2, so it’s a continuation of that.

It also had a new official picture with Naru and Rinne, by animator トダサヤカ @gomaponde23  who also worked on PR. Newtype is a magazine lotsof people buy so it was easy to find the poster, someone upped it on Yandere(still it’s not easy finding full Newtype scans these days. From 2002 to 2010 it was really easy, would check Newtype every month with my siblings, was fun times)

Dengeki Girl’s Style May 2017 MY★STAR vol.8 had 8pages on Kinpri 2,among which a meta interview of Yukinojo and Leo.

Newtype May 2017 had interviews of producers Nishi and Yoda, and a Hiro Yuu poster

Another Kinpri tribute manga, it’s like an anthology comics, got multiple artists.

Gekkan Princess June 2017 release may2 will have a Kinpri manga, seems to be a oneshot and not a serialization.

TV Guide Person vol.57 has an interview of Maeno Tomoaki talking about Kinpri2.

spoon.2Di vol.25 had 8 pages on Kinpri in total, including an interview of Takeuchi. There’s also a Louis Alec poster.

Otomedia June 2017 has comments by Pretty Rhythm director Hishida Masakazu, Masuda Toshiki/Kazuki and Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga, about  what’s the biggest appeal of Kinpri 2. There’s also a poster of Taiga and Kazuki, and marriage certificates of the Kinpri characters.

Newtype June 2017 has an interview of Otobe Yoshihiro, CG director of Pretty Rhythm/PriPara. People who bought the magazine can also apply to particpate to a talk show with CG director on may 28.

2D☆STAR Vol.7, which releases on June 16, 6days after Kinpri 2 launch, will be Kinpri themed with Over The Rainbow on the cover. The rest of the contents haven’t been detailed yet.

Lastly, Pash magazine starting the September 2016 issue, all had a short story on one character along with a meta interview of said character and a new illustration of them. Sometimes it also had posters and other things. The final issue like that should be Pash August 2017 which should be released on July 10 2017.

Pics are all from Pash official twitter, some like the Kakeru ones are from random jp fans.

Pash September 2016:Kouji. Also has an interview with Saitou Souma/Yukisama, Nagatsuka Takuma/Leo, Yashiro Taku/Kakeru and Igarashi Masashi/Minato.

Pash October 2016: Hiro. Also has an interview of Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga and Takeuchi Shunsuke/Alec.

Pash November 2016: Kazuki. Also has an event report on the KING OF PRISM Over The Rainbow SPECIAL THANKS PARTY(September 11 2016 event where they announced KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-)

Pash December 2016: Kakeru. Nothing else.

Pash January 2017: Minato. Also has a poster of OTR.

Pash February 2017:Louis. Nothing else. According to fans on twitter, in the meta interview, when asked what’s his favorite food, Louis answered hot milk and Jingiskan. Luckily I could confirm this because It’s actually the very first question in the interview, if you zoom and squint your eyes on the pic, you can see it.
More hints he’s from Prism World and a male version of the Rinne program. My theory is still that his mission is to help Jin become good again using Shin’s powers of making people remember the first time they experienced Prism Show, and that he based his appearance on Jin.

Pash March 2017: Yuu. Nothing else. Yuu’s outfit is pretty impressive. It’s like the embodiment of everything a teenager could do on the net. It’s so ultra tryhard it loops back into being acceptable.

source source 2 smalls bits from fans on twitter.the question is what does he think about the fact that Hiro and Bell are getting along, it doesn’t show the answer. On the second pic the question visible is “what do you like about Bell?” he gets super flustered at first and says it’s not something you can just sum up, that he needs time to explain what’s so great about her, then starts answering that he first saw her Prism Show on the net(they say this in Rainbow Live) and that he thought she’s super beautiful, and how she’s really cool. Can’t read the rest.

Pash April 2017: Leo. Nothing else.  pic 2 source he wears differently colored socks. pic 3 source Leo says he’d like to do a fairy tale like romance Prism Jump like Ito and Oto’s. He’d wear a pretty sparkling dress and have a prince like Shin kun.

Pash May 2017:Taiga. Also has interviews with all the kinpri seiyuu about duo cd recording. Also has a feature on KING OF PRISM Prism Rush!LIVE. 6pages in total.

source Excerpts of Taiga meta interview.
When asked if he can cook: ” only tempura soba… there’s no way I’m able to do something so girly as cooking!!”.
When asked what he’d like for bday present:”I’m not a kid anymore so I don’t need one.” Then he starts enumerating stuff he could use like towels, wristbands, etc.
He says he has all the Kazuki badges and wristbands sold during OTR lives.
What do you do at home when you don’t have classes?: “I sleep”.
You won the Prism Star fan election and about to participate in the Prism King Cup, how do you feel about that: “I don’t really care about the election, but thanks to that, I may be able to wake Kazuki senpai up from the lenient state he’s currently in.

Pash June 2017: Alec. Also has an interview of Pretty Rhythm Director Hishida Masakazu, and a Hiro Kouji poster.

The only character left are Yukisama and Shin, so Pash July 2017 which should  be released on June 10 2017,same day as Kinpri 2, will have either Shin or Yukisama, and Pash August 2017 which should release on July 10 2017, will have the last character’s illustration and short story.


This section is filled with things not important enough to be in the news section, but still very interesting to know if you like Pretty Rhythm. There’s also fun things, fanart, cosplay, etc. Back when I started doing these posts 4 years ago, I’d include every single fanart or cosplay I’d see, because this was the state of things back then:

But now, there’s so much stuff, I try to only include what I found the most interesting. But even then this section turned very long. As of now, daily on twitter there’s new Pretty Rhythm fanart, fancomics, cosplay, etc. And not just Kinpri stuff. This is very important to point out to refute the people saying only fujoshis got into Kinpri or that they didn’t got into Pretty Rhythm as a whole. A lot of fans are organizing their own fan/cosplay meets too.
Because it’s been a while since the last post, there’s some fanart/cosplay tweets I had bookmarked for months that either got deleted or that I can’t see anymore, because the user made their account private.
It’s amazing how popular Pretty Rhythm is now, of course thanks to Kinpri, but also because the series is genuinely good. Tons of people saw Kinpri and watched the past seasons too. Whenever I see someone saying they watched Pretty Rhythm thanks to Kinpri, I bookmarked it, and I somehow started a list, like a creepy stalker. I didn’t do it all the time from June 2016 to May 2017 though, I stopped for a few months, so it’s not that long:

List of random people saying they started watching the Pretty Rhythm series after seeing King of Prism:

I finished watching Rainbow Live! Juné sama so beautiful, it made me happy.

Someone who watched Kinpri, Rainbow Live and then Kinpri again.

On August 2016, Rainbow Live got recommended by famitsu as masterpiece anime to watch that summer.

“I just finished watching Rainbow Live”

“I watched Rainbow Live episode 50 then cried and then I drew this comic”.

binetsu_hanabi who draws tons of ito kouji fanart pretty much daily, saying it’s been one year since they discovered PR with Kinpri.

Someone who only saw RL and PP and who recently finished AD. “I didn’t think AD was this amazing ,didn’t think I’d cry as much as watching RL or PP when watching AD, and can see how it’s a masterpiece that originated the rest”

The two tweets above are from a fan who got in with Kinpri and was watching Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream for first time 1:”I got tons of goosebumps when watching AD46, that scene when it seems Aira will be able to save Rizumu and then things go badly again when Kaname’s name pops up…”
2:”I finished watching Aurora Dream, it was a magnificent series with tons of well done done foreshadowing, it was really fun”.

“I just watched Rainbow Live 19. Each episode is so much fun I forgot the time passing.”

“I just watched DMF7” ( is a VOD anime site I think)

“I’m watching RL, only 3 eps left. I now totally understand people who used to tell me “RL was so good even 51 was too short for the show””

This blogpost about the blogger’s impressions on Rainbow Live first 26 episodes was tweeted by PR director. That person is watching Rainbow Live in preparation for Kinpri2, and they say they really love it.

End of the list

Illustrations from Pretty Rhythm Shake. It’s the first time I see them so I’m posting them. I think those were made for the game and added for an update on new year 2017 but not entirely sure.

In January 2017, PR Director added “Make Prismshow great again” to mock Trump in his Twitter description. Nice thing I took a screenshot as he recently removed it,around the start of May I think.

Saved this pic but didn’t write where it was from sadly, and it’s from october 2016 so I don’t remember. I could probably actually find the source with google image but I don’t have the time.

CG Director tweeted this for Ajimi’s bday, imitating some of Taiga’s line in Kinpri.

Back in late 2016, Kinpri had a colab with the females only capsule hotels Bayhotel, where you could sleep with either Hiro Kouji or Kazuki. During AnimeJapan2017 in March, it was selected as among the best collabs of 2016 and displayed there. Komatsu Mikako then took a picture with Kouji.

You can see Chips and Fish in the audience of OTR at the start of Kinpri.

At C91, Irua released a compilation of all their PR PP Kinpri doujins, 300pages in total.

Irua’s booth at C91. The compilation book of all their doujin sold out. They said C91 had much more  booths selling PR stuff compared to when it was airing 3 years ago, and that when Aurora Dream was airing emu san(i think mmm37) was the only one selling prad related things.

Bell Rose keychain

The illustration for PP 109 storyboard was Fuwari doing Mugen Hug. There were others with PR references but I’m not gonna post hem all. I hope I get to do PP posts again one day. Still haven’t watched s3.

On August 15 2016, Ayane Sakura was on a show called 10000years b class himuken sensei (ppl just call it “Himuken Sensei”) on TBS. Apparently she’s the narrator of the show so saying she was “on the show is slightly inaccurate I guess. Anyway, she met with a guy who wants to become a seiyuu and who likes Rinne. Rinne. A lot of PR fans watched and recorded it as director tweeted she would be on the show before it aired, and said they might show Rainbow Live.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you should know there’s a DMF life game boardgame. Irua found out that they commercialized a life game for RL in Korea only.

A group of cosplayers in Korea did a 20m performances retracing the biggest moments in Kinpri1. It’s pretty amazing and  was even retweeted by director.

aka3taku found out the scene with Hiro stepping on the flower at the end of RL26 is a callback to a similar scene with Asuka Yuuma in Onmyou Taisenki, the 1st show PR director worked on as director. Still haven’t watched it so not sure what the reference is exactly.

They released some goods that has VR functionality built in, if you have the correct app and film them with it you can reenact scenes;something like that.

Kim Hyang Ri (Shi Yoon in Dear My Future, Otogi/Oto’smom in Rainbow Live), does a radio show from time to time, it’s published on a youtube account called Wallop who publishes lotsof small radios shows like that.
There’s 33 episodes so far and are all on this playlist.
To be honest, I don’t find most of the show interesting because most of it is about music with corners like “what’s the last CD you bought” etc. What she says and the stories sent by listeners are interesting though. Basically, I don’t care about the subject, but I like the way it is treated. And Shi Yoon is one of my favorite Pretty Rhythm character and King Of Jungle is my favorite jump because CARRYING A LION ON THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN.
These days, she doesn’t get jobs in anime sadly, but she still has jobs for TV in general, like narrating things. For example she was the  narrator of JK Misscon  2016-2017, a show about electing Miss Best High School Girl in Japan, the show lasted around 6 months and you can find the episodes on their Youtube channel.  In April 2017 she was also in a Panasonic ad, acting a Korean person.

prad2 Kim Hyang Ri Shi Yoon tokyo camii mosque

Also, in January 2017 she posted on instagram this pic. She visited Tokyo Camii Masjid.

I asked her about it on twitter,she said she really liked the mosque’s architecture and it was nice. Makes me really happy she isn’t scared or doesn’t believe Muslims are terrorists. She didn’t “fall for the meme”, like teenagers on the net would say these days. I think she’s a very good seiyuu and it’s a shame she didn’t get any big role since Shi Yoon so I want to support her. Even more after seeing this.


The Fairiru official twitter tweeted this: “We often get asked who is the director Gojou Sakura chan, so we’re reportingriru on it! She’s very shy and won’t let us take a photo of her riru… So keep this picture a secret between us riru…! By the way, her favorite Fairiru seems to be “Sakura” riru.”
(Fairilu’s director is actually Pretty Rhythm’s director)


Someone made a really awesome gif of Hiro’s life for his bday. If you’re wondering why he’s alone at the beginning:
I only saw people talk about this on twitter and not the interview itself, so I don’t know when and which interview it was. Or actually, I think I may have first saw this on the tumblr I linked in the intro: Director said at some point after Kinpri 1 was released, that Hiro used to live in an orphanage, separated from his mom in Tokyo, until he turned 6-7 years old, where her started living with her as seen in the RL flashbacks. And there was an express train going to Tokyo passing near the orphanage and he wanted to take it to go see his mom, that’s why he likes Hijiri’s Starlight Express jump.

There’s a macross pachinko game where Minmay does something similar to mugen hug.  It seems this game is called CR Fever Chujikuu Yousai Macross, and was released in 2009. Maybe the CG team of Pretty Rhythm saw this and got inspired by it?

Official The most important thing is status Jin sticker for glass to be released on September 29 2016. official schwarz rose bath towel relse september 29 2016

Official “The most important thing is status” Jin sticker glass to be released on September 29 2016. And official Schwarz Rose bath towel releasing the same day.

For a bit of time some months ago, Matsuura Mai/Odeco changed her twitter avatar to Naru;Kato Emiri tweeted she’s happy about it.

prad3 Irua bought 4 copies of the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live BD box 1.

Irua bought 4 copies of the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live BD box 1.

c90 1st day Siokya loot 1c90 1st day Siokya loot 3 c90 1st day Siokya loot 2

Source Siokya’s loot from the first day of Comiket 90.

prad3 juné hair analysis telepone_

Source Analysis s of Juné’s hair.

Source August 8 is Rei/Coo’s bday

September 3 is Aira and Rizumu bdays. There’s tags on twitter for them 

September 15 is Otoha birthday

September 24 is Yamada san ‘s bday


Osstbti made a edel rose card fanmade template to complete. Password is 1169.


They made a Oto one as an example.

Toranoana goods site I mentioned previous post had a special makeover for Wakana’s bday. It’s funny because in the doujin list there was no new doujin involving Wakana though. But like I said previous post it’s not like every doujin since Kinpri released is yaoi porn.

prad6-hiro-bell-doujin-compilation-book-cover-by-irua-list-of-contributing-people prad6-hiro-bell-doujin-compilation-book-cover-by-irua

New doujin compilation focused on Hiro x Bell, with a cover by Irua. 116 pages. There’s a twitter for the book you can get more info at.

prad 25 ojou sama C is uesaka sumire's first role

I found out that Uesaka Sumire’s debut role was as a background girl in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. It’s in episode 25. She’s voicing one of the four oujou sama girls Mion is dining with. If I ever talk with a seiyuubuta that likes her, I need to use this as argument to make them watch PR.

Another one of these ojou sama was voiced by a Russian woman called Jenya. It’s by stumbling on her blog, I don’t remember how, that I discovered all this. In the post she says she’s pretty much a reverse Uesaka, being Russian and a fan of Japan. It seems they got along well, I have no idea if they’re still friends. I don’t know anything about her, but I know Jenya has great taste: she also took a pic with Hidaka Noriko, saying she was very happy to meet one of her favorite seiyuu she admires so much. (Hidaka voiced Bearchi and Omi/Aira’s mom)

prad3 cosplay natsuko gen dogeza nanashi273

source made me laugh a lot.

Hiro Mugen Hug.

Jin Hiro yaranaika. This was actually posted by the official korean twitter account ffor King of Prism, and later RT by director, asking people to tl it in japanese.Hiro says “my heart suddenly started throbbing when the chairman looked me in the eyes”

Cute Hiro Jin comic

In September 2016, CG director: “I hope I get to do CG for Gojou Sakura chan soon, if you watched Fairilu from 2-3 weeks ago you’ll get what I mean” (I think he’s talking about the episode where Lip becomes an idol, I haven’t started Fairilu yet so I don’t know which episode number it was)

A few minutes later, PR director: “It seems CG Director is obsessed with JKs these days lol”

San Nen D Gumi Glass no Kamen, that aired in 2016, has Ookubo Rumi/Mia voicing the MC and Akao Deko as scriptwriter, just like DMF. I never watched these Glass no Kamen fun things. The only thing I saw is the original anime dubbed in French. I should try rewatchign it in JP one day, and try reading the manga. I wonder if it’ll ever get completed.

This person wants to organize a Pretty Rhythm x PP x kinpri 3d project using mmd, they initially made a poll asking how many ppl are interested to see something like that, and if they’re interested in helping. They often tweet their progress. For example this Rinne model they’re making.

I’m keeping an eye on it, I hope they’ll be able to do something awesome.

They’ll release a CG joint doujin magazine 28May 2017, at Prism Jump 16(Puniket)

There’s a korean guy making funny vids related to anime or other things, he made a vid of him doing Wakana’s Prism Show.

Suzaku says Ito x Kouji is the best and Lelouch says Hiro x Kouji is the best. It’s funny because they talk exactly like they did in Code Geass. I’m not very thrilled about the new Code Geass sequel anime. The ending of R2 was perfect and fine, there was no need for a sequel. A lot of places on the net you can’t say that or else kids will go “baaaw you’re just mad because you thought Lelouch was dead and you were wrong” even if you didn’t even bring that up. Nice thing I barely go to /a/.I only rarely go on the aikatsu and PP thread aka ai thread, and on Slayers threads whenever I see one. I’ll probably watch the new Code Geass while considering it’s just a what if scenario, that way if characters I like actually end up dying I won’t care and just think they’re still alive instead of getting angry.

How to draw Kazuki

chocolates that got sent at tatsunoko for valentine, director apologizes took him so long to sort them and show them, and he’ll try to read all the letters.

I don’t know what this says about Ann’s hair but it got RT’ed 300 times so maybe it’s interesting. If someone who can read Korean sees this please translate.

The new doujin that got released these past months I want the most.

Katou Emiri likes Urusei Yatsura. That’s some great taste.

Yamada Ryou gif. I repeated it tons of times so you should know by now,but they greatly hinted he’ll have a Prism Show scene in Kinpri2.

A Takara Tommy storage room in Korea.

hiru, masterpiece manga according to Kataoka Azusa/mion, so added it to my readlist. Apparently It’s been released in france but I don’t have money so I’ll just pirate it and if I like it I’ll buy it later if God wills. Probably will buy the digital japanese version though, though not sure if this way gives the most money to the author. I try to buy less manga physically because it’s a source of stress taking care of them.

On February 2017, enoughi finally drew something with Pretty Rhythm characters again instead of PriPara only. Used to jokingly call them traitor as they used to draw PR things when it was airing but then completly stopped and only did PriPara stuff these past years.

As always since RL aired, this person drew a really cool pic for Naru bday.

Around February, Matsuura Mai made a poll asking which team of characters you like, saying the one with most votes would get a pic for valentines and the one with least votes would get one for white day. Schwartz Rose team got teh least vote so this is what she drew.

Matsuura san drew these before RL started, when they were done with the designs but not writing all the story. She said she found them while cleaning her home.

Not sure what this is, seemed to be some small event Jin x Naru shippers did.

Cosplay fan event gathering.

Tomino mags PR director got from animage editing department as gift.

A Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live seventh coord cosplay photo session fan meet on march20 2017 with 8 cosplayers. Important to post stuff like this to show how a lot of ppl watched AD, DMF and  after seeing Kinpri, and that PR has much more fans now, and that kinpri fandom isn’t only fujoshi etc.

Kakeru eating breakfast

Flash reflected on Kazuki’s swimsuit, making it seem he’s naked

cosplayers at prism jump 15 on april 2 2017

a prizmmy card sold at prism jump 15 april 2

After C91 on 30 December 2016, some Pretty Rhythm fans (mmm37, aka3taku,etc. all the usual fans) met up for a Pretty Rhythm themed Beyblade tournament. Ever since then, they do Pretty Rhythm themed tournaments regularly, around once a month.

For example, there was another one on Jan 14 2017 where this time it was Aikatsu vs Pretty Rhythm themed.

Beyblade tournament on april 2 2017. telepone was there, mmm37,irua, houiP, etc. The usual Prism Yakuzas. Koshia won the tournament. One day I hope I get to go with them do a beyblade tournament.

They even did a surprise bday party for aka3taku, whose bday was the 31 or 30 March irrc.

fan made a flash game intro doing the intro of pretty rhythm shake.

Kinkikids doing mugen hug was suepr funny cg director

CG director: Kinki kids thing was super funny.

Thank you Kinki Kids san, never thought I’d see something I worked on featured on your show one day

there’s a store with a DMF ad from 2012 still displayed

Pretty Rhythm Shake gacha simulator. The game isn’t dead btw.  I hope they’ll include girls in the Kinpri mobage after a while.

If you’re watching Fairilu S2

Rainbow fish was actually already shown to be existing in rainbow live 39

Miss Matsuura asked what she should draw for Ann’s birthday which was on April 2: TV version Ann and movie version Ann together
Ann and Wakana together
Ann alone

TV and movie won, she haven’t draw it yet though. It’s really cool how she often asks fans what they want to see.

She drew these for Ito and Naru’s bdays.

Among the comics I saw recently I liked this one a lot so translated it:
Kakeru:Man this pic of Hiro is so cool. But maybe setting it as my wallpaper is overkill? Do I actually like Hiro too much?
Kakeru:”Look look Hiro!! I put a picture of you as my wallpaper!!!” Wait, it’s not like I’ve got to tell him anyway right?
Beru:Oh my that’s a pretty nice pic of Hiro
Kakeru:R… Renjouji Beru!!! To think I didn’t notice Beru sama’s presence getting near me, Juuouin Kakeru what a mistake you just made!?
Beru: Hello, Hiro?
Hiro: Bell? What’s up?
Beru: Your juniors are quite cute you know?
Hiro: Eh?

Katou Emiri did the test and got kazuki,also said she still repeats the alec kazuki duel.

Hong Kong fan making Pretty Rhythù dolls,mostly Naru. He/she seems like a good person, they understand english.

Matsuura Mai drew this for Beru bday 2016

Very cool animation.

OTR doing yuuri on ice OP. it says it’s “unfinished”. They haven’t posted a “finished”  version yet.

Who would have thought the day would come when Pretty Rhythm is popular enough for people to do persona buchi cut ins of the characters.

Komatsu Mikako got Hiro and Kouji in Yume100. She accidentally took Hiro’s pic while something is appearing so it turned out that way.

On November 19 2016 a fan called eifonen put up together an “DMF appreciation event” to make DMF fans meet and watch episodes together, you can see pics here.

One of the many cosplay meet which regularly happen now.

Kinpri won something: the toppa creative award, dunno what it is

This fan is speculating that some things in Rainbow Live may have been inspired by Hawaii language. Dunno if he’s right or not.
There was a line in RL where Naru said”even if I’m small, my heart is as big as the pacific ocean”, and there’s an Hawaii island called “Nalu”, which means “wave”.
Hiro’s Jounetsu Neppu Starlight Kiss have him sitting on a crescent moon/new moon; “Hilo” in Hawaiin means “shiny new moon”.
Hawaii is also one of the places in the world where you can see moonbows, rainbows produced by the full moon’s light instead of the sun’s. Which is just like Rinne’s Tabidachi No Luna Rainbow Heaven.

because 2017 is year of chicken in Chinese calendar

Goods of the Kinpri collab with Lawson. Scott MacDonald worked on Kinpri 1 &2.

They’re not that similar, but seeing a pic of Popi in Kamen Rider Ex Aid always makes me think of Naru. I nickname her Kamen Rider Naru. I hope I get to actually watch the show one day.

There’s this account organizing fan meetings called Prism Change Tour, happens at clubs/bars most of the time. Next one is the 3rd one and is scheduled for 28 may 2017

Alec six packs choco fans sent to the director for valentine 2017.

Mangaka Asabuki Mari did the very first Pretty Rhythm manga adapting the very first version of the arcade game, Pretty Rhythm Miniskirt, with Rizumu Serena and Kanon as heroines. Not sure I got what she said, but apparently she tweeted that back when the manga was getting serialized, her editor, or the person in charge of the publication, kept telling her she should draw more crazy things? And draw hentai?  And she says she thinks about it in a nostalgic way now. Not sure I get it.

animator gomaponde also ate some yakisoba bentos

If I got it right, the following exchange unfolded:
Katou Emiri said his mother got good taste an they’d durely get along if they met. Sugita said it seems his mom didn’t actually see the movie so he’ll leave a copy of the dvd at his parent’s home. Katou said he needs to tell her his mom’s impression after watching, fufufu. He said his mom will probably get angry if she sees his role in Kinpri 2.

kazuki bday by animator gomaponde

“If in 2013 you would have told me Aira would keep getting goods in 2017 I wouldn’t have believed you”

Some doujin event the 4may

Cosplay meet on 5may 2017 for Kazuki’s bday.

They reinstalled Pretty Rhythm arcade machines in Venus Odaiba shopping mall. Kinda symbolic as that’s one of the IRL locations you see all the time in Dear My Future.

At the nico nico chokaigi 2017 (april29-30) they did a Kinpri ouenjouei screening. IT was shown live on Niconico too. Too bad I didn’t hear about it before. Would have been fun to watch some of it. This was before the screening, they practiced the different shouts and glowstick moves

#森園税 Twitter hashtag with daily new wakana pics. Tag launched by siokya in 2015

prrl life board game released in Korea only I think.

For Kazuki bday, by Matsuura Mai.

Official tweet saying one month left until KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- theater release

This person is planning to make goods out of these illusts.

Cute pic of Naru and her boss.
Naru:” Natsuko san!! There was a ethnic kitchen car over there

Natsuko:”Sounds cool… but I’m even more interested in the Italian car in front of the station”

This doujin was released at Super heroine Time spring 2017 on April 2. I want it so much.

On may 13 2017, there was a 3h long stream for Final Fantasy 11’s 15th anniversary. I watched it because there was Nakamura, Katou Emiri/naru and Asakawa Yuu and they’re all among my favorite seiyuus. I dunno anything about FF11 and never played it but it was fun listening to the stream while doing other things. All three of them played FF11 together. There was also recorded messages from (former) FF staff, like Sakaguchi <I spent 1000€ on Pazudora Magic Stones as R&D for Terra Battle> Hironobu. (He said that some years ago while on a talk show about mobage on french channel Nolife. I’ll never forget about it)

Thanks for reading.

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