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Armenian Genocide centennial, migrants dying at sea

Source I guess one of the reasons Turkey doesn’t want to recognize the genocide is because UN, the Armenian government and other countries will tell them to give money to Armenia. And it’ll cost them billions. Too bad us black people and our intellectuals aren’t stupid … Continue reading

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(I think I heard once MDs got removed from circulation pretty fast so I guess it’s true japanese high schoolers these days don’t even know about them. This sure felt weird reading this though. and funny. I didn’t expect MDs … Continue reading

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PriPara – 39

Laala says she’s 11.

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PriPara – 36-38

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH I’ll keep watching PriPara since I still like it enough. I’ll keep blogging it too until I get too busy IRL to do it. The last cour was much better than the rest, but season 2 will need a lot … Continue reading

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Tengoku hen hype

“Advent asks if you’re displeased that he turned out to be alive. He apologizes for deceiving you and not revealing that he was alive, but asks Hibiki to trust him. When Hibiki says nothing, Advent asks Hibiki to at least … Continue reading

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Gurumin gets a Steam release

Source I remember playing this a lot of years ago. It was really fun. It had a surprisingly good story too. I remember not finishing it but my brother did. It’s around those years I also played Aquaplus’s Tenerezza on … Continue reading

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Cross Ange 25 END

Was an excellent show and a really fun ending.

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