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Full Metal Panic! IV 1

Good French. It’s always amazing how good Japanese voice actors are and how everyone sounds the same 13 years later. Most of them did voice their characters on these past years’ SRW games etc too, so they surely had the … Continue reading

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Sega announces Shenmue 1&2 HD and a new Sakura Taisen game

On Dualshockers Sakura Taisen details I’m surprised this was the first announcement of Megadrive Mini because I could swear I actually saw a Japanese site talk about it some days ago, and it wasn’t on April 1st so I don’t … Continue reading

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Persona 5A 1-2

I don’t wanna say it’s lack of talent because there’s a lot of good ideas and good rewriting to make the story work. It’s just that along with the rushed feelings,  there’s the impression the staff is going through a … Continue reading

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Rain chapter 88

Online publication Gonna start Rain “episodic” blogging each month because why not and I actually already wanted to for like 4 years now. I think it’s the best fantasy thing since Slayers so I wish more people knew about it. … Continue reading

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Akaii Meganee confirmed to be in Kiratto Pri☆Chan

They show her in the new CM オーロラのILLUSIONを破り、溢れる未来を駆け抜けた、七つの色で輝くSTARを繋ぐ橋を降臨せ、IDOLを持つ無限な可能性と尽きぬ友情を支えた。そして最後に時の涙を見守っていた。しかし!!最初から万物はあのお方のめがねの中で踊っていた・・・多元な電子の河流を支配し新たな伝説を刻む!!その名をっ!! — Kasama Mari (@mari_kasama) March 20, 2018 Tweeted a Jun like story about it to show my excitement

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でびるち / Devil-chi

Online publication Described as a love comedy in its official summary, Devil-chi is one of the few where it’s actually funny and with actual love elements. It’s similar to Seto no Hanayome, where the male main character is in love … Continue reading

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Pretty Series movie, “Gekijouban PriPara&Kiratto Pri☆Chan ~Kirakira Memorial Live~” announced for May 5th 2018

ニュースです!「劇場版 プリパラ&キラッとプリ☆チャン ~きらきらメモリアルライブ~」が5月5日公開決定!プリティーシリーズのアイドルたちが大集合してきらきらなライブを見せちゃうよ☆前売り券はドリマイチケ仕様♪3日販売開始!HPはこちら♪→ #prichan — アニメ「プリパラ」公式アカウント (@pripara_PR) February 27, 2018 PriPara official twitter announced on February 27 a new movie: Gekijouban PriPara&Kiratto Pri☆Chan ~Kirakira Memorial Live~. This will be last PP focused movie before Prichan takes over. It’s interesting … Continue reading

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PriPara’s successor Kiratto Pri☆Chan announced for April 2018

Official abbreviation is “Prichan”. Crunchyroll’s article is pretty complete, like always Japanese sites ilke Animate had more details which I added though. I also included some staff reactions and some of the thoughts of my Pretty Rhythm Yakuzas comrades so … Continue reading

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Bots spamming guro pics on popular tweets like FGO fanart stopped by Pretty Rhythm yakuza Chupacabra san

Back in May 2017 when KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- had a few pre release screenings there was an account tweeting spoilers about the movie, so a Pretty Rhythm fan made an app to block it, — Kasama Mari … Continue reading

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Anigera 7th December 2017(271), 14th December 2017(272), Triple George with Sugita Tomokazu, Furuya Yamato, Kobayashi Tatsuyuki

There’s no spoilers for KING OF PRISM- PRIDE the HERO- , except for one fact about George they had revealed in interviews prior the movie release, so if you’ve read my previous posts you should know it already. This is … Continue reading

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