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This Blog is Almost Ten Years Old

These days, I don’t have the time to write here. However, I’m not planning to abandon this blog. Around tow years ago, I started renewing it hcanging the theme. A few months ago I also added an actual banner. The Prichan Rinka smug smile one I added around 2 years ago was temporary, after I used a Hakomari official illustration since I started the blog. The Nekketsu Nikki banner is by Mochiplanet. You’ll have my respect if you can guess who the characters are.

I’m currently writing about Japanese games at DualShockers, and all the time I used to spend on my blog these past 9 years now go to there. Please check the site out and my Japanese news there if you liked my way of writing here and my Pretty Series coverage. Speaking of that, I’m still planing to write and translate more Pretty Series material one day, but it’s not a priority for now.

Yeah. I want to write on my blog,  without Twitter’s limitations, and free to share my own thoughts. Twitter rots your brain. It’s bad for to talk about anything serious on it. Everyone betllitles each other and wants to correct and crush each other in public. Not a good thing in my religion I think.

So I’ve got this idea to start this post and frequently update it with new thoughts. I’ll try to expand on the ideas I share here on a weekly basis, and explain my thoughts, but I might not either. I want to spend as less time as possile writing this so I’ll be very brief and blunt. Meaning there’s a high chance you won’t get what I mean or misundertand. But it’s fine. I’m not proofreading either.

XXX Virtual YouTubers

I don’t have aything against people making Vtuber content. However, I hate companies who try to profit from it in a capitalistic way and try to turn it into a brand and exploit people adn stuff. Also you can’t eveb begin to imagine how much I judge people who watch vtubers for a very long time. Not “hate” mind you, as disliking someone for their taste is a bad thing. And I wouldn’t bring it up in a discusison? But yeah I think that maybe around over 2 hours a week? is too much ctuber a week. In the first place v tubers themselves shouldn’t make too much content each eek, because of all the work it is.

There are a lot of other things I want to add here and my thoughts aren’t complete but whatever. If you didn’t get my point or don’t understand me, please remember that the best wayt to summarize my opinion is that there’s nothing wrong with tubers but vtubers as a trends as it is now is bad.


j’aime pas parler de ce que les gens font mais vu que jaime bien la serie, hier j’ai lu beaucoup de tests de shin sakura taisen, et mon ressenti c’est que j’ai l’impression que y’a beaucoup de gens qui se focalise sur “les combats c’est passé de tactical rpg a action rpg donc c’est pas bien”, alors que la n’est pas la question, ca a jamais été super important ni l’interet principal de la serie les combats, mais la plupart des gens ont du mal a considerer le fait de lire, de regarder les personnages parler, tout en faisant des choix, comme etant du “gameplay”, en gros toujours le meme probleme de ce denigrement des ADV / visual novels j’ai l’impression
je redoute quand 13 sentinels aegis rim va sortir en dehors du japon et tous les gens comme  qui vont dire “c’est pas un action RPG, tu fais juste parler pendant la moitié du jeu, c’est naze”


– c’est un peu comme les gens qui disent que les Super Robot Taisen c’est toujours trop facile, ou que l’aspect tactical RPG est nul, ou que ya certaines animation d’attaques beaucoup moins bien que d’autre. pour moi l’interet principal de SRT ca a toujours été l’histoire et voir les personnages et mechants de pleins de series interagir, apres maintenant je pense que ya moins de gens qui pensent comme ca, avant les gens été “obligés” de penser comme ça, moi compris, vu que les jeux étés pas traduits —
c’est pour ça que dire que “sakura wars ps4 se focalise trop sur les dialogues, le mix entre combat et visual novel est pas equilibré”, pour moi ca a pas de sens, sakura taisen ca a jamais été un melange plus ou moins equilibré de blabla et de combat comme persona 5, ca a toujours été completement different


— dans certains tests de sakura wars ps4 j’ai aussi vu “c’est plus fujishima kousuke qui fait le character design donc c’est pas bien” mais encore une fois je trouve que c’est pas du tout la la question et comme Bejito avait dit une fois, et il connait beaucoup mieux Sakura Taisen que moi, en vrai si tu regardes depuis des années maintenant, tous les nouveaux goodies, tous les nouvelles illustrations qu’il y a eu pour les art expo, les collabs, les collabs dans les jeux mobage, ou encore la toute nouvelle illustration pour le nouveau coffret bluray avec tous les OVA sakura taisen qui viens d’etre annoncé Tout ça, c’est pas Fujishima qui a dessiné mais Matsubara Hidenori. A la base Fujishima c’est le original character designer, et Matsubara le character designer qui redessine pour que ca soit animé plus facilement, mais depuis des années maintenant c’est Matsubara qui fait tout et Fujishima a rien fait pour la serie.

XXX Cosplay, Twitter, discriminations in france

Since 2019 or so, I often had instances of starting writing in Japanese (and maybe in English too )something explaining to Japanese people why non white people don’t care about skin color when cosplaying and cosplay any character they want. So similarly, if you want to cosplay Barret, don’t change your skin tone. While I don’t think I took an actual example like Barret, I’ve shared multiple tweets like this on Twitter over the years, mainly emphasising that my cosplay philosophy is that we’re human, not fictions characters, so we’ll never actually look like fictional characters anyway. So don’t do things like changing your skin tone. (kinda related but another problem: people who randomly accuse others of doing this. There’s a Pretty Series cosplayer I like who’s been a victim of this too and what made me realize this actually exists. This era of social media where people always look down on each other, try to bellite each other ,always being sour, is so wrong. If you believe someone did something worng, just chat with them about it in private. Unless it’s something like ultra bad like murder and sexual violence)

But then I just stop writing or don’t do it because I don’t have the time and I just don’t care enough. I guess maybe I’ll regret it one day. Or maybe I’ll feel a bit bad if a Japanese person I like on Twitter like a Prety Series fan ever does this kind of error. And no, I don’t agree with “yeah but they just don’t know” argument. Doing discirminatory things willingly is bad. Doing it by ignorance is bad as well, sometimes  worse, especially as certain people won’t learn in purpose and use “yeah but I’m doing/saying this but I’m not racist” and use ignorance to defend the discriminatory thing they’re doing. Ignorance is bad. One of the worst kinds of ignorance and hte most annoying, sometimes even more annoying than racist people themselves, is when you have naive people, not necessarily white people, who see non -white people trying to fight against discrimination by often talking about it, and who tell them things like “why do you always talk about discrimination? Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t care about people’s skin color? Why are you so obsessed with that?”. They fail to put themselves into non white people’s shoes. They fail at reasoning. They fail. Because of ignorance. They failt to realize that of course we’d like to do tha,t but it’s simply not possible when the world has always been built around inequalities like this and we’ve felt and will always feel them. That’s why I tend to simply ignore people who say stuff like this, who say they don’t want politics, etc. Unless it’s someone I like, I don’t bother trying to explain all this either. Yet another example is people who act as if far right politicians and voters are the only discriminating people in france or in a country. Pretty much every single politician in france hates either muslim people, non white people, LGBTQ+ people, or everything before. Most of them act as if they don’,t but will often betray themselves with words or acts and fail to hide their discriminating views.  I particularly hate when french humorists, singers, actresses and actors, artists in general, take a stance against racism and act as if iconic far right politicians like the Le Pen family is the sole problem. it’s not something done by a certian group of individuals. It’s something anchored in society, in institutions, in laws, etc. Like what true anti dscrimination activists say in france, there’s state racism in france, racism fueled by the governments and state themselves. And when these activists say that, they get shunned, criticized, sued, banned from TVs and media and get death threats.

I’m not saying I’m perfect either. I’ve been writing this blog for tean years. I changed a lot in ten years. I’m sure that if we go back to at least the first five years of the blog, I had at least once written something offensive towards LGBTQ+ community, seeing how ignorant I was in the past, and I apologize for that.

XXX Depressive and pessimistic protagonists, Sword Art Online, isekai stories, sexual fanservice in anime and manga. Gyaru manga. Okamoto Lynn. Japanese politicians who want to ban “unhealthy” manga. Manga and japanese media produced in a world pririotizing profits above everything.

It’s obviously not enough to make me stop reading a manga since most of the time it happens in the first chapter, but I really hate how since like post 2015 or so a lot of protagonists have low self esteem of themselves and also rank people and say they’re at the bottom etc. I don’t know if it’s true though but IIRC I once read on ANN it’s because the protagonist of Romantic Comedy SNAFU or whatever the name was, never read it, is like that, and everyone copied him since it’s one of the best selling LNs of the 2010s.

One thing for sure is it’s a shame a lot of actualy good manga have protagonists like this, I think they’re a bad influence for teens kids who read the manga. There’s that manga whose name I forgot about a guy ranked 1 in a fighting game meeting a girl who’s ranked 2 and who starts coaching him to be fashionable.
“other people had high specs from birth, we’re not the same race”
“this person is rank A in the school while I’m just a “background character””
This kind of dumb mindset from the protagonist made me temporarily stop reading this manga. It’s a shame because it’s actually really fun and well written most of the time, and actually seems fine / realistic as a basic tutorial on: talking with other people and social interactions, dressing up like what is deemed good, fashionable and attractive in a western country like Japan, and date people.

If I was a japanese politician I’d crackdown on manga like this. And badly written manga in general. For example, when it comes to the blood donation uzaki chan poster controversy, I agree with those saying the poster is unappropriate for what it’s advertising, something as serious as blood donation. But other things, for example the blood donation collab Valvrare did with shouko saki and l-elf dressed as doctors, was good imo.

IMO the main problem in the first place is that the world is screwed up by big corporations who make this kind of dumb manga exist in the first place for money. we need less quantity and more quality. I never read Uzaki so maybe it’s a actually good, but from a first glance it looks like gag manga with smug acting girl with a big chest number 84894984984 and has 0 attractiveness. Why would I check it out when I already read ton of other similar manga? This kind of manga who seem to only have been made to follow a trend shouldn’t exist in the first place (again I’m assuming Uzaki is as bad as it looks).

That’s also why I don’t think (the vast majority of) isekai stories with male protags should be called trash because of reccuring themes such as sexual slaves. The vast majority of Isekai is trash because it’s trash for a billion of other reasons of that on top of being sexist. Bad writing being the biggest reason. Writing essays about isekai and why it’s a bad influence would be a complete waste of time. Isekai doesn’t need analysis. It’s just trash. If you actually pick and read isekai stories with themes like sexual slavery, it’s so badly written and lazy that nothing actually comes out of it. The girls in the vast majority of these aren’t “real” slaves but just willingly end up falling in love with the protag just like any other shonen. It’s not any more sexist than the usual stuff.

Saying isekai stories are sexist is giving them too much credit for what they’re worth.

For the same reason, I don’t call SAO bad for its sexual assault scenes, but because it’s badly written in general. There are actually some goods things SAO, and I ultimately do like the series, with ALO arc and Mother Rosario being my favorite parts, and GGO arc ad Alicization being the worst. Anyway. What makes the sexual assault scenes so bad in SAO is the fact that barring the very first arc’s villain, it’s nearly ALWAYS what SAO villains try to do, bringing up a “he’s trying to taint the girls, our trophies, so he’s evil” sexist vibe that definitly gets annoying after a while.  There’s also how the sexual assault attempts tend to be used for sexual fanservice, trying to titillate the watchers instead of dread or shock. The animators depict the scenes by including things like boucing breasts animations when the assaulted girl’ clothes get ripped. That’s a thing in a lot of Japanese media and I’m used to it though. My theory is that the people who work on anime ultimately believe it’ snly entertainment and made to please people as a hobby. That’s why they still do things to please people even in darker scenes like this. I believe that’s true for most japanese fictional entertainment. Of course there are exceptions. And SAO is like that because it’s a entertainment and supposed ot make readers feel good. Same with some of the stuff Okamoto Lynn makes. Meanwhile, stories that are dark from the start and whose goal is to make you sad or depressed don’t do that. If you take a look at Uta Kata, it’s a dark anime with a lot of dark themes, so while it does have sexual fanservice scenes, stuff like sexual abuse isn’t depicted in a sexual fanservice manner. Same thing with stuff like Narutaru etc. For example, iirc the goblin slayer main manga doesn’t show you much of the goblin raep scene at the beginning, which effecively makes it scary and disturbing. At the end of the day though, Goblin Slayer isn’t supposed to be a dark story. And if you take a look at the spinoff goblin slayer year one manga, it does use the raep scenes just a typical sexual fanservice scene, showing the girls blushing, etc. But yeah it’s thanks to being used to this and not being bothered by it that for example I kept watching Cross Ange past episode 1 and saw how amazing and feminist of a show it actually is.

(There are some parts of SAO I like a lot, most notably the first arc, the ALO arc, and mother rosario. I hate GGO arc, and I really dislike Alicization and it’s what made me stop reading. I often say SAO should have ended at Mother Rosario, would have been a perfect ending too.)

(Note that to me, isekai is a trend, not a gnere, I don’t consider things like Escaflowne a Isekai, and I don’t consider Sengoku Collection a reverse isekai for example, because neither follow the trends and patterns of the isekai boom trend of mid 2010s.)

My point is, if we had better stories/ less copypasted stuff being published in the first place it’ll help solve problems like sexism. Then again, I’m not saying manga made on a trend are automatically bad. Since 2015 or so, there’s been a influx of manga with gyaru characters, kinda like how delinquent male protagonist were popular in the 80s. It’s not like they’re all bad. Gyaru Tensei was great and sadly ended way too soon and got canceled, its author is a genius. Gyaru Gohan is really good. Thatmanga about gyaru hokkaido is really good too. Etc. (most of the “gyaru” characters in these manga barely actually feel like “gyaru” imo and show how the various gyaru fashions uniformed themselves sadly and “gyaru” post 2010 means any fashionable/cute girl)

So yeah in conclusion, If I was a japanese politician who wants to remove “unhealthy” and “bad influence” manga, I’d start by making some kind of laws/plan so that every publishing company has better authors and editors. So there are less bad manga in general.  I wouldn’t bother mangaka like Watashiya Kaworu for her Kodomo no Jikan lolicon stuff, especially as she actually did a really great, helpful, educational manga like Jouo sama no Eshi. Instead, there are specific authors I’d ban instead like Okamoto Lynn and prevent them from writing and publishing anything forever.

(We need less pessimistic&society ranking protags, but we also need less characters who play gacha games and glorifies it too. Screw that and how it got normalized. Imagining that out there, be it in france with DBZ dokkan battle, or in japan with random billions gacha games, it’s possiblle that there have been kids at school who got bullied into gacha or for not having rare enough chars in a gacha game pisses me off a lot.)

April 14, 2020, Kancolle, Azur Lane and Touhou

I recently saw a video with Azur Lane’s stuff. It made me realize as much as I look down on the game, it’s made by (seemingly, as it’s on camera) really cool people and I really wish it stays that successful. At the same time, I really can’t like it, just like many similar girls characters only mobage, for multiple reasons I might explain another time.
IMO, in ten years no one will remember Azur Lane unless its staff manages to do something awesome with it. Meanwhile people will still remember Touhou and still do Touhou doujin content. I think FGO will stay too. the sole reason why is because while most people only know FGO, its ultimatelypart of the bigger nasuverse, and Nasu is definitly a great writer who can make new stories about it. But that’s not enough. What makes me certain FGO (and the sequel it’ll probably get in the next five years) will always stay relevant even in ten years is that Nasu is also smart/witty/lucky to have been friends with many other excellent authors since his doujin days. When worst come to come, he could just ask Narita Ryougo or Haganeya Jin to write an arc or two for him for example.

april 14, 2020, Sengoku Collection

I spent some time rewatching Sengoku Collection again. If I ever finish a top 50 list of 2010-2019 anime, it’ll definitly be in top ten along with G Reco, Gundam Tsubasa Yugioh Fighters, Pretty Rhythm, Tiger& Bunny, and Moretsu Pirates. I think one of the manyreasons why I like it is how it doesn’t suffer from the same syndrome most japanese anime mang agames suffer from since the end of the nineties imo: how things stopped inspired themselves from outside Japan. If you pick a random 80s anime or manga, there’s a high chance for no reason at some point you’ll see an Alien lookalike villain in it or a totally not che guevarra character. You never see that anymore. I’m oversimplifying my thoughts cuz no time. Each episode of Sengoku Collection is inspired from a classic movie or something  form the 80s. Stuff like back to the future. It’s mainstream stuff even I who don’t know much outside of islam, anime games and manga, knows about. it’s fun.

13 sentinels aegis rim is the same too.
Another reason is how touching the story is with most characters ending up in a dilemna choosing between their dream or what they think is their dream, against their friend, and always choosing the later ultimately. It’s also a ver ygood mix of happy and tragic moments, like pretty rhythm, princess sarah, ie naki ko 1977; hokuto no ken, etc etc; al my favorite stories are like this.

April 4, 2020 / I hate Japan part 1

I hate Japan so much. You can’t even imagine. At the same time, I love the country. But there are more social, cultural, etc hings I hate about the country than I can count. One of these is the global idea that europeans/american/westerners are better or more beautiful. (I consider Japan a “western” country though). Like “oh, this guy is “half”, no wonder he’s so beautiful and smart”. You also see that in a lot of sports manga but with varying degree.

In Yakitate Japan the author is joking when he says ever yfrench kid knows how to bake a baguette, and it’s funny. In kenran Taru Grande SCène  however, Cuvie seems extremely serious and sharing the same idea when she make characters say that asians and Japanese are good at arts/sports like ballet but have a hard time when they get to the sekai level because they lack the cultural knowledge: Unlike their europeean peers, their parents never brought them to museums and ballets and opera since childhood to epxerience art stuff. She’s feeding the idea that all europpeans are like this; While not at all, especially when it comes to lifestyle. You can have rich parents and live in the center of paris meaning you’ll probably experience stuff like oper more, but it’s not 100% sure at all. meanwhile, you can be living in a poor paris suburbs, born from north africa immigrants whose parents fought against nazis for france, and have a bigger interest in opera than any white kid.

It’s even more weird when you know Cuvie actually visited France multiple times, so I expect her to know Franceh si the wost country in the world with Japan, and not idealize french and european people like that. I want to ask her about it one day. Maybe I could on Twitter. It’s pretty mch the sole thing I don’t like about the manga. Besisdes that it’s just like Pretty Rhythm, the ultimate sports shoujo. Though without romance in Kenran Taru Grance Scene’s case, which is an original twist for the genre. at least no romance so far. I haven’t read the manga for over a year now, and I haven’t read since vol 8 or 9, even though its so excellent. I’ve been reading it in Japanese, and in Japan volume 15 is releasing on 20 may 2020. My favorite character is Kurisu Sakura.

I hate Japan part 1 end

Tomino Yoshiyuki Q&A at Japan Expo 2019, July 6

if you haven’t read it yet, here’s the article with my impressions on the first G-Reco compilation movie and the July 5 Q&A.

You can find other Tomino related events or interviews I translated in the past on this page.

Director Tomino held an around 30 minutes long Q&A on July 6, the third day of Japan Expo 2019. When he stepped on stage along with the MC and the translator, they explained how this was supposed to be a panel. What happened is, Tomino told Japan Expo’s staff beforehand how it’s his first time visiting France, so he doesn’t feel like talking about himself or his career, etc. Instead, he wanted to hear the audience speak. He wanted to hear our opinions on his works, answer our questions and chat with us. So they decided on holding a Q&A instead.

There were so many questions, I wouldn’t have been able to listen to all the answers if I concentrated on taking notes. So I just wrote down everything in my head. As such it’s possible I forgot certain parts or merged certain answers together. And I’ll update the post if I remember more.

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Gundam G no Reconguista 1st Compilation Movie Premiere and Director Tomino Q&A at Japan Expo 2019

(Needless to say, the feature image is a screen from the TV series version. I like Ringo a lot, though that doesn’t mean anything in a series where every character is awesome)

The first G Reco compilation movie had its world premiere at Japan Expo 2019 on July 5. Director Tomino Yoshiyuki also participated in a Q&A after the movie. He answered questions from the audience and revealed more on the upcoming movies.

Note that there’s another panel with Director Tomino happening on July 6 which I’m planning to cover as well.

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Thoughts on Various Manga, Mobage, Isekai and Characters with Gacha Addictions

I strongly dislike gacha mechanics and most mobage who use them. Even if an IP I’m super into, like Pretty Series, gets a mobage, I don’t play their games if they have gacha mechanics, satisfying myself with story summaries, videos, and screenshots. Despite being strongly interested in SNK’s characters and the Days of Memories series, none of which I’ve tried yet, I won’t be playing King of Fighters Girls when it releases for the same reason.

Seeing the popularity of gacha mechanics in Japan, following hits like Pazudora in the early 2010s, it was natural to see more and more characters in manga playing mobile games and even being addicted to gacha. And for some reason, it really pisses me off.

I wouldn’t say I consider gacha “gambling” as it’s something very different. I do believe it’s pretty dangerous and can be even more dangerous than gambling on certain individuals. Funilly, seeing other things in manga which can be problematic or are definitely problematic, doesn’t piss me off as much, probably because I’m not used to seeing gacha yet. For example, stalking being used as a joke in a manga probably never angered me as I’m used to it. (Even if it don’t myself think a certain element is problematic, it doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily keep reading a manga which uses certain issues as a joke depending on certain criteria. It’s a case by case thing, too personal and complicated to explain here).

What irritates me the most is when recent isekai manga have gacha mechanics and characters addicted to them.

I’m saying “recent” since as you already know isekai isn’t a new genre and always existed with works like Dunbine, Escaflowne, Rayearth, 12 Kingdoms, Ima Soko ni Iru Bokutachi, etc. What I call “recent isekai” are the ones that sprung forth following the boom of the genre, also in early 2010. This is when most people started calling these “isekai” too. This boom ended up having many isekai web novels getting light novels, manga and anime adaptations, to the point of saturation. There’s a huge problem with quantity over quality, most isekai being bad, with different issues plaguing most of them. I’d even go as far as to say that “trash isekai” is a pleonasm.

Nowadays most anime adaptations are only one cour long, speeding through content, and are even more ads for the original source material than in the past. Meanwhile, a lot of manga adaptations tend to be very slow paced. In my opinion, this will create an interesting situation in a few years when the isekai boom will end, the popularity of the genre will drop, and multiple long-running manga adaptations will end up getting canceled before finishing adapting not even half of the original’s story.

With that said, not all isekai are bad. I don’t think I’ll ever take the time to write a specific article on how to find good works in the vast ocean of Isekai, unless I’m paid. However, if you want to read good things, the easiest and quickest way is to simply pick Isekai with female protagonists instead of male protagonists.

I’ve even seen one Isekai actually talk about this saturation issue: Gal Tensei, one of the best Original manga I read in 2018. It ended up getting canceled after two volumes, even though it was a particularly refreshing, genuinely funny, clever story and a commentary on social media. In the final chapter, through one of the characters, the author Sasaki Masahito shared their thoughts on the current state of the industry with the isekai boom, and it’s pretty much the same as what I’ve just said. In any case, You should definitely get Sasaki Masahito’s manga on Kindle and support really talented and nice mangaka like him. He even made me a drawing, seen above, when I praised his manga on Twitter. His new manga, Hachuurui-chan Wa Natsukanai, started this June 2019 and the first chapter is available on Shonen Jump Plus.

I wouldn’t go as far as say that I look down on people who play mobage with gacha mechanics. However, I do have a hard time understanding it. One convenient thing about mobage is how short play sessions can be, so it’s ideal for lifestyles with tons of commuting and when we don’t have time to play on consoles. At the same time, if you pile up the small amount of time put into a mobage every day, you’ll probably end up with way more time than what would have been spent on a console game.

I also strongly disagree with the idea that mobage players only ever play mobage, or that console/handheld console players all look down on mobage. This seem extremely obvious to me, but it’s possible it’s actually not the case. For example, Cygames Festival 2018 had Cygames reveal Granblue Fantasy Versus. One of the reasons behind the game they stated then is that they want more mobage players to try out console games and see how fun they are too.

I also recently started reading a manga called Gamers!, which is the adaptation of a novel of the same name by Aoi Sekina. Reading it is weird because it initially seems to believe exactly what I described above: that there’s a strong opposition between mobage players and console players. Most notably, that only console players can become (good or bad) hardcore players or bad elitists, which irked me a lot. However, I’ve only read a few chapters of Gamers! as of now, so I’m unsure yet if it’s only the characters thinking that way and that they will be corrected later, or if the author himself think that way and that this idea will stay in the story.

Gamers! is a pretty nice and original story. It’s about various high schoolers, their romances, and their different game-related habits, including game development. It has one big problem though, its lack of subtility. Maybe I have a bit too much otaku experience and it’s just that the target audience isn’t me, but the first chapter has the initial protagonist rejecting a girl’s invitation to join her gaming club. (Each chapter tend to follow a different character’s pov). The scene is done in a grandiose way as if it’s supposed to be shocking, while it was obvious he wouldn’t join. This lack of subtility was actually also a problem I had with Seitokai no Ichizon, a previous work also by Aoi Sekina, and it’s a bit frustrating to see it’s still there. Even if I probably can’t write a novel, this kind of stuff makes me think “even I could write this, it’s unfair.” At the same time, it’s nearly not as bad as childish stuff who think being dark is deep and mature, such as Akame Ga kill and its literal “wow look a character will die in this chapter, isn’t my story so mature and cool?” moments.

Another thing which makes me pretty reluctant to start playing mobage is the fact that the games have no end. Some can have interesting stories, though FGO and Granblue are probably the only mobage I’ve heard people praising their story regularly. At the same time, I can’t get invested in a game if I know the only way to end it is either to get bored of it or for the servers to close down. The servers closing down also means forever losing what you’ve put into the game, and I can’t stand that. It’s a different feeling than erasing your save yourself, losing it for some reason, or not caring about your save anymore once you’ve done everything you’ve wanted in a game.

If you’re looking for a never-ending experience and short play sessions, I think considering getting into fighting games is a much better choice than getting into mobage. While getting in touch with your fighting games’ community, you will definitely make some friends along the way too. This might be hypocritical on my part as I don’t play fighting games anymore because of multiple reasons, such as lack of time (saying it that way makes it seem as if I was ever a strong player).

In any case, there are multiple reasons I believe why most current isekai stories are bad. Most of the time it’s because of a sort of laziness. It’s not like I could write a novel myself so I feel bad criticizing authors, but most recent isekai are originally web novels, meaning they were written by people who didn’t necessarily practice how to write beforehand. And while the light novel adaptations, the manga adaptations and the anime adaptations will go through editors, you just can’t change the story’s core. Using the isekai boom means you can make a story by following the same mold as many other isekai and as such avoid shaping and explaining the world yourself. It’s a fantasy setting with goblins because that’s what people expect of Isekai. There’s an evil church. There are RPG mechanics and menu windows. There are demon lords. And in my opinion, one of the worst among worst choices is “there are gacha mechanics because that’s easy to explain since most teenagers already know about it”.

A quick tangent to wrap this up: while I dislike SAO for multiple reasons, I also like some parts of it, like Its deep worldbuilding. That aspect is one of its strong points, and works as a quick and strong indicator of how it was initially written in the early 2000s, long before the isekai boom.

I could go more in detail on certain points I’ve brought up, but this will end up getting too long and time-consuming for what it’s worth.

Pretty All Friends Episode 7 Translation; Pretty All Friends Happy Rainbow ♡ Easter Café Info

Official site with original Japanese text

Previous episodes can be found on this page. Look for “Pretty All Friends”.

I’ll try to add comments soon. I have a lot to say and didn’t finish writing them yet. I’ll notify on Twitter when I add the comments.

Update on March 24,2019: I added my comments at the end, explaining what I thought about the episode and why Oto is written pretty badly especially. The comments include spoilers for DMF and RL. I don’t think anyone interested in Pretty All Friends’ dumb weirdness didn’t already watch all Pretty Rhythm though.

Pretty All Friends Episode 7: The Fairytale Country and the prince of the Lost Woods.

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Pretty All Friends Episode 6 Translation

Official site with original Japanese text

Previous episodes can be found on this page. Look for “Pretty All Friends”.

Pretty All Friends Episode 6: Valentine Day Crisis at the Candy Kingdom!

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Pretty All Friends Episode 5 Translation

Official site with original Japanese text

Previous episodes can be found on this page. Just ctrl+ f Pretty All Friends.

Episode 5: The Best Friends’ Promise on a Rainy Day

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Everything You Should Know About KING OF PRISM And Pretty Series in 90 Seconds

Everyone and their cat knows how Shinkai Makoto’s Your Name revolutionized anime cinema in 2016, breaking through Spirited Away‘s records. What few know, however, is that another movie made anime history the same year: KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm.

As you may know, the KING OF PRISM movies are spin-offs of the Pretty Rhythm franchise. The first movie, KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm (shortened as Kinpri) was initially released in 14 theaters on January 9th 2016. Three weeks after release, it was only screening in 9 cinemas, and the staff was preparing for the worst. However, the movie ended up earning more than 800 million yen, and by May 2016 it was in over 100 cinemas across Japan. All thanks to dedicated fans’ word to mouth and the movie’s “Cheer Screenings” (応援上映 in Japanese), screenings where you can come in cosplay, use glowsticks, scream and sing along during the movie, or dub lines during subtitled scenes specifically made for it. The movie had a 9 months run in cinemas, and its final screening was at Shinjuku Wald 9, on September 2nd 2016, even though the movie was already out on DVD/BD since June 17th. KING OF PRISM was a huge success in South Korea as well. The first movie released there on August 11th 2016, and broke the record of longest screening period for an anime film, a record previously held by Love Live! The School Idol Movie!
The sequel movie, KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-, ended up releasing simultaneously in Japan and South Korea on June 10th 2017.

However, the Kinpri movies have a hidden history unrecorded even on Japanese anime sites. In the first place, how did a kids franchise spawn movies geared towards adults? Why are the movies gayer than actual Boys Love anime? Why does what seems to be a Yuri on Ice! ripoff with Shinji and Kaworu clones is a big enough deal to be screened at Los Angeles Anime Film Festival???

Note: While similar, I’ve added a lot of things compared to the French version of this article I published back in May 2018.  This is basically the XX+ Reloaded Definitive edition of the “Pretty Series History”.

Edit: I fixed the post’s layout, as it got screwed up after I changed the blog’s theme, even though it was fine beforehand during preview.

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Aikatsu! is joining Super Robot Taisen Cross Omega

A silhouette that should be Ozorotteron and Akari was teased. Official announcement will be during the stream on September 6th so I wonder if other characters will appear too. Probably everyone who appeared in that episode. I hope Shion and Mizuki are in.

Well, this was only a matter of time. I still haven’t watched past Aikatsu! s1, so while I’ve seen screenshots of this episode when it aired, I haven’t seen it myself yet. But seeing that episode always made me think they could use it in Cross Omega. Seeing all the more random things that managed to get in, Aikatsu was obvious as it’s a Bamco property too.

I’m really excited. Now I only hope they negotiate with Takara Tomy and actually bring in Pretty Series with Pretty Rhythm. Pretty Series and especially Pretty Rhythm getting into a console Super Robot Wars is one of my biggest dreams.It has much more mecha elements than Aikatsu, which only has them during these “let’s film a drama/movie “episodes. Many of the Prism Jumps are on par or greatly superior than mecha attacks too, and multiple actual mechas appear in Pretty Rhythm as well.  If Aikatsu gets in Cross Omega, I really hope Pretty Rhythm will be next, and further down the line appear in a console SRW one day.

Tomino Yoshiyuki interview on CCA&F91 4K Remaster Boxes

Interview was published by Comic Natalie at the end of June 2018. The boxes released on June 22nd 2018. I don’t really have anything to say besides that as always Tomino is too harsh on his own works. G Reco is one of my favorite show of the decade, and my favorite recent Gundam show with GBF, so looking forward to the movies. The part at the end about SHOWROOM & ZOZOTOWN got RT a lot by Japanese people I follow, which is how I first saw this interview. I only ended up reading it now though, and I thought I might as well translate it and share it. It’s my Eid present to everyone I guess.

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