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PriPara’s successor Kiratto Pri☆Chan announced for April 2018

Official abbreviation is “Prichan”. Crunchyroll’s article is pretty complete, like always Japanese sites ilke Animate had more details which I added though. I also included some staff reactions and some of the thoughts of my Pretty Rhythm Yakuzas comrades so … Continue reading

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Bots spamming guro pics on popular tweets like FGO fanart stopped by Pretty Rhythm yakuza Chupacabra san

Back in May 2017 when KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- had a few pre release screenings there was an account tweeting spoilers about the movie, so a Pretty Rhythm fan made an app to block it, — Kasama Mari … Continue reading

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Anigera 7th December 2017(271), 14th December 2017(272), Triple George with Sugita Tomokazu, Furuya Yamato, Kobayashi Tatsuyuki

There’s no spoilers for KING OF PRISM- PRIDE the HERO- , except for one fact about George they had revealed in interviews prior the movie release, so if you’ve read my previous posts you should know it already. This is … Continue reading

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Nakamura Yuuichi and Mafia Kajita talking about Xenoblade 2 and random things on Star Radio Ocean

Summarized in a very crude way. During the radio for the Star Ocean mobage episodes 102/13th december 2017 and episode 103/20th december 2017 : Rather than for recording the radio, Kajita feels like he went to the studio to ask … Continue reading

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New Pretty Rhythm series project, Pretty All Friends announced

ニュースです!2020年に10周年を迎える『プリティーリズム』シリーズから、新プロジェクト「プリティーオールフレンズ」が始動します!本日第一弾として、描き下ろしビジュアルが公開になりました♡詳しい情報は来年1月下旬に発表になります。もう少しお待ちください!#pripara — アニメ「プリパラ」公式アカウント (@pripara_PR) December 10, 2017 Edit, adding more things. Thanks to an online friend I found and added the mysterious silhouettes they only showed during the announcement at the event but haven’t published elsewhere. (Note: for my … Continue reading

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Pretty Rhythm/PriPara producer Ohba Shin on how Gaaruru was made

ーガァルルの話ー個人的な思いです。#pripara — シン・オオバ (@SHINOHBA) November 14, 2017 When working on PriPara’s arcade game and recalculating the budget, they realized it wasn’t enough for the number of characters they had to make. Especially, they would be one character short in … Continue reading

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KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- DVD&BD announced for January 26 2017

「KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-」Blu-ray&DVDが2018年1月26日(金)に発売決定!💙速水ヒロ プリズムキング王位戴冠記念BOX💙ほか全3形態で発売します✨詳細はこちら #kinpri — キンプリ公式♡21日LV販売中🤗 (@kinpri_PR) October 21, 2017 Finally a release date for Kinpri 2’s bluray!! It was announced during the “KING OF PRISM SUPER LIVE MUSIC READY SPARKING!”event on October 21. … Continue reading

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Pretty Rhythm/Kinpri director Hishida Masakazu teasing something new

He tweeted on August 29″We have something to announce soon” He deleted some tweets too, basically everything between now and September 2016 when Kinpri2 was announced Maybe they’ll do a Kinpri TV Anime like they initially wanted to. With side … Continue reading

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明日(あけび)ちゃんのセーラー服/Akebi chan no Seera Fuku

Online prepublication on Tonari no Young Jump The art is extremely good and very enjoyable if you enjoy clothing. Small details like creases and folds are extremely detailed. There a few amounts of random sexual fanservice, which makes you realize … Continue reading

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Prism☆Afureko/Prism Dubbing screenings announced for KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-

女子祭&男子祭にお越しいただいたみなさま、ありがとうございました!終始心温まるお二人のコメントとあたたかい声援に包まれて素敵な上映会となりました♪お手本上映会は9月2日から限定開催となります。通常回・応援回は各劇場サイトをご確認ください。 #ありのままのキンプラ #kinpri — キンプリ公式♡まだまだ上映中🤗 (@kinpri_PR) August 29, 2017 On August 29 the male/female separated Kinpri2 screenings were held, with Kato Emiri/Naru and Gotou Saori/Otoha doing the stage greetings, along with Avex producer Nishi Hiroko who was acting as … Continue reading

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