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Pretty Rhythm/Kinpri director Hishida Masakazu teasing something new

He tweeted on August 29″We have something to announce soon” He deleted some tweets too, basically everything between now and September 2016 when Kinpri2 was announced Maybe they’ll do a Kinpri TV Anime like they initially wanted to. With side … Continue reading

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明日(あけび)ちゃんのセーラー服/Akebi chan no Seera Fuku

Online prepublication on Tonari no Young Jump The art is extremely good and very enjoyable if you enjoy clothing. Small details like creases and folds are extremely detailed. There a few amounts of random sexual fanservice, which makes you realize … Continue reading

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Prism☆Afureko/Prism Dubbing screenings announced for KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-

女子祭&男子祭にお越しいただいたみなさま、ありがとうございました!終始心温まるお二人のコメントとあたたかい声援に包まれて素敵な上映会となりました♪お手本上映会は9月2日から限定開催となります。通常回・応援回は各劇場サイトをご確認ください。 #ありのままのキンプラ #kinpri — キンプリ公式♡4DXも公開中🤗ポーンッ (@kinpri_PR) August 29, 2017 On August 29 the male/female separated Kinpri2 screenings were held, with Kato Emiri/Naru and Gotou Saori/Otoha doing the stage greetings, along with Avex producer Nishi Hiroko who was acting as … Continue reading

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Hokuto Ga Gotoku” Announced for PS4 by Yakuza Studio

source Who would’ve thought we’d get Hokuto no Ken Shenmue one day. I’m really excited, one more big reason to get a PS4. I wonder what the story’s will be. I hope the others characters besides Ken will have their … Continue reading

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Saints’ Mia to appear in Idol Time PriPara

Source It has been announced on August 19th that Mia, the legendary Kami idol and part of the group Saints, will appear at some point in Idol Time PriPara. Just like Mia in DMF, she will be voiced by Ookubo … Continue reading

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KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm to be screened in USA on September 16 2017

✨JUST ANNOUNCED✨: "King of Prism by PrettyRhythm" Coming to LA-AFF! #laaff #anime #filmfestival — LA-AFF (@LAAnimeFF) August 11, 2017 Kinpri 1 will be screened for the 1st time in USA, at Los Angeles Anime Film Festival aka LA-AFF, on September … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Yoru no Nai Kuni 2

I really liked 1’s story so this is the part I’m awaiting the most here. I hope they did a good job. While I never wrote a post about it, Yoru no Nai Kuni 1 really pleasantly surprised me with … Continue reading

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Finally got this after a year. Can’t buy too many games at release when you’re a poorfag. Bought the PS3 Japanese version since I don’t have a PS4. From what I’ve seen, the English translation of the PS4 SEA version … Continue reading

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Kinpri stageplay announced: KING OF PRISM -Over the Sunshine!-

Official site There’s a “movie” tab which gives an error for now, I guess they’ll release a PV soon. Official twitter Twitter hashtag:  #舞台キンプリ Anime News Network post about it Script is by Aoba Jou, aka Pretty Rhythm&Kinpri Director Hishida … Continue reading

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Japan Expo 2017, Sunday report

I only went there on Sunday.

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