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Gisèle Alain Vol1 GET!!

Bought my french copy of volume 1. Reading it again made me remember how much the story is so well written and weaved together. This first volume introduces the main characters, introduce new characters in each chapter, and make all of them play a part in the last chapter… Each chapter may be standalone, but there’s a really good feeling of continuity, and I love continuity. I hope it won’t be too long until they release volume 2.

Go read it at Batoto, buy it if you’re in Japan, if you can import a Japanese copy or if it’s released in your country.

Gisèle is so cute. It would be nice to have an anime adaptation with Sakamoto Maaya voicing Gisèle,  I was actually reading everything Gisèle said with her voice in my head. And Hiyama Nobuyuki should voice Gisèle’s father just so I can hear him scream JIZEEERUUUUUUUUUU!!! when he gets mad at her.

Gisèle Alain to be published in France starting October

I’m so going to buy it. I so wanna stare at Gisèle on paper. Aaaah can’t wait to stare at all those close up shots of Gisèle’s face. I’m fangirling about it already.

That’s why I love the manga publishers in here. They license both bad and awesome stuff. Though I’m still waiting for Shoukoku no Altair, Seto no Hanayome and Bimbougami Ga! to get here, three comics that I’d buy immediately. I should make a post boasting about the stuff getting licensed here someday.