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BIG LEWD is my other favorite show that started this season with Nanana. I really love it. Episode 5 was a masterpiece. I really like how they go through all the typical situations in anime at light speed and parodies them, and even then they still manage to make these situations heart gripping. Watching it makes you laugh and get sad at the same time. It reminds me of some parts of Excel Saga.
There’s of course references to other mecha anime. And they’re actual references instead of pointless name dropping you see a lot of these days. If you don’t get it it’s funny, if you get it it’s even funnier.  That’s how references should be. There’s also the great narration, with the narrator saying things that totally shouldn’t heard by people thinking that if a woman doesn’t follow THEIR OWN vision of a free woman, then she’s enslaved.

You also probably read about how it shares most of the core staff of High School DXD’s anime. Well, I didn’t watch that, so I don’t really care, and can’t compare the two shows. If there’s something Daimidaler reminds me of though, it’s Manyuu Hikenchou. Both of the shows revolves on taking matters related to boobs extremely seriously, going on hilarious intellectual debates about them.

Of course there’s bad things too, like the Daimidaler looking pretty ugly. Nice thing I don’t really care about appearances though, as I got used to it pretty fast just like how I got used to the bad CG and animation of Pretty Rhythm until Rainbow Live started.
If it wasn’t for the huge amounts of groping and stuff I’d watch Daimidaler with my whole family.

(As a side note if anyone is actually reading this and wondering, I should post Pretty Rhythm twitter stuff this weekend normally possibly. I’m kinda really busy these days and haven’t had the time to look at it last week. Not like I’m feeling sorry about it or anything. I’m doing it for myself first.)