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Nakamura Yuuichi and Mafia Kajita talking about Xenoblade 2 and random things on Star Radio Ocean

Summarized in a very crude way.

During the radio for the Star Ocean mobage episodes 102/13th december 2017 and episode 103/20th december 2017 :

Rather than for recording the radio, Kajita feels like he went to the studio to ask Nakamura how to play Xenoblade 2, the game is great but the battle system takes a while to understand and to master to have fun with it.For now Kajita’s at chapter 3 and still doesn’t know how he manages to win sometimes. Nakamura tells him at that point it’s still the tutorial. They talk about how it can feel like an offline MMO but not like its a bad thing. Nakamura was really into xenoblade 1, so he’s currently playing 2, slowly and taking his time, he thinks it’s a really well polished game. Kajita didn’t play 1 and will start with 2, Nakamura tells him its fine.
They also talk about the gacha and how it autosaves so you can’t restart. Nakamura says he actually heard some people would uninstall to reroll farm the first common blade gacha in the game, Kajita says it’s crazy as its like in chap 2 and 5hours in even if you skip everything. One of Kajita’s favorite character is Hana chan, it’s fun how she looks like a female Tetsuawan Atom, she just got a girl face and everything else looks mechanic, even her hair looks hard. There’s “JS” written on Hana’s 1st form, so Kajita thinks maybe it’ll evolve into JS JC JK. Nakamura tells him it actually changes like that. Also Kajita likes the 1st form the most compared to the other seen in PV so he hopes you’re not forced to evolve her,they’re both not far in the game so they dunno. Kajita doesn’t like it how you need to play “kusoge tiger tiger” to upgrade her. Nakamura tells him that’s literally the only way to do it so he’s in despair.

Kajita likes Hana but doesn’t  like Tora and call him “the kuso round thing”.  Nakamura thinks Tora’s probably the only chara who can tank good in the game, and you’ll always use him so Kajita isn’t happy about it.  Kajita doesn’t hate Tora that much but hates Nopons in general, he thought they were mascots-like so he’s pretty surprised they aren’t. The real mascot is Chiba Shigeru grandad dragon, who actually speaks normally&seriously most of the time.
Nakamura says Chiba Shigeru was actually sound director for the game. Their schedule didn’t meet though so when it was Nakamura’s dubbing session(s), director Takahashi was there instead of Chiba Shigeru. When voicing for the game, Nakamura only had an early design of his chara  and the whole script, which included other characters’ lines, but nothing else. He didn’t know who he was talking with in each scene, he knew there’s a person always with his character called Shin, but not only he didn’t know it was Sakurai voicing Shin, he didn’t even know if it was a man or a woman. Shin’s way of speaking is very calm too, and isn’t particularly manly or feminine, so he couldn’t tell from just the lines. It was the same for other characters, like Yoshitsune or Byakko. Nakamura was like “I wonder what kind of person Byakko is”, and then turns out it’s a tiger, he didn’t think it’d be this obvious. He adds that this isn’t particular to Xenoblade 2, and happens with most games’ dubbing. Personally he likes it more when he knows everything, down to who is voicing which character.  For example if he knew Jin was a man voiced by Sakurai he could’ve known better what the staff had in mind and may have voiced his dialogues with him a bit differently.

They say there was also a time Sugita voiced the main character in a COD game, and during all of the game he talks to just one person called Raidy, and Sugita didn’t have any info on the game and who Raidy is, so he just voiced his character as best as possible and all. And then it turned out Raidy is a buddy dog, so it became a tragedy where Sugita was talking super seriously to a dog. And there’s also a scene where Raidy’s hurt and Sugita’s character is like “RAIDYYYYYYYYYY PLEASE HELP RAIDY” when talking with the medics. But in a sense it made the game better and shows the soldier’s attachment to his buddy dog.

Then they talk about Homura is super cute, and how they made her chest and butt easily noticeable on purpose. And how her chest being too big it  sometimes  clips into her arm, and how they feel really big during the lap pillow scene too. Nakamura tells Kajita to keep playing as there’s actually another heroine later too. Kajita thought it was a 100% “dignified”  RPG but unexpectedly he had some “sinful faps” playing it. Nakamura said he looked at some reactions online and matome sites a bit after the game released, and the funniest comment he saw is “both the heroine and hero are too sexual” and “Rex’s outfit is too sexy” and calling him “”sekkusu” instead of “rekkusu”. After thinking about it, they actually agree. And Kajita adds the game appeals a lot to people who like oneeshota coupling.

At the end of one of the episodes, they talk about if they ever got into a series manga/anime etc after seeing or buying a figure/goods about it. Kajita says it doesn’t happen to him often, he mostly only buys things of stuff he already knows. He bought a figure of Girlfriend Kari ‘s Tange Sakura character but he never played the game. In a sense it doesn’t count, because he bought the figure because he knew it was Tange san’s character, not just because he saw it and thought he should buy it without knowing anything.
Nakamura said when he 1st saw an ironman figure he thought it was lame but then he saw the 1st ironman movie and liked it a lot and bought tons of them. He thinks it’s one of those works that makes you like the design with their stories.He probably didn’t like it at first because it’s very different from Japanese gundam-like designs. Also recently while looking at random toys on the net, he found a figure of the main character’s mecha in Megazone 23 and bought it for about 30 000 yen, he thought it’s really cool, he never watched it though.

At the end of the other episode, they talk about game openings they never skip. Nakamura would always watch xenogears and chrono cross opening when playing. And also wild arms 2 because it was cool, and also how in CD2 the opening changed,felt like the 2nd cour of an anime and was super cool. Kajita tells him to watch Symphogear as it’s written by Wild Arms’s writer Kaneko. Nakamura didn’t know (They often mention Symphogear so I didn’t know Nakamura actually isn’t watching it yet)

Last small note

Nakamura says in episode 104/27th December 2017 that he was at chapter 4 with 60 hours in and how the game is super long. They record episodes at least two weeks before they air so he got to 60 hours pretty fast after release actually.