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Written and drawn by Akinari Nao, this manga started on November 2009 and is  monthly published in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.The story is about your typical boy Matsushiro Kouta  who is in love with Yoshizawa Akino a girl in his class which beauty and coolness makes her classmates unable to approach her thinking she’s not very sociable. Then, an angel appear before Kouta to help him, she uses her powers which always have something counting down to help him seduce the girl.Except the angel is a real b**** who chose him only because he have a ps3 and the spells she uses mostly backdraft on him.So she’s a damn trouble maker and Kouta only want her to leave his house. Soon enough he still manage to become friends with Akino.But then things gets more complicated when his Childhood friend Mieko who’s in love with him starts getting help from an angel too. Begins  then an event war in which every character tries to have the most possible opportunities with the other.
I like the art here, nice and simple, fanservice is minimal if not non existent, the story progress smoothly and realistically. For a romantic comedy It’s actually  funny and there is actual development in the love between the characters, the first kiss comes much more early than you see nowadays and it’s nice that they didn’t dragged it long  for years. And thank god unlike too many leads Kouta isn’t oblivious, have a brain, and knows that Mieko loves him.
All the events magic like spend 10 seconds with the girl then her affection toward you will rise are nice and refreshing.It gives me some The World God Only Knows vibes sometimes although they don’t blatantly talk about Flags and all like Keima does.Here it’s more a war between the angels who each prepare their magic-triggering-event and try to hook together their master with the person they love.