Manga/Games reviews

Most manga reviews are of manga with officially online pre publication or with kindle volume versions, for easy legal access.

春の包帯少女/ Haru no Houtai Shoujo

明日(あけび)ちゃんのセーラー服/Akebi chan no Seera Fuku
Online prepublication

devilchi volume 2 cover

Online prepublication


citrus vol 3 cover

“Review” (mostly a rant, spoils the ending)

Yoru no Nai Kuni 2
Pre release anticipation
review (coming soon. Game disappointed me so much and such a downgrade compared to 1. Actually already wrote a review in french, but not sure I’ll ever have the motivation to write it agian in english)

Persona 5
Spoiler free review
Story review

Lost Technology
Quick presentation back when I was starting up the game
Review of the English version(Coming soon)

Octopath Traveler
Review (coming soon)

World End Syndrome
Review (coming soon)

Saiaku Naru Saiyaku Ningen ni Sasagu
Review (coming soon)

Eve Burst Error R
Review Coming Soon Hopefully

Old stuff, Super Robot Wars and others :

Super Robot Wars OG Moon Dwellers

Dai san ji Super Robot Taisen Z Tengoku hen

Dai san ji Super Robot Taisen Z Jigoku hen

Dai ni ji Super Robot Taisen OG

Super Robot Taisen Z

Super Robot Taisen OG Gaiden

Pandora no Tou

Rune Factory 3