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Hyouge Mono & Thermae Romae

Completely unrelated picture by TCB. Thermae Romae’s fifth volume will be released on the 22th of January. I read Thermae Romae for a while now and I have to say it’s great, it’s well done both on the historical side … Continue reading

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Two of my favorite things combined together

Source This made my day.

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Shine forevermore my beloved 2012 summer: Pandora no Tou

Source I also started and finished it this summer.  It was really good. The whole game felt like a mix of 3D Zelda games (easy dungeons if you use the map), Persona 4, early Terranigma & Shadow of the Colossus … Continue reading

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I wonder why there’s no manga on Chess

Source Last time I was at uni studying. There was some students playing chess on the desk in front of mine. I never learned how to play Chess, I asked myself why. It never interested me. As much as it … Continue reading

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Each other’s spoiler safety

Source Maybe I’m too nice. Maybe I’m trying to look nice. But when discussing anime, I often avoid spoilers, not for my own person, but for the others that could see the discussion. These days on IRC, I keep asking … Continue reading

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First round of the French presidentials

Pic by 剑皇 >Journalists keep talking 24h/24 about immigration, “insecurity”, and how every single muslim is supposedly conspiring to blow up something. >Far right party makes an historical high score. >All journalists suddenly go “OMG, how come something so terrible … Continue reading

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Saint Seiya Omega is so much fun for various reasons

Pic by 丈(たけ) (NSFW)

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