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If I understood correctly this isn’t the real show but previews of it, and it’s so hilarious. The real show starts January 9th. I’ll watch it for sure if I’m alive.  Three High schools guys hanging out and being funny in awkward situations and such. It’s based on an online manga

There’s 5 of them if I’m not wrong, the person uploaded them on his Youtube channel.

It’s 6 mins long, maybe you’ll finish watching it by the time you finish reading this.
It’s some friend on a irc channel who introduced me. There’s no subs on the videos though, but like I love to say, if you watch anime since at least 4 years you’ll get the gist of it just fine. Well maybe 4 years isn’t enough, 6 I guess.

Basically the guy sitting is imagining all sorts of things about the reason why the girl sat behind him and it all turns out to be true.

What I understood:

Guy speaking in his head:
“Damn, why did a girl sit near me? Maybe she’ll call out to me?? What should I tell her? I dunno any cool lines to say to a girl.”

“The sunset sure is beautiful huh?”

“Nononono! I can’t say something so cliche in this situation. Yes, this situation, this is a fairy-tale like situation . This girl probably expects a romantic boy meets girl story…

“It sure seems like it!!  For now I’ll just stay like that, I’m just a ordinary boy idling around since my two friends are busy anyway. I can’t betray her expectations for now.

“The wind sure is restless today…”

“Wait waat did I just say? It’s not embarrassing but I have this weird feeling.. Did it work?

“Woah she looks happy”

*Girls stands up and speak*
“But  I have to admit, I’m getting used to this wind”

“LOL that girl is funny. I’m sorry, could you just gimme a break? I’m at my limit… Well to be frank, when she sat behind me I was a bit happy, but you know, I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t have any speech, and it seems like if I got sucked into this weird space. That’s why, I already called them, this unit of two. Come, soldiers!  Break this barrier!!”
“He’s here!! That was fast!! ”

*blond guy shows up and speak*
“Hidenori, looks like the wind brought someone unwanted to the city”
Immediate tsukkomi of the other guy
*blong guy notices the girl and facepalms*

*other guy speaking, in his head*
“Don’t “Kah” on me. Go die. Woah the girl sounds extremely happy. Waaah I don’t care anymore, please return me back to reality.”

*Guy stands up,speaks in his head*
“Your need of calling out to a guy sitting all alone under this sunset have been satisfied right?  Now break this space and bring me back to reality, a realistic one.”

*Starts walking and speaks to the girl*
“Let’s hurry, before the wind gets any stronger”
*In his head*
“WHATAM I SAYING??! No mooore! Go to wherever you want to go damnit!”
*another new guy appears*

“You! You’re the other member of my friend squad, Tadakuni kun!!”
*Tadakuni kun speaking*
“It’s bad man!! The combini over there is selling potato chips half price!!  LETS GO!!”
*Usual guy in his head*
“READ THE ATMOSPHERE DAMNIT!!! No, he actually read it but…”

*Tadakuni getting beat up by the girl, the girl’s bag drops and papers fell out of it, the usual glasses guy picks them up*
“Oooh, a self made novel huh”
” I see, a boy meets girl love story huh. The protagonist can manipulate wind.”
“So basically this girl sat behind me because I reminded her of the story she’s writing huh… I guess that’s fine but… The problem is… This protagonist have a special feature, in other words… DO I LOOK LIKE AN OTAKU TO YOU???”