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Lost Technology, free game with Agahari illustrations

アガハリ artist post slayers amelia


I discovered this game a few weeks ago. It was released in May 2014. Agahari is a pretty well known artist, and she posted tons of illustrations she made for the game on her Pixiv account, so it’s weird I haven’t seen any discussion about this game in English. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough. I’m writing this post as I hope I can spark interest in it. (Not like I have billions of readers though, I guess something like 20?). Here’s the game’s official website along with download link. You need to use a japanese proxy to download the game.

Judging from the screenshots and the description on the official site(RPG+RTS), it seems to be similar to things like Dragon Force on Saturn, but still pretty different. Speaking of which I really need to actually try this out someday. It’s one of the games I knew about ever since I was a kid and yet actually never played myself, thanks to game magazines. (Console + in particular) I stopped checking magazines in 2002 or somethong, and Console + is dead now like a lot of paper magazines in the world. Times sure have changed.