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New Break Blade anime & ova announced

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There’s a pv on the official site but it’s Japan only

Well yeah the anime was already announced but we finally have some real news now. It’ll start airing in April. Seems the anime is a retelling of the movies but with new footage. It’ll have stuff they didn’t do in the movies like THAT Girghe fight against the spartan unit. The fact that in the movies, they modified the story compared to the manga and didn’t include that fight was one of my biggest disappointments. I remember when I saw that fight in the manga I was like “Wow, Girghe is one of the best mechas pilots ever”. Seems like they heard the fans so I’m really hyped about it.
The ova will be something totally new about how the Delphine got created so I guess it’s a prequel.
I’m a huge Break Blade fan and it’s actually one of the original reasons I started this blog. Wanted to make it more popular. Right around that time the movies got announced though and it turned out unnecessary.