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One reason I like Daimidaler so much, is the fact that there’s continuity in the show. In episode 8, the penguins and Ritz actually need to go back to Antarctica by feet because their robot got trashed the episode before. In Mahou Shoujo Taisen, Aoba Naruko, representing Miyagi prefecture, gets arrested at the end of the first out of three episodes. Then during the credits, the narrator says “it’s a comedy anime so she’ll go to school normally next episode anyway”. I think it doing comedy that way is wrong. I really don’t like it when there’s no continuity.
Mahou Shoujo Taisen is okaaay. It’s not boring. The transformations are nice. Aoba’s transformation pose at the end(pic above) is pretty cool. The OP sequence too. Technically, 3 episodes airing each week form one episode, so that’s why you only see the op every three weeks.
Thanks to the episode titles (every 3 eps again) at least you can learn about the prefectures while watching the show.
The title and how the show was presented on anime preview is super misleading. There’s no fight between magical girls until episode 7(the fight was bad, too short and too unsubstantial. Like the kind of fights you see in, to take recent examples,  Infinite Stratos or Busou Shinki, where nothing really happens until the decisive blow), and there’s only a few prefecture girls featured (7~8 out of 41 prefectures or something. Makes it easy to get even if you’re not familiar with them though.)
I knew right away Aoba Naruko = Miyagi becaue I know about Aoba Castle thanks to Pretty Rhythm Director.

korejan,ai robot mahou shoujo taisen

Kore Janai Robo sure is getting around. It’s in the Robot Girls Z movie too.