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Rain chapter 88

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Gonna start Rain “episodic” blogging each month because why not and I actually already wanted to for like 4 years now. I think it’s the best fantasy thing since Slayers so I wish more people knew about it.

We get to see Gunther fight seriously for the first time ever, against FemRain aka Alisa and she’s actually stronger. I used to think she’s a normal girl who only got strong because she became a Dragonslayer like Rain. When she was fighting Clarence just a few chapters ago, Rain did say she’s strong but doesn’t know herself the limits of a Dragonslayer, “The power we both stole from dragons isn’t omnipotent”. However this chapter shows she actually has a lot of combat experience. Seems the Exceed she uses was self taught through battles too. She still has a long way to go though as we learn during the Clarence fight, she confused her own auto triggering anti magic Dragonslayer shield with Rain’s.

Besides that it was a super funny chapter like always, Gunther and Yuuri’s banter, Rain and Alisa’s discussion and then Alisa and Noel’s banter being super fun. Along with Slayers, Rain is the only Fantasy thing that mixes comedy, seriousness and lotsof politics and worldbuilding so well.

Alisa started fighting Rain a bit but decides to leave once Sylvia came back. Alisa notes how Sylvia’s ultra strong & being neither a human or a mazoku. Alisa also asks Rain if he had a little sister, thinking his dead girlfriend she saw was his sister, so maybe he’ll realize she’s alive as a ghost or whatever she is now. We still didn’t learn why Alisa hates mazoku so much though, and she doesn’t plan on allying with Sunkwool/Shelfa/Rain’s side as they allied with Noel. This short Clarence/Alissa arc is over now, looking forward to what’ll happen next.