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A TV anime’s length

madoka kyouko artist 真矢村明 post


Mondaiji already ended last week. It was so short. Way too short. I know I keep saying that you shouldn’t judge shows without watching them first, but there’s one thing I always keep track of before a show starts: I believe the longer a show is, the stronger chances it’ll have to be good. You need time to make a good show, in order to develop the stories and characters. The shorter the series, the harder it is.

I’m always surprised to hear someone tell me they stopped watching Aikatsu simply because they learned that it’s 50 episodes and that they don’t have the courage to stick with it until the end, while I’m thoroughly delighted each time I remember this fact, thinking about all the fun I’ll be having. There’s very few 10~13 episode anime that are all time favorites of mine. It needs to be at least be 25~26 episodes. And even 26 episodes feels short to me at times.

As an example, Madoka Magica aired two years ago. I think it was a good show, but I certainly don’t like it as much as some people who would call it a masterpiece. There’s a good chance I would’ve liked it more if it was 26 episodes. Of course, OVAs and movies are a whole different story.

I like Mondaiji but…

Di Gi Charat Usada artist MAKI

Rabi En Rose from Di Gi Charat (Source)

Mondaiji so far is a show with classical characters (designs, personalities and powers), a classical story and even a classical OP (animation and song).  It will probably end it’s ten episode run in a classical fashion with a classical ending telling us to go read the (classical?) light novel it’s adapted from. What I mean by classical is it’s all stuff I’ve already seen more or less.

I don’t really get why some people like Kurousagi that much. Basically, I think it’s the same concept as when someone ate too many instant noodles for a prolonged period of time. Their taste buds become numb from the chemicals and they don’t feel any flavor when eating non-industrial food. If you think Kurousagi is a great character, it could mean you’ve seen too many classical characters like her, and only like these kinds of characters you’ve been accustomed to. There’s also the possibility one simply never seen a similar character and truly thinks of her as great… In that case I’m pitying them. I have to say I hate to think that way as it makes me feel superior to the people I’m talking about.

This isn’t only applicable to Kurousagi. I could say the same about Izayoi, the main character. He already was the main character of a show that aired two season ago. The only difference is that he molested more boobs, that he had a magical bike that stripped women on touch and that the show was called Hagure Yuusha no Esthetica. Being classical isn’t a bad thing if you do it right and that’s what Mondaiji manages to do just like Esthetica. It’s nicely executed. I simply feel there’s an overreaction toward it’s characters.