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I like Mondaiji but…

Di Gi Charat Usada artist MAKI

Rabi En Rose from Di Gi Charat (Source)

Mondaiji so far is a show with classical characters (designs, personalities and powers), a classical story and even a classical OP (animation and song).  It will probably end it’s ten episode run in a classical fashion with a classical ending telling us to go read the (classical?) light novel it’s adapted from. What I mean by classical is it’s all stuff I’ve already seen more or less.

I don’t really get why some people like Kurousagi that much. Basically, I think it’s the same concept as when someone ate too many instant noodles for a prolonged period of time. Their taste buds become numb from the chemicals and they don’t feel any flavor when eating non-industrial food. If you think Kurousagi is a great character, it could mean you’ve seen too many classical characters like her, and only like these kinds of characters you’ve been accustomed to. There’s also the possibility one simply never seen a similar character and truly thinks of her as great… In that case I’m pitying them. I have to say I hate to think that way as it makes me feel superior to the people I’m talking about.

This isn’t only applicable to Kurousagi. I could say the same about Izayoi, the main character. He already was the main character of a show that aired two season ago. The only difference is that he molested more boobs, that he had a magical bike that stripped women on touch and that the show was called Hagure Yuusha no Esthetica. Being classical isn’t a bad thing if you do it right and that’s what Mondaiji manages to do just like Esthetica. It’s nicely executed. I simply feel there’s an overreaction toward it’s characters.

Hagure Yuusha no Esthetica: The show 2 esthetical 4 U

Replace the staff with a hammer and you get City Hunter.

Hagure Yuusha no Esthetica is one of those shows that some people would dismiss as crapon first sight, judging the book by it’s cover. Needless to say I was interested ever since I heard about it and started watching it. It was awesome. Akatsuki was awesome. Oosawa Akatsuki. One of the most badass lady-killer since Saeba Ryo. I’ve been loving every single minute of it. Another good point is the fact that the OP makes sense as soon as you watch episode 2. The show managed to introduce it’s characters, factions and devices pretty fast. The one thing I hate about it is that the show went for the “go read the LN” ending and that no one is translating the LN in English. I’ll never know what happens next.

Also, what’s with this bus? Except that it’s made for left-hand driving the bus really look like the public transport buses in Paris and the suburbs cities. It even has a real French ad on it for Ricoré. “Entre un ticket choc et un ticket chic, une pause stick?”  I wonder who the hell on the staff decided to do that, and how they heard about the slogan they used. Is it a reference to a slogan used dozens of years ago in an ad of the RATP, the biggest transport company here, about selling their tickets?