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クロバラノワルキューレ/Black Rose Valkyrie that released July 21 2016 started a seiyuu controversy. One of the main characters in the game called Luna is voiced by Nekomu Otogi, a famous cosplayer who recently married Fujishima Kousuke, who also did the chara design for the game.

A lot of people and me as well think she only got the role thanks to this connection, as she haven’t really done any voice acting before. It’s really sad that some people manage to get roles like that, when tons of newcomers seiyuus struggle to get roles. Stuff like that really shows how voice acting changed now, that you can get a role as long as you’re pretty etc, like Hayashibara Megumi said in an interview some weeks ago. I always complain how popular seiyuus get too much roles, get too much typecasted and how it makes anime characters copies of each other, so it makes me pretty upset. Not as much as discrimination, but still enough to make a post.

Things could have ended at that. But what makes it an even bigger issue is that Nekomu’s acting skills are hilariously bad. Sometimes she sounds fine, but sometimes she sounds really bad. You can tell she has no experience acting. You can hear some of it in the let’s play video above. Her voice is so bad sometimes it feels as if they used worse equipment to record her compared to the others.

They actually released an update patch of the game that allows you to ON/OFF the characters’ voices individually, so people can mute her. I hate their games so I never thought I’d say this one day, but I feel bad for Compile Heart. The worst is that Nekomu san probably wants to become a pro seiyuu, but seeing how Japanese society is unforgiving towards showbizz women who did a blunder, she probably won’t get a role again. I also really like You’re Under Arrest and other manga Fujishima Kousuke did, and really like his chara designs, so it’s disappointing to see he’s the kind of person who’d push connections to get his wife favor treatment. I hope they live happy lives with their child but hopefully they don’t do that kind of thing again.

fujishima-kousuke paradise-residence-ch8 miho

Also, Fujishima san’s characters have always been similar, but Luna’s design is near identical to Miho senpai in Paradise Residence.