Persona 4

I’ve been playing it the last 2 weeks. It was a blast, been a while since I played a game 80 hours in such a short time. Since this is a pretty well known game and everyone knows how much it rocks, I’m only posting about it to remember myself about it. I don’t have much to say except how it was amazing.

Talking about it with a friend made me realize though not everyone will enjoy the game, even if you liked P3. Mainly because there’s many more event and stuff to do. If you don’t like having to plan your days and try to use your time efficiently it’ll be difficult to enjoy.

Nice timing, now that I played it , I’m ready for the upcoming animu. Gonna make another run to try and beat the optional bosses and all. I got a pretty satisfying ending but a friend told me that’s only the good ending and there’s a true ending if you beat the optional boss so I’ll try and do that. Maybe I’ll order the OST too.

Oh and Yukiko’s my fav girl. She’s cute and got a nice personality too, I like laughing people. Too bad she can’t cook. Still I like all of them a lot. To be able to make one like all of them like this, the characters really are great. Kudos to Atlus.

Edit: So I was weak and checked on the net how to do the true ending, since you can do it on your first playtrough I just loaded my save. Well at least I managed to find the good ending myself. The true last boss (sounds like I’m playing a Cave Danmaku) wasn’t too hard, Bitches and whores thinking they’re God.

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