Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream

The girls sparkle, brilliant stars shining in their eyes.
The girls dance, their hearts overflowing with dreams.
The girls sing, their melodies chasing after a boundless future.
Aiming to be the Prism Queen, this is a happy, lucky girl’s story,
With dancing, songs, fashion, and a bit of love mixed in,
And it starts now!!
(From the show’s intro)

From right to left: Rhythm, Aira and Mion.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream is an arcade game aimed at little girls by Takara Tomy.  The game is pretty similar to Oshare Majo Love & Berry if you know about it, you dress up the girls with previously won e-cards (you get one for free if it’s your first time) and play a rhythm game. You can see some game footage here. I actually wonder if Takara Tomy made Pretty Rhythm to counter OM L&B’s popularity.

Well anyway, the anime currently airing with the same name is an adaptation of this game. It’s about 3 girls who sing and dance in a show called Prism Show, and does special moves called Prism Jumps, making people happy. Just like the concept behind real idols (beside making some sweet cash). Still it’s different from Idolm@ster for various reasons I’ll type about later. Aira is the main character, she’s your typical sports heroine who’s clueless but got some awesomazing talent for some reason.
To put it bluntly, this is the kind of show most people will dismiss as crap without a second thought. I’m watching it (I’m currently at episode 10) and I must say I was surprised, in a good way. Except for the fact that there’s almost no animation, when there is, it’s good,  the CG dance choreography is pretty well done,  blend in well, and the story’s pretty good too.  For a sports anime for little girls I dare say it’s pretty decent, if not good.

What I mean by almost no animation is that they use the usual animation tricks of kiddy anime:
Making the characters express their expressions in whacky manners, making them into SD, making them stand up and fall pretty fast, speedlines to make them go from a place to another, (instead of animating actual walking)… Also, every non-important character is silhouetted even if they do have voice actors.

Those are nice ways to hide to the audience the fact that they save money on the animation, at least it works perfectly on kids, (I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay attention to such details or animation in general when I was kid at least). Though I’m saying this, I  don’t consider bad animation as a flaw, as long as the story is okay, and I gotta say it’s pretty good. It’s the generic story of a sports anime, but mastered. The heroine who tries her best, the hardworker type who at first doesn’t like the heroine because of her talent from nowhere, 3 boys rivals, a tournament arc, etc. Hell, it had one of the same plot twists featured on Tiger & Bunny (but then again T&B got a pretty generic story, but perfectly executed).

Now, what’s the difference between this and the currently airing Idolm@ster anime? This is aimed purely at little girls while Idolmaster is aimed at old geezers. The girls are pretty cute and all and wears frilly costumes but there’s not a single drop of sexual fanservice. There’s also an educational side to this anime, they genuinely try to make the audience learn things about fashion, dancing and make them interested in it. There’s nice tidbits too about an idol’s life, like how they shouldn’t neglect their studies. That episode where they showed Aira and Rhythm studying was very cool, especially the English scenes which were pretty nice. I could say more but I actually don’t watch Idolm@ster so I’d rather refrain myself comparing the two anymore.

Well that’s it, if someone’s reading this I’d recommend this show to you if you like sports anime with cute girls. FFFpeeps is subbing it, slowly but surely (if only someone would sub Hyouge Mono *sigh* …) I really enjoy it and I enjoyed typing this too so I hope you enjoyed reading this. Have a nice day.

Oh and the Opening is a total earworm and I can’t stop humming it.

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