Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 07

PRAD3 07 an

Another great episode, as expected of Pretty Rhythm: last’s week’s preview seemed to show it was a An centered episode, they actually didn’t go the easy route and managed instead to deal with both An and Ito’s problems with their parents. Speaking of which Ito’s mom actually isn’t dead, her parents divorced. She’s also a Prism Star and is the one who taught Ito so I bet she’ll make an appearance later.

The issue of An helping less with the work at her home since she got a job came into play much earlier than I predicted. I just love it. While being a show oriented to kids, Pretty Rhythm never beats around the bush: They never bring in a plot point, make it disappear for 10 episodes, and then resolve it at a quarter climax. (eps 11-12-13/28-29-30/49-50-51) There’s something I predicted wrongly though: Ito’s dad didn’t get angry over her working. He feels guilty about separating with her mom and is actually a pretty good guy compared to the first impression I had of him.

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