Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria volume 7 end

hakomaari vol 7 cover

I wanted to have fun, so I wrote my impressions of each chapter while reading them. So there’s contradictions (see chapter 2).

This post probably looks like something a middle schooler would write but I don’t care. It’s long too, so probably no one will read it since people don’t read walls of text on the net anymore. I also tried not to go into exaggeration with my impressions. With the Shenmue 3 announcement, lately, I noticed how social media makes people exaggerate. Saying it like this makes it obvious, like “people die when they are killed”, but it’s particularly striking when you see it for yourself. I’m a huge fan of Shenmue, it’s one of the games that “defined my childhood”, though that doesn’t really mean anything as I played it around when it got released, and was in around last year of elementary/around 9yo,  and I had already played tons of games that “defined my childhood” at the time from Master System to Dreamcast, and even more soon later like with PSO, still on Dreamcast.
I could sell the copies of Shenmue 1 and 2 I have for hundreds of euros now thanks to the Shenmue 3 announcement but I’d like to keep them. Anyway, I’m a huge fan, but thanks to the fact I don’t have FB, a twitter that I rarely use, and not attached to social media in general, I didn’t overreact when reading about the Shenmue 3 announcement. I’m just happy we’ll finally get to see what happens next. I had given up on seeing a sequel for years. I don’t even care if the game ends up looking like a ps2 game. I didn’t back the Kickstarter though but that’s another story.
Anyway. Back to Hakomari.

hakomari vol7 kazuki kirino daiya mogi

Chapter 1

With this chapter having repeats again, I thought the volume would turn out like old Capcom games, or those games in general that have a boss rush before the final boss. I thought we’d revisit every box concept from previous volumes. The timeloops, then the body switch, then Kingdom Royale etc. Too bad it didn’t, I really wanted to see more Kingdom Royale.

“My brain has stuck to the insides of my skull like chewing gum that’s been stomped on repeatedly. A constant feeling of nausea is possessing my body, as if I were bathing in a pool of used oil. I’m rotating back and forth like I’m trapped in a washing machine, yet the scenery around me doesn’t change: annoying laughter and darkness.”

It’s been 2 years so I forgot how chuuni hilarious some of the monologues are. They have some kind of charm to them, I can’t bring myself to hate them.

hakomari vol7 maria aya

Chapter 2 (PS: got trolled really hard by the author, these are mostly wrong impressions, in the end I loved this chapter and it’s a masterpiece in itself)

I didn’t like this chapter. I’m not sure what’s the point of telling us about Maria’s past now. We just know she chases boxes, it could be enough, no need to explicitly explain to us who was Aya. It feels pointless at this point too as it’s the final volume.

And then there’s also the fact that he wrote Aya to be an over the top bitch with a crappy God complex. He tried way too hard, so hard that it became predictable like the spider crushing scene. That was boring.

Maybe it was to make the reader feel deceived by how we always thought Aya was a nice person by now, only hearing Maria’s point of view.

Aya’s “gonna sacrifice a few to save more” made me think of Fate Zero, since it’s the latest, maybe the only show I saw with this idea being the main character’s drive. I think that idea is horrible for a story. I hated Fate Zero, principally because I hated all the characters except Rider, Waver and Natalia. So I couldn’t care less whenever someone died. It’s like watching a bunch of rapist fighting to death, it was nothing entertaining. Since then, I promised myself I’ll never watch something again just because it’s popular and/or pretty. I DID want to watch the show, and I didn’t drop it since I wanted to see it through the end, but I can’t deny part of me had been influenced by all the praise it I heard as well. I think it’s the worst thing Urobuchi ever wrote.

“We are empty, both of us. But if we keep looking for our purpose, we will eventually be able to fill that void in our hearts. Let’s make our purpose an enormous one, Maria. Let’s make everyone in the world happy. If we succeed, everyone will need us,” she said and whispered into my ears: “There will be a meaning to our birth.”

At the end of the chapter Aya’s contradiction is pointed out, as Maria says she’s a saint and discards herself to make the whole world happy but it’s revealed she only does that so she can feel better herself as their parents didn’t care about them.  In the end she was just a selfish bitch. She just gave up, committed suicide and killed her parents getting revenge on them, and manipulated her sister into continuing her stupid “gotta save everyone” for her. And as she planned her death since when she told Maria she’d become her, she had actually already gave up since then.

Also, seems Maria forgot about all this because of all the time she spent in inside world box types. Makes you think she could have just typed her past in a notepad.txt. The Rejecting Classroom wasn’t the first inside box she encountered too, so she should’ve known she could spend years in one.

Chapter 3

It’s a nice twist, it turned into a loop of looping between realizing it’s a loop and forgetting about it’s a loop. Really nice writing compared to ch2.

“Don’t run away. Don’t seek refuge in false happiness. Confront reality. Face up to this world. You lack the resolve, the dedication to devote your body and soul to her. Your subconscious knows what you have to do and what consequences your actions will have. You kept yourself back because you know that even greater despair awaits down the road.”

Then at first I thought the author finally will do a cheap deus ex machina to resolve the situation but what happens actually makes sense. As the other Kuzu says, the fact that he remembers dying so much and being in despair made a contradiction with this fake world that’s supposed to be 100% happy, and he actually knows failing to save Maria in the real world will be even more sad than just staying in this fake world, so he’s restraining himself from breaking out from the loop. Also he finally did what I thought in chapter 1 after remembering volume 1, killing someone else instead of himself.   So in the end the way this got resolved was what I thought of at the beginning. I didn’t think of the whole being in despair will break a 100% happy world though. The fact that he himself is the clue and fragment of Maria should be obvious but I didn’t think of it either.

“”Huh?” I was surprised that she would go out of her way to call me over for no reason.
“I said it’s nothing. I just wanted to see your face… cough! cough!”
She did not say anything else. Apparently, she really had no other reason for calling me over.”

That was nice. Reading that flashback scene makes me think the reason why Maria likes Kazuki so much, besides spending tons of time with him in rejecting classroom, may be because of his power as her savior. Like how she’s drawn to O/Aya, she’s also drawn to Kazuki. And of course regardless of the boxes, she simply loves him too.

…Man, it’s surprisingly hard to engage in mass murder.


“I decide to postpone the poisoning. Instead, I break into a truck that was parked by the convenience store and kill the driver with a hammer. I planned to drive to school and run over some students, but since I don’t even have a license, I end up crashing the truck at an intersection.
The accident isn’t fatal, but my right leg is crushed. Since I can’t go on killing while crippled, I cut my throat.”

Burst out laughing at that one.

“I hijack a full train full of people and derail it. It’s my greatest success so far. I’m totally going to repeat this a few times.”

That was pretty hilarious too.

“”The “value of life” is a much-discussed topic, but I instinctively found an answer to this never-ending discussion. Life has no weight in itself; it’s a concept created by the observer that does not have a definite form. I didn’t just come up with this theory because I wanted to justify my deeds. Essentially, life does not entail multiple instances but is just one massive wobbly lump. However, we tend to refer to the bodies that were formed out of that giant lump as “lives”. The essence of life is in all of us and can’t be “stolen” or “born.” As long as the essence of life exists, life does not decrease or increase, and it certainly won’t disappear””

Suddenly some crap nonsense philosophy. One of the reasons I like Hakomari is that despite the themes of the story, there isn’t that many stupid crap like “life is meaningless”, “God is cruel”, characters complaining about their lives etc. At least not from what I remember, been 2 years since last volume, though I did skim through past volumes after vol7chapter 1 got translated.

“—Oh? When did I jump down? Geez, it’s become a bad habit of mine.”

This chapter is really hilarious. I love it when a story stays funny even though the situation is grim, instead of being ultra serious. Slayers is the best at that which is why it’s my favorite LN.

hakomari vol7 kazuki maria

“”Are you trying to open a hole in the box? That’s not technically possible. It’s like cutting the planet into halves with a spoon. If you had success with such a primitive method nonetheless, there would be only one way to refer to it.”
—Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!
—Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!
“A miracle.””

Kuzu turned into Noriko.

“—Bang, bang!
“…Oh, who would have thought that it would end like this? It seems like I can no longer maintain my form. While I do not know if you should be happy about it…”
—Bang, bang!
“…you win.””

Man this is so awesome, he finally defeated “Aya Otonashi” by BANGING IS HEAD ON A WALL. No sudden super power, no sudden voice of hope reaching out to him turning out to be Aya Hoshino, him and Maria’s daughter from the future.

hakomari vol7 ch4 illustration

Chapter 4

It took three chapters out of 4 for Kuzu to get out of the loop so I’m scared of this final chapter, will it have enough time to resolve things correctly.

Maria doesn’t want to recall her past, this explains why she didn’t just write it down.
Seems Kazuki got so unhappy in his own happy world, he basically managed to make all the other happy worlds inside the Flawed Bliss box unhappy as well and broke them.

“(I’m afraid I can’t respond to you, since this is just a message I left for you in the hope that you might come here someday. No … I didn’t actually leave this message on purpose; it’s really just an echo of the past.)”

I guess by the time she came, even more repetitions passed and he lost his soul completely or something. There’s still hope for some kind of happy end though.

“”There’s something that connects us.
Something that we obtained.
Something valuable that is far more powerful than wishes.“”

That’s nice.

“(I went to the address where you used to live with your family and tried to find out as much as I could. It was easy to learn that you grew up in a complicated environment, but I didn’t hear much about you, Maria. No one could tell me anything.)
“Well, I was a quiet child who didn’t have any friends.”
(But they all could tell me about Aya at great length. “Smart” and “beautiful” were the words they used to describe her. But I also learned that she was a real troublemaker even though she didn’t cause any problems herself; incidents of all kinds kept occurring around her, and the older she got, the worse those incidents got as well.)”

Wait will the author will say Aya never existed and she was Maria all along?

“(Apparently, she wanted to broaden her outlook on life to make the world a better place. She also planned to go to various other countries after traveling to America. She didn’t even know when she would come back. Her teacher told me that she somehow managed to persuade her parents, but that she couldn’t bring herself to explain it to her clingy little sister.)
(I was told that Aya was extremely worried about her little sister Maria, because unlike Aya, Maria wouldn’t acknowledge the lack of parental love in the family and kept trying to escape from the truth. Aya couldn’t bear to watch as her sister became indifferent and distrustful, failed to make any friends, and failed to pursue any life goals. Maria, she didn’t want you to live an empty life. She wanted you to evolve. She wanted you to live passionately. Right, just like she did.)”

AAAAAAAH So actually Aya was normal and not a God complex bitch. Chapter 2 is actually written excellently and not a mess like  I first thought. Everything is just Maria’s rewriting of her past. Seems the Aya dating teacher at elementary bit never happened either.

“Aya-oneechan isn’t crawling up the cliff like before; she’s stuck inside the car. She is frantically pounding against the front window in an attempt to break it open; the car doors were damaged by the crash and won’t open. Since she’s sustained a fatal injury, there is no power in her fists and they barely make a sound as they pound against the glass.
“I don’t want to die … save me … I don’t want to end like this,” she laments in a feeble voice. “It hurts … it hurts! I don’t want to die … Maria! I don’t yet … want to die…!”
Needless to say, she is not smiling at all.
I absolutely cannot endure that. I want her to need me, even if just as a ghost. I’ll take on her will. I’ll say she took me over. Aya-oneechan needed my body, therefore I must live for her goal of making everyone happy. Otherwise, it means that she didn’t really need me.”

Yeah so everything about Aya was Maria’s delusion. Aya was a child prodigy but she was still normal. This volume have considerably less twists and crazy moments than volume 5 and 6, but still have this one big twist. I’ve been trolled really hard during chapter 2.

(Maria Otonashi and her sister’s wish was never to make everyone in the world happy.)
Our real wish is—
Because our parents didn’t love us and ignored us., our real wish is—
(You want to be needed by someone.)
“We want to be needed by someone.”

Everything makes sense now.

hakomari vol7 kazuki hakomari vol7 maria

Kazuki desperately needs me.
I desperately need Kazuki.

That’s so nice.

“I’ll be with you forever,” I say as I take her hand. “I won’t run away from you anymore. I won’t run away from my past anymore.”
I look into her eyes and give her a gentle smile.
“Please come back to me.”


hakomari vol7 epilogue illustration


+++ Kasumi Mogi (19), April 10th +++

Oh seems they’ll do a review of all the characters and what happened to them nice.

I used to wonder why people would approach such a (physically) bothersome girl like me, but I’m starting to understand their rationale. A lot of people want to be relied upon, so marrying someone like me would basically guarantee a life worth living for that kind of guy. Their interest in me mostly comes from the fact that I would surely have to depend on them.

Hahaha that’s funny. I liked Kasumi Mogi till the end even after what she did in volume 1. I didn’t even get irritated at her during her muh Kazuki feelings outburst on Maria. She’s a nicely done character. It’s nice she finally let Kazuki go too.

+++ Yuuri Yanagi (19), July 6th +++

Yuuri Yanagi too. Her dialogue with Daiya in volume 5-6 was really fun. She’s pretty much the character with the worst personality that survived. She’s a real bitch. But I can’t hate her, she’s really funny.

“This feeling of having total control over other people’s lives feels great. A few lies here, a few sweet words there, and I can easily crush the elite who made it to such a renowned university. Just thinking about what would happen if I actually did it gets me all excited and tingly.”
I hold my head.
“My personality makes me want to cry!”
Iroha throws her cup at me. I deserved it, didn’t I? Tee-hee!

Iroha Shindou is nice too. A very good example of a character perfect at everything. Nice thing she recovered from getting her box crushed by Kuzu Kazu. One thing that made Kingdom Royale so good was that the characters were good. Her table slamming there is hilarious too. That scene was really nice.

“I want to manipulate others. I want to control them like puppets.
Why, yes, it’s a twisted desire. At the very least, I can’t call it beautiful. But it seems like I’m rather skilled at controlling others, and I can use this skill to be of use to society.”

Really nice character Yuuri Yanagi was. A huge bitch but I really like her. Maybe the best bitch ever I still ended up liking since Erika Furudo. And even then it’s a different category as Erika is genuinely evil, pitiable, but still a an irredeemable bitch. Meanwhile Yuuri isn’t evil deep down.

Two years until Maria and Kazuki’s marriage she says. I didn’t get at first why the ending of Kasumi Mogi’s epilogue said one year while Yuuri Yanagi’s says two year before the promise, as it says they’re both 19. I forgot they’re not the same age. Yuuri Yanagai and Iroha Shindou were one year older. So the epilogues don’t actually take place at the same time.

+++ Haruaki Usui (19), August 14th +++

Haruaki was pretty nice too. Especially in the first volumes now that I reread a bit. To make it short he’s the same type of character as Yousuke in Persona 4. He’s of even higher quality though. Using this term as I can’t think of anything else. Maybe “fake moodmaker” could fit this sort of character. Fake as in they’re actually sad.

“Kazuki Hoshino and I will get married when he has reached the age of 20.”


“It was—an apology to all of us.”

Reminds me of how Sousuke apologized to the class telling them “I”ll definitely bring back Kaname” when she got kidnapped by Leonard and everyone knew he was a soldier.

I can particularly relate to Haruaki’s guilt for his inaction. Not that it happened to me personally. But this is a big part of life. Finding the right balance between being patient and being active when solving problems. You need to be careful not to be rash and destroy everything, but you also need to worry not being completely inactive.

+++ Kokone Kirino (16), September 23rd +++

Suddenly, I notice that Daiya’s eyes are tracking my smile. There is an intelligence behind his gaze for the first time in so long.

I thought Kazuki and Maria would get a somehow happy ending, but I didn’t think for a second Daiya would survive and recover. This is a very happy ending.

+++ Kazuki Hoshino (19), October 3rd +++

One day, mother sprinkled “Furikake” seasoning on top of my rice. Suddenly it had taste and I liked my rice. Seasoning is like magic.

My sides. Mentally impaired Kazuki is the funniest thing.

This Kazuki part of the epilogue made me think of what could have been Aki taking care of Takaya if their show had a epilogue episode. Deliberately not saying the anime’s name to not spoil.

But whenever I hear her breathing in the bed above mine, my heart starts pounding and I think that we might not be supposed to sleep in the same room, after all.

So Maria now sleeps in the bed of Kazuki’s sister. I remember Kazuki shared his room with his sister. Come to think of it I wish we would have seen his family more. His sister had screentime in vol2 but besides that not really.

There’s one thing Maria says to me everyday.
“I will marry you.”


I’m not just afraid of people I know; strangers scare me too. Most of them either ignore us or look away, but some people give us strange looks. It feels very unpleasant whenever that happens. Unlike when Maria and my family look at me, I don’t get what they are thinking. They might try to kill me or Maria at any moment. Whenever that thought crosses my mind, I can’t move anymore. Maria then gently says, “everything’s fine.”

All that final part is very well written imo. I genuinely felt like reading the thoughts of a mentally disabled person who can’t speak.

“…Long time no see, Kazu,” he says in an old man’s feeble voice.
I feel a slight stirring of emotion, but I still can’t match “Daiya Oomine” and this person in my mind.
“I’m sorry, but he doesn’t recognize you, Oomine.”
“I see. We don’t have it easy, Kazu and I, do we? To be honest, I’m quite shocked to see what has become of him, despite your warning. It’s as if he’s been reborn as a completely different person.”

This had a strange funny feel to it. It’s funny they both became near vegetables but are recovering. The best part of the LN after Kingdom Royale was definitely the showdown with Daiya with the cinema themed box. Daiya is hyped from the start of volume 1 and hinted he’ll do somethign big in the story, so it was awesome to finally see him and Kazuki fight each other. The fact they’re both vegetables, but recovering, has a particular feeling.

With these words, he stands up. Though very unsteady, he is standing on his own feet.
“D-Daiya … has stood up…?” Kokone remarks as she gets teary-eyed.
Daiya gives her a brief smile and then lays his hand on my head.
“As you see, I can stand up. I will stand up again and again. That’s all thanks to you, Kazu. I already forgave you a long time ago.”

Wow it’s really a happy ending. It feels good.

I also met a lot of other people. For instance, I visited Kasumi Mogi at a large facility, called a rehabilitation center, where there were lots of people in wheelchairs. She was happy to tell me everything about her current life, although the only thing I remembered about her was that she had been one of my classmates. However, when I got a bit flustered because of her cute smile, Maria smacked me on the head even though she’s usually so gentle with me.


I met Yuuri Yanagi in a café near the University of Tokyo. She was emitting more pheromones than ever before and had a few unfamiliar men in tow. Much to Maria’s chagrin, Yuuri-san insisted on taking all kinds of photos of Maria, saying that she was a great subject for photos.

Yuuri Yanagi is the bestest bitch.

At a park near my home, I met Nana Yanagi and Touji Kijima, whom I had known since middle school. Yanagi-san was happy about my progress and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Maria smacked me on the head again even though I hadn’t done anything bad.

Wow even Nana Yanagi and Touji Kijima didn’t die and are fine. Really didn’t expect that. They even mention Miyazaki from volume 2 too. He’s still in prison, but fine. His sister is doing well too.

I’m preparing a meal for her. I’ve settled on some fried chicken, which is one of her favorites, and an avocado salad. Of course, I also made sure to buy a strawberry tart because she can’t get enough of them.

Totally forgot she likes strawberry tarts. That was from like volume 2 too.

+++ Maria Hoshino (18), September 8th +++

I’ve grown my hair back to its former length for this day. It’s tied up and hidden beneath my veil.

I used to slightly resemble her when I had long hair, but now that I’m 18, that’s no longer the case. The resemblance has disappeared entirely.

If I’m honest, that’s a bit unsettling. But whenever I feel anxious, he says the word that makes me take heart.

“Let’s go, Maria.”

The doors to the rooftop chapel open to the smiles of our dear friends amidst dazzling lights against a blue background.

As I stand beside him in my pure white dress, he takes my hand and looks straight ahead.

We wish for no less than eternity, but this holy vow is just another step into our future.




Final impressions

So basically Maria had a sister called Aya, she was a prodigy who wanted to help people and Maria looked up to her, but she died in an accident. Maria didn’t want to accept her death and rewrote her memories into Aya being a crazy God complex bitch acting for the greater good of saving everyone, whatever the means. So Maria started wanting to save people stupidly unconditionally. Then Maria met some magic being that grants wishes, and wished to have more wishes in order to save people, but got a faustian bargain. (It’s unusual that some character in a story actually wishes for more wishes.) But at the same time, it also gave a random boy a superpower to destroy wishes. Then they meet and Kazuki makes Maria realize her wish was stupid and shouldn’t run away from the past and rewrite it, and they get together and live happily ever after. It was a really nice love story.

The only thing bothering me is how everyone who got involved in a box just got their memories altered and forgot about boxes. They didn’t explain how this happened.

My favorite part of the story was volumes 3-4. Kingdom Royale. It had Daiya, Iroha and Yuuri which are really fun, Yuuri especially. Kyoudai Kamiuchi was also the only “lol I’m evil so I’ll try to rape girls to show you I’m evil so you can hate me” villain in all of recent anime or LNs that was actually well written. This kind of villain didn’t exist before, or at least I didn’t notice them before. SAO of course is particularly filled with them. Every single male villain’s motivation is that except for Kayaba Akihito and it’s really irritating.

Also, I’ve always wondered, isn’t Danganronpa a ripoff of Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria’s Kingdom Royale? Hakomari volume 3 got released January 10 2010. Danganronpa got released later this year, the 25th November 2010. I don’t know for how long before Spike Chunsoft was working on the game, but it’s suspicious. Monokuma seems like a ripoff of the “uglypoh” from Kingdom Royale. Then the whole plot is similar too, though I actually never played Danganronpa and only judging fromstuff I know as part of global otaku culture. There’s also the fact there’s been a lot of “kill each other” stories since the Battle Royale movie, so it could just be a coincidence.

Volumes 5-6 and the fight with Daiya and the cinema thing was especially great as well. Yuuri Yanagi too again, with her discussions with Daiya.

And now this final volume… It was worth the two years wait. This volume definitely has less twists and is less amazing compared to the others. It basically just gives the last answers to the mysteries and concludes the story giving each character closure. And it’s perfectly fine like that. Really nice ending. Maybe some people will find it a bit too cheesy, but I really love it. I wouldn’t mind more stories ending with a marriage like that. Actually I wouldn’t mind more stories just assuming the romance and having more marriages before the story ends. This is gonna turn into a rant about crappy love comedies now so gonna stop.

The illustrations for volume 7 changed back to a style similar to the two first volumes. It got back to that super simple look full of charm, except it’s even better. While I really like the art style in volumes 3-4, and the other change again in volume 5-6, I also loved the plain faces of volumes 1-2. I don’t think I have a favorite style. I like them all. But yeah I really like the plain basic style of 1-2 and now 7. It’s  nice how the characters look nice even though they have ultra boring plain faces. Not sure how to explain it.

Final final impressions:

This LN is one of the reasons I started this blog. I started this blog at the end of May 2010, so I started reading Hakomari a bit before then. When I started reading, I really loved it, and started using Maria as my gravatar. Then when I made this blog I chose a pic of Maria as the banner.  I wanted to talk about things I know that I think aren’t popular. Hakomari was one of those things. There was tons of things I wanted to write about, like Medaka Box and Break Blade. However, soon after Break Blade got movies announced, and Medaka Box got into the Kumagawa arc or something and got much more popular. Later, once the Anshinin sarc ended it became really bad(except for those pages when Anshinin uses billions of skills), so I lost the motivation to write about it. In the end I didn’t write about these two.

The wait was pretty long. 2 years between volumes 4 and 5. Then 2 years again between 6 and 7. The author himself says in the author’s notes it didn’t get cancelled only thanks to fans.

I’ll still say the same thing I’ve always said: Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria would be the best LN ever if not for 1/ Slayers, 2/Baccano. So Hakomari is the third best LN ever in my opinion.

Slayers is the best novel ever, not just LNs, all of novels. I haven’t read stuff like LOTR but I don’t think it’ll top Slayers. I’m not even talking about A Song Of Ice and Fire because I really hate disgusting and sad things like that. I never tried reading it or watching the TV show because I know I’ll hate it anyway because of all the raep and incest and etc.
Baccano is simply better than Hakomari for various reasons. I wish it would end though, I’m starting to be fed up with it. I don’t like stories going on super long. Even if the quality haven’t dropped, I just want to see an ending.

If there’s ever a Hakomari anime adaptation, I’ll probably won’t watch it. The LN is already perfectly fine as it is, watching an anime would be a waste of time. However it would be really awesome if someone made a Kingdom Royale game. I’d really love that. It’s the fictional game I saw in anime/manga/LN I want to play the most since seeing The Day Of Sagittarius III back when Haruhi s1 aired. After that episode aired I remember googling for hours trying to see if someone made a simple recreation of the game. IIRC some people really did make the game some years later. Never tried it though.

I think I’ll buy digital version of Hakomari, I want to give some money to the author, I don’t want to pay overpriced shipping though which is why I’m thinking of buying it digital.
I also want to thank all the people on Baka Tsuki who participated in the translation. I need to reset my Bakatsuki password or make a new account and post thanks.

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