Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 02

PRAD3 an

Fukuhara An’s introduction episode. Naru needs to find more girls to help her manage the Prism Stone shop, as they’re going to have a café and a make-up corner in it. That’s how An comes into the picture, Naru makes her in charge of baking sweets for the café. I guess the staff chose the name An as in anpan? Fillings? She’s a sweet girl who loves making sweets and wants to become a pâtissière. An have some friction with her parents, her house being a senbei selling shop,  her dad hates sweets and how she uses the kitchen to make some. It’s nice they’re already making the parents play some kind of role. Speaking of that, An’s mom is voiced by Hayamizu Risa,  who also did Kyouko in the two previous seasons.

This season’s progression have a much more magical girl-like feel to it than the previous seasons. In Aurora Dream, both Aira and Rizumu are introduced from the start while Mion makes her real debut after the end of the first arc. Here, each girl joins the gang one episode after the other. As such, in episode 3, Suzuno Ito will join the girls to take care of the make-up corner. This means we’ll get to know more about Rinne and Beru’s friends Wakana and Otoha, starting episode 4.

prad3 drumming while skating what is this I don't even

An’s CG scene was really cool. Much cooler than Naru’s scene in episode 1. Drumming while skating is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. Lastly, I noticed that the OP, which is also played during the dance scenes, is a cover. It’s not an original song for/by Prizzmy. WORLD ORDER once did a cover of it as well.

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