Tweets from staff working on Pretty Rhythm: 8/10~8/17

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For an introduction on these posts, read here.

Hishida Masakazu:

  • In episode 19, Ito’s mom/Suzuno Tsuru , is voiced by Asumi Kana. It was the first time she voiced a mother character. She only did young girls so far, Aira, Poplar, etc. (He also made a joke about Shou or something but I don’t get it…)
  • The one who decided the casting of the characters is the sound director, Nagasaki Yukio. He was also the sound director for the two previous seasons. He’s the one who decided to reuse so many seiyuus from the previous seasons. Director-san doesn’t think it’s a bad thing, and that it’s a pretty interesting development, like if a reincarnation of the characters happened.

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