Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 29

prad3 29 02

Bell even made Chisato into her bitch. Oto must be so jelly.

prad3 29 01

Sometimes, Bell has a reaaally arrogant smile on her face. She also does it a lot during her Prism Shows. I really like the fact that she’s still doing it even though she’s not in bitch mode anymore. She does have the skills to back up her arrogance after all.

prad3 29 tatsunoko airlines

Naru and co took off for Hokkaido with Tatsunoko Airlines.

prad3 29 03 beru advertisment prism stone special selectprad3 29 beru raepin a poor girl

I was worried about it last week, and I’m happy they didn’t miss this opportunity with Bell and co managing the store to do some comedy. That was the first actually hilarious episode since the start of the show.

prad3 29 05 otoha wakana shocked faceprad3 29 shocked beru gifprad3 29 shocked beru gif

We had some crazy reactions faces too, just like the good old days. I like that fact that Coo was the one who reprimanded Bell about the fact that not everyone can keep up with her perfect service. They should make him speak up more often. It’s natural that Bell is the one who’s replacing Naru as manager since she was the most qualified for the job, however back at the interview, Coo and Chisato chose Naru over her beacuse Bell was a no-fun-allowed person, only following the rules. Even if she did pass the Prism Show audition, Coo would have chosen Naru.

prad3 29 07

Now that she has changed, Bell is starting to notice how Hiro is always there for her. Seems like Norizuki’s words about not getting into a romantic relationship with her are starting to get to Hiro though, as he refrained from offering her roses like always at her Prism Shows. They were at the same bridge as episode 25. You can see the Jounouchi ad again. Also, wasn’t Solomon Company the name of Chae Kyung’s company?

prad3 29 seventh coord change beru rose gifprad3 29 08prad3 29 kakumei no rosette nebula gif

Cool thing they also synchronized the Prism Lives with Rosette Nebula’s instrumental, just like they did with Happy Rain. I guess when they made the songs, they decided to use the instruments the girls would use during their Prism Lives to make it fit.

prad3 29 wakana twintails gif

My heart went ZUKKYUUUN.

prad3 29 11prad3 29 12


They don’t do Prism Acts in Rainbow Live anymore, but their Kakumei no Rosette Nebula, and the fashion show really looked like one. Jumps making them go to space AND making the audience participate are always great.

Next week Ito is going to meet her mom. They did say earlier that Ito’s mom and brother were living in Hokkaido now. That’s why Ito was looking forward to the free time. We’ll get to hear Ito talking with Aira.

prad3 artist 赤坂 択 june pampering hijiri


I got something wrong 2 posts ago.(Thanks kiri-yubel for pointing it out)
Hijiri used to do Prism Shows, and he’s the person who got injured and stopped performing which Norizuki was talking about. Juné never got injured. This explains why it wouldn’t add up with the fact that they already said she stopped because she had no rival and got sick of steamrolling everything. I think we’ll see flashbacks of when Hijiri used to do Prism Shows soon. Looking forward to it.

prad3 op3 akai meganeeprad3 27 akai meganee angry at momo gif

Another thing about episode 27, when Akai Meganee got mad at Momo, I think it was the first time in 129 episodes they ever showed her angry.  I remember back when DMF, was airing I used to joke about how she would be final boss someday. I wonder who’s she’s working for, and if she can actually leave the Prism World, and even if she can, I don’t think we ever saw her outside it. There was an episode in Aurora Dream where she was teaching English to Aira and Rizumu, and they actually brought a desk in the Prism World and did the lesson there. Since Rinne is from the Prism World too, it would be nice if they use this opportunity to tell us a bit more about her when Rinne gets her memory back.

Director’s tweets:

prad3 twitter omametti rinne


PV of the new 3ds game:

If I’m not wrong, there’s a Pretty Rhythm magazine being published every month. There’s also a manga in it called Puchi Gumi Rainbow Live. This month there was a cameo of the previous characters in it.

october ぷっちぐみレインボーライブ漫画 prad3 character cameo manga

Next month the solo collection CD of the guys will be released. We already know Kouji and Hiro’s songs, but not Kazuki’s. He said we’ll hear Kazuki’s song in the show soon. Maybe in episode 31 I guess. Rosette Nebula CD will get released on the 18th December.

He retweeted what he already said some time ago: about how there’s always people who misunderstand and thinks Pretty Rhythm is a show for kids, while it’s made to be a show for everyone, kids or adults. Also about how you can watch Rainbow Live even if you haven’t seen Aurora Dream and Dear My Future.

There’s going to be Pretty Rhythm live concerts the 21th and 22nd of December, with all the seiyuus and Prizmmy called “Pretty Rhythm LIVE in Christmas 2013”. I soooo want to go. There will be a fan meeting, a Q&A session and stuff. The director will be there too. He tweeted “Eeeh my name is on the participants list!? For real?”

Director also got interviewed by Animedia, it’ll be on the November issue of the magazine.

prad3 29 13

CG director san explained why Otoha and Wakana looked like that in Kakumei no Rosette Nebula jump. He didn’t know himself, so he asked Kyougoku Takahiko about it,so it’s probably him who thought up this jump. Kyougoku Takahiko said that the jump is supposed to represent a revolution (kakumei=revolution in japanese) and it’s because in revolutions, there will always be sacrifices. Otoha and Wakana get “defeated” and they’re supposed to represent these martyrs, while Bell sama prevails.

4 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 29

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      It sure looks like it right? I have no idea if that’s what the artist really had in mind though. He didn’t mention anything about it in the description, and it’s not tagged “aikatsu” either.

      1. kiri-yubel

        maybe it’s just a coincidence… but really, with this red ribbon Hijiri does resamble Ichigo…

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